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ManeMaxx® Hair Extension Kits offers you a one-of-a-kind hair extension process that is:
Available for personal use

ManeMaxx® Hair Extension Kits offers you an exclusive hair extension product that is:
Uses no chemicals to remove
Is natural and non-toxic
Are you researching hair extensions, just like I did?

One thing to consider in choosing the best hair extension for you is to ask, how will I take them out? Many fusion and glues require harsh chemical or oily removers.


Next, imagine how the extension method or technique or product is going to effect your natural hair. Typically, glues and fusion "cement" the hair. Metal clips trap the hair which leads to tugging, pulling and possible breakage.

Finally, determine your goals with hair extensions. Different techniques will come to the surface as the best hair extension technique for you depending on these 3 considerations of hair extension safety and wear, removal and goals.

If you have further questions on hair extensions, please don't hesitate to ask! You can leave a question below, check our public help page or open a support ticket! We are happy to help!

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