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Sleeping In Your ManeMaxx® Hair Extensions

Sleeping in your ManeMaxx® Hair Extensions

Sleeping in your ManeMaxx® hair extensions applied with TemBond® actually works to accomplish very comfortable hair extension wear.

ManeMaxx® hair extension bonds, known as TemBond®s, are created without glues and fusions. They are a softer material, soft bonds, which are flexible and slowly form to the shape of your head. This means your TemBond®s become very comfortable as time wears on. Soon, you won’t even know your are wearing them!

About Sleeping in My Hair Extensions

Your hair extension bonds may be a bit bothersome your first night, especially if it is your first time with ManeMaxx® Hair Extensions, or you've not experienced wearing hair extensions at all, but only for a short period.  (If your extensions are uncomfortable beyond the first night there is probably an error in your application, i.e., your bonds are too big, thick or are applied to too little natural hair.)

As the Days and Nights Wear On

As you wear and sleep in your bonds, the safe and gentle hair extension bond will slowly form to your head for completely unnoticeable weeks of hair extension wear!

Recommendations for Sleeping in Your Extensions

There are a few things you can do to ensure your extension hair stays silky and tangle-free for many months. Shiny hair is a combination of good hair extension care while wearing and washing and styling, but while sleeping, too. Be sure to learn and do everything you can to get the best wear from your hair extensions!

Use a looper brush twice daily and before sleeping
Wear a loose braid when sleeping to prevent tangles
Use a satin pillowcase to guard against matting

NEVER, EVER, EVER sleep with wet or even damp extension hair! This causes huge problems with matting at the scalp if you do!

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