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Sunning and Swimming In Your ManeMaxx® Hair Extensions

Is It Safe to Swim in My Hair Extensions?

You can swim and sun in your hair extensions as long as you think about these few precautions for water and the TemBond® gentle hair extension bonds.  Remember that the ManeMaxx® Extension Hair is the best extension product to withstand chlorine and salt-water pools and beaches.  The ManeMaxx® Extension Hair won't tangle or dry out from swimming.

Swimming In Your Hair Extensions

Swimming in your hair extensions intermittently won’t harm you bonds but try and keep your bonds from remaining wet for too many hours at a time. If you’re going to be diving in the ocean for many hours at a time, a swim cap is a great idea. Swimming here and there or sitting in a hot tub doesn't harm your bonds, either. Just let your hair extensions dry completely before brushing, pulling or tugging on them. A loose braid in your hair extensions is recommended for swimming.

Tanning and Sunning in Hair Extensions

Sunning In Your Hair Extensions

While in high heat (100+ degrees) you won’t want to pull or tug at the hair extensions, but they aren’t going to fall out in high heat by themselves. The extensions may pull out in high heat/beating sun if you tug them out. You should carefully wait until you have returned to a cooler temp (70′) before pulling or combing, brushing your extensions.

Always wash and rinse your hair extensions thoroughly after swimming.

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