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Itching, Pulling, Comfort and Ponytails

You should find strand-by-strand hair extensions to be the most comfortable and versatile hair extension method when it comes to applying and wearing hair extensions but hair extensions are something in your hair and it does take a little time to get accustomed to them. With that, there are steps you can take, and things you can do, to ensure the most comfortable and unnoticeable hair extension wear.

For myself, I can only wear a hat or a ponytail for a certain period of time before it is driving me crazy, but the hair extensions I can wear for months and not even notice them there in my hair. (After I get though the Day 7 to Day 10 issue. Read more about that in the paragraph marked “IMPORTANT” below.)

Pulling, Itchy Hair Extensions Discussed

After Application Comfort

You should not feel the extensions beyond the first night or 2. The flexibility of the TemBond® allows for comfortable wear shortly after installing your hair extensions. As you sleep, the bonds will mold to the shape of your head. This means no hard balls of glue or metal rings poking into your head. For immediate comfort or to hurry that process after applying, use a heating pad on low while you lie your head on it.


Ponytails may not be comfortable to wear tight and high on your head right after your hair extension application. High ponytails will get more comfortable after your hair grows out a little bit, typically 1-3 weeks. Until then, low ponytails work great for pulling your hair back.

Another issue with high, tight ponytails would be the pulling this could cause on your natural hairs which are already working to support the weight of your new extensions. Sometimes small red bumps can result. You should eliminate the pulling if this occurs. Either remove and stop wearing the tight ponytail for a while, or remove the extensions in that area altogether.

Itchy Scalp

There have been many positive reports to the comfort of these hair extensions. The bonds are flexible and mold to the shape of your head. Thus, you shouldn’t have discomfort, itching or poking with the hair extensions beyond bearing, but if you do have a comfort issue, please try the below fixes and see if it improves. Some things to be aware of:


At about the 1-2 week point you will have enough shed hairs held in your bonds that you might feel these poking and tickling you at your scalp. This causes itching. If you can just make it thorough this period, and allow your hair to grow out another week or so, the washing you do will bend those hairs downward and away from your scalp. Thus, you will no longer feel the discomfort while wearing the extensions.

To Help Stop Itching Hair Extensions, You Can:

While Applying
Follow the steps of dipping and attaching carefully. Do not use too little bond or scrape the tip off on the side of the pot. This leaves too little bond to cover all the hairs which can then peek and poke and become a little irritating.

When Wearing
Be sure you rinsing the product off of your hair thoroughly after washing. Any shampoo or conditioning product left at your scalp could cause irritation and itching. Rinse for a very long time sectioning the hair so that the water may run over, under and around all the bonds.

When Brushing
Be sure you use your looper brush at the scalp and brush thoroughly to remove shed hairs which can be freed from your natural hair. Shed hairs held in the bonds will remain there until you remove them.

From Tiffany Twist: My top recommendation for comfortable hair extension wear?
Rinsing! It is amazing what a good, long, continuous rinse after washing can accomplish for your hair extension wear. Rinse, rinse, rinse! Your hair will shine and feel great (even for days, if you want it to)!

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