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Heat, Hairdryer and Hot Iron Rules for Hair Extensions

High Heat, What Do I Need to Know?

The safe and gentle TemBond® hair extension bonds perform super well in extremely high heat situations, such as withstanding 170 degrees in a sauna or daily, hot and sweaty runs in the heat of a California summer, but there are rules when it comes to heat when using this hair extension product.

Very small bonds placed at the top of your head and without much hair coverage, or protection from the beating sun, can warm your bonds enough that they can be pulled out. With the TemBond® and when in high heat, such as a sauna, or in direct hot sun, it is suggested you not brush, pull or tug at your extensions at all. You will want to wait until you have returned to a cooler temperature to do this.

To ensure you won’t accidentally lose bonds in high heat, you can:

Not put very small bonds so high, have enough hair coverage at your crown to protect the bonds
Be sure you are in a shaded area to protect your bonds as well as your skin
Wear a hat, scarf, or some type of covering when in the beating hot sun
Occasionally harden your bonds in cool water if needed
When it comes to wearing hair extensions, each product does its best at what it does, but requires some of the work for successful wear on the part of the user. Any of the ManeMaxx® Extension Hair products are 100% human hair which can be styled just like your own but be careful with your styling tools as the extreme heat can harm your bonds.

Hair dryers, Hot Irons and Your TemBond® Bonds

The TemBond® bonds are created to be gentle and completely non-damaging for hair extension wear and they are. This in no way means the hold of the TemBond® or length of wear has to be compromised. The TemBond® has reported to have far less slippage and bond loss than major marketed fusion, glue and ring methods of applying the hair extensions.  One issue that comes up here and there is proper hairdryer and hot ironing tool use with the bonds.

The rule with the heated tools and TemBond® is this: If your skin can handle it so can your bonds.

Diffuser for Drying Hair Extensions


You may want to use a diffuser or lower heat setting drying your wet hair while wearing your bonds. A diffuser is a nozzle which fits on the end of the hair dryer and disperses the heat and air which comes from it such as is pictured here:

Using a Hairdryer on Hair Extensions

You can always imitate the action and function of a diffuser by placing a sock over the end of your hair dryer.

Protecting Your TemBond®s While Drying

It will be important, that while your hair is wet or damp, you are careful to do little pulling and brushing to your extension hair.

TIP: If you are looking for an alternative to using a hair dryer on your extension hair, your own hair and around the bonds, I have a great suggestion. I started using these super absorbent towels I used for years for drying out the shower, on my hair, and they are fabulous. This soaks up all the water at my root and around my bonds as well as throughout my hair. When using this towel my hair is ready for a flat iron in under an hour!  It’s called a ShamWow Towel.

After using a hot hair dryer, allow your bonds to cool before you are pulling on them with a brush or comb.  If you are losing strands after using a hot hair dryer it may be because you need to allow the bonds more time to cool before pulling on them.

Using Flat Irons & Curling Irons

Using a Flat Iron on Hair Extensions

The use of flat irons, curling irons and other heated tools are fine to use with your ManeMaxx® Extension Hair and are encouraged for great wear of your extension hair. Most hair only looks really good because it’s been styled with products and tools.

But, and here’s the rule, flat irons, curling irons and hot rollers all need to be kept OFF of your bonds. You won’t ever want to place a hot iron too close to or directly on your TemBond®s or they will come out. You are free to straighten and curl your extension hair just BELOW your TemBond® bonds and this will not harm the bonds at all.

Oops! I Flat Ironed Over My TemBond®s!

Flat irons hot on hair extension bonds

If you feel you may forget about your flat iron taking out your TemBond®s, place a note on the mirror where you style your hair :) A note will remind you to take your time and take care of your hair extension attachments. Don’t take all that time to put them in just to do something crazy with your flat iron and undo all the work you’ve done. You’ll be so sad without all your beautiful hair if you do!

About Using Hot Rollers With Your Hair Extensions

If you are rolling long hair in hot rollers, keep the heat from resting on the hair extension attachments.  The hair you roll should protect the bonds from the heat of the roller. You’ll want to test and practice this to see if the hot roller will compromise your bonds before rolling a full head.

RULE: The rule with the heated tools and TemBond® is this: If your skin can handle it so can your bonds.

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