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We have 2 public forums for your ManeMaxx focused hair extension questions and contributions; the ManeMaxx hair extension forum below or the Get Satisfaction/Get Help Community where you can find answers to your hair extension questions or post yours by connecting through Facebook, Twitter or Google. If you have a private matter you would like to contact us with, please open a support ticket found at We are happy to assist! Coming soon is a deeper, more intensive training and look at the ManeMaxx® hair extensions, system, product and technique powered by Google Helpouts. Let us know if you have any questions through the "help source" of your choice!
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The ManeMaxx® hair extension forum is back up and running!

Feel free to register to start your conversation, we are happy to speak with you!

The hair extension forum is a great place to learn more about ManeMaxx® hair extensions; to encourage others, share your photo successes or to get advice and/or extension hair length and color help.

Let us know if you have ManeMaxx® hair extension questions and how we can help!

See you on the forum!

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Take Your ManeMaxx® Hair Extension Education to the Maxx! - NOW SCHEDULING

Open to professional extension technicians, stylists and home users this one-on-one ManeMaxx® eduction and training will help ease the stress associated with learning something new. Whether it is the hair extension selection and decision process or just a closer look at how to install the hair extensions, Tiffany will guide you to your hair extension success! We use Skype, FaceTime and Google Hangouts.

Get Satisfaction Community - Fast login through Facebook, Twitter and Google to get your hair extension questions answered