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Washing, Drying, Styling Your ManeMaxx® Hair Extensions

Great, Your ManeMaxx Hair Extensions Are In! Now What?

Part of your successful wear is caring for your new hair extensions.

This includes brushing and combing daily, washing 1-3 times a week at least and a little bit of maintenance with your bonds and strands to enhance your hair extension wear.

Some of the questions we should ask and topics we should research before wearing hair extensions need to be about the care of hair extensions. How we care for our hair makes a huge difference in how we feel about the overall experience of wearing our hair extensions.

How To Wash Your Extensions

Washing while wearing hair extensions is a little different from you may be used to. Extra hair on your head is going to create a thicker “barrier” to your scalp and those oils can really build up if you aren’t getting in and cleansing underneath and around your extension bonds. The same goes for rinsing. You will want to rinse longer and much more thoroughly. Sticky, mushy or too soft of bonds can result from not cleansing and rinsing thoroughly. Also, TemBond® bonds can become broken down and extensions lost from not cleansing and rinsing your hair and hair extensions thoroughly.

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Caring for Your Installed Hair Extensions Right After Installing Them

Your hair extension bond should be allowed to cure for 3-12 hours after installing. During this time you may carefully comb and style your hair extensions without disturbing your new bonds. Wait as long as you can, at least 48 hours for washing. Washing too soon can cause your extensions to shed throughout your wear. Allowing the bonds to cure for a full 48 hours will help to ensure no shedding of the extension hair for many months of wearing it!

Styling Your Extension Hair

Wash and dry hair extensions

ManeMaxx Extension Hair is 100% human hair which can be straightened with a flat iron or curled with a curling or waving iron.You will want to keep all hot tools from touching your bonds at all times. Sometimes it takes a little oops to remember this. Use the warm or cooler setting and don’t leave the hair dryer in one spot for too long.

Washing Your Hair Extensions

You will find your hair extensions don’t get as dirty as ofter which will allow you to shampoo your hair less if you'd like. One to 3 times per week is recommended for longer wear time. Some wearers do wash daily and this isn’t harmful, just more work.

It is recommended you just wash and condition your own hair, without putting any product on your extension hair directly, and just allow the gentle wash for your extensions to happen as you rinse your own hair. Be gentle with your bonds after washing and until your root area is completely dry.

Products for Your Extension Hair

The products you use for washing your hair extensions could make a huge difference in whether and why your hair extensions tangle or matt up. Sulfate shampoos, soft or treated water and many products can be very drying to extension hair and your own hair. Avoid these products while wearing your hair extensions since these products can cause tangling and matting. Check for alcohol content in products you use and try to use little product directly on the extension hair when washing.

Tips for Good Water

If you have a water softener or highly chlorinated water, you can,
A.) Get a filter for your shower, they are cheap and easy to implement or,
B.) Rinse where the soft water hasn’t been run to, typically the cold water in the kitchen sink, or rinse with distilled water. (These less desirable choices in option B make option A the best and easiest for you.)

Shampoo Basics

Sulfate-free shampoo can be found on the PUREOLOGY line of products, available only at salons. PUREOLOGY carries gentle, but effective, conditioning and leave-in products, and solutions, for many hair types and conditions.

Shampoo products for hair extensions

PUREOLOGY Hydrate or SuperStraight are excellent choices for washing while you are wearing your extensions.  PUREOLOGY Purify is a clarifier which should only be used prior to installing your hair extensions.  The Purify should only be used to strip and free your hair of oils and products before your application. Using the Purify on your extensions will cause them to become dull and dry.

When washing, carefully work your shampoo under all of your hair extension attachments and at your scalp. Don’t worry about so much shampoo on your extension hair, it doesn’t get as dirty and a thorough rinsing of the soapy water through your extension typically suffices.

Lighter conditioners, such as PUREOLOGY's, can be worked into the scalp underneath your bonds, to condition your scalp and hairs at the root area and precent tangling of the extension hairs.  When using conditioners in the area of your bonds, be sure you are rinsing, rinsing, rinsing for as long as you can.

Again, a thorough final rinse of all products will give your hair extensions a clean, crisp, fabulous result that will last for days. Section your hair extensions while rinsing and allow the water to flow freely around the hair extension bonds and through all your hair.

A little extra care and time during washing and rinsing will save you time in the long run and provide you with the best, longest hair extension wear.

Between full washings, you can freshen your own hair by just washing at the crown. To do this, tie your extension hair back, pull the hair at the crown forward and wash and rinse just this area at the crown.

Testing products before using on hair extensions
TIP: So many products out there and they aren’t all great for our hair extensions. Many contain drying alcohol and sulphates. It is a good idea to save a little of your ManeMaxx® Extension Hair just for testing these products before using them on your whole head. Wash, dry, use your gels and sprays on this “sample” piece before you use it on your installed extension hair to prevent any issues later.

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