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How To Brush Your Hair Extensions

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When wearing hair extensions, you will want to take care of your own hair along with your extensions which is why we are showing you how to brush them.

To keep from pulling out hair extensions by your roots, you will want to follow these steps for brushing your hair extensions:

1. You will hold your hair extensions firmly around the attachments.

2. You will begin by brushing the ends of the hair extensions first. Remove and small tangles in the ends by hand or with a wide tooth comb. (These are usually shed hairs which have fallen from your scalp to the ends and tangled those hairs.) Remove those tangles carefully. (To read more about shed hairs and hair extensions, see this article here: About Shed Hairs and Hair Extensions.

3. Next, work your way up toward your scalp, still keeping a firm hold at the attachments. (This will help ensure you don’t catch the brush on a snarl in your hair extensions and inadvertently pull it out.)

4. Once all the tangles have been removed from the hair, use your looper brush to get into the scalp between the bonds. (You will want to use the SPECIAL hair extension brush included in your ManeMaxx® Hair Extension Starter Kit.) A standard brush can get caught in your hair extension attachments and pull them out.

Do you have questions about brushing your hair extensions? Tips on brushing your hair extensions to share? Please feel free to comment below! We love to hear from you!

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