A-Z Hair Extension Care | Hair Extension Wear & Care

A-Z Hair Extension Care

A-Z Quick List of Care For Your Extension Hair

Thoroughly clean, rinse and dry your hair before you start.  Use a clarifier before installing if you can, and no conditioners.

Use cleansing and conditioning products sparingly while wearing your extensions.  Test products on some of your leftover extension hair before using on your whole head.

Get a shower filter (they are cheap and easy to install) or use distilled water if you have a water softener.

Always wash with your head tilted back, never forward.

Never sleep with wet hair, not even damp at the roots! Matting can result.

When you wear extensions you add weight to the roots of your natural hair. Follow application instructions and measurements carefully so that you are not causing unnecessary stress to the roots of your natural hair.

Always comb from your ends up and hold on to the area at your bonds to keep from pulling or stressing the natural hair. Don’t brush or stress bonds while your hair is wet.

Shed hairs are held in your bonds and untangled carefully upon removal. Naturally shed hairs have a hard “bead” at the tip of them.

Style carefully.  Do not put the heat of a straightener or curling iron directly on the hair extension bond unless you want to remove them.

Root touch-ups while wearing their bonds shows no problems or effects to the bonds at all. Rinse thoroughly.  Remember that when you color WHILE WEARING your bonds there WILL BE NO COLOR CHANGE to any of the hair UNDER the bonds. You should remove the extensions for coloring full head.

When installing, you are instructed to use small bundles of 1/4 inch in thickness laid flat. For thin hair or just for smaller bonds you can use bundles even 1/2 this size. These tiny bundles wear just as long, or even longer, than larger bundles.

Larger bundles and larger bonds are NOT recommended for satisfaction, success and the safest hair extension wear. Keep those bundles small!

Thinner hair may require some extra concealing by back combing the hair right above the hair extension bond to create a thicker cover.

The bonds will become somewhat flexible with the heat of your head and conform to the shape. This allows for the most comfortable and unnoticeable hair extension wear!

It is important to follow the dipping and applying instructions to see no bond loss or extension hair shedding.

You will choose a hair extension color from our list that will best blend with the dominant color of your current hair. As long as your color is within a shade or 2, the strand method will blend the extension hair with your own for unnoticeable wear!

Take advantage of adding a highlight or lowlight piece to your kit for blending if your hair contains 2 or more dominant colors. Choosing a highlight or 2, if you have them in your own hair, increases your unnoticeable blend and your hair will look amazing!

You will probably want to have at least 3-4 inches of your own natural hair for using the system and covering the bonds, although the extension hair can be attached to an inch or so. Shorter natural hair risks showing hair extension bonds but is completely acceptable for wearing. Order a topper piece or try a hat or scarves to help cover bonds until your hair has grown out more.

The more length you add to your own hair, the more extension hair you will need to produce a natural look. A package and 1/2 is always suggested when adding lengths of 18, 22 and 26 inch hair. On that same note, the thicker your own hair is, the more extension hair you will need to produce a natural-looking, finished result.

The hair extensions can be cut or trimmed, if desired, to produce a great finished look.

Combing your hair gently with a comb is recommended above brushing with a standard hair brush.  Use your special hair extension looper brush when brushing your hair extensions.

You may sleep in your hair extensions. A loose braid or ponytail is recommended to keep from tangling.

If you are looking for less extension hair maintenance wash hair extensions approximately 1-3 times per week.  Daily washing will not compromise the bonds.

Although you wouldn't need any special shampoos or conditioners, we highly recommend you use oil free shampoo's and conditioners. PUREOLOGY is our product line of choice for your hair extension wear and care, PUREOLOGY HYDRATE is our specific product choice. We do not recommend leave-in conditioners or product on the bonds themselves, although product kept on your hair and extension hair is fine.

Do not use clarifying shampoos or natural cleansing bars (looks like soap) on the extensions.

Before you wash, remove tangles from your hair and the extension hair by brushing from the ends to roots. Brush or comb your hair extensions before washing, while your hair is dry. Wash your hair extensions carefully, do not scrub or twist the hair extensions. Use lukewarm water and mild shampoo and conditioner. Carefully pat your hair dry, NEVER rub or twist the hair extensions into a towel.

Water adds weight to the extension hair so to eliminate unnecessary stress to your own hair it is a good idea to wash it with a loose ponytail and/or set the extension hair on your shoulder while it's wet.

Feel free to use a hairdryer away from the bonds, and comb very carefully when hair is wet and while drying.

You may swim in your hair extensions. The TemBond® is water resistant.  Wearing a cap is recommended for long periods of time in the water (hours), a quick dip in the pool or even 30 minutes of laps is not going to harm your bonds at all.

Hot tubs and saunas are fine, just don't tug or pull at the extensions until you have returned to cooler temps.

To eliminate the water weight from adding stress to your own hair, and to prevent tangles, wear a loose pony or a braid when swimming.

Untangle wet extension hair with your fingers or carefully with a wide tooth comb while you dry your hair.

Please note that chlorine may dry out, and thus effect the texture of, your extension hair. (Careful care with washing and using the ManeMaxx® Extension Hair when you're going to be in chlorine pools and you should be able avoid the dry hair.) Also, too long periods of time in the water may cause bonds to shed. Once again, wearing a swimming cap will resolve this.

The bonds are created to be secure, but not so secure you have to have metal tools, chemicals, gooey removers or professional assistance to remove them.

In high heat your bonds may soften. This is supposed to happen. The heat does not harm your bonds or compromise the integrity of your bond. The bonds will never "melt" out due to high heat or direct sun. It may be different from what you are used to with more "cemented" methods such as fusion or hot glues, but once you realize your extensions are very secure, and in light of the fact you are not harming, and losing, your own hair with extension wear, you will be pleased! Don't pull at your extensions in 150+ degrees (like in a sauna for example.) Wait until you have returned to a cooler temperature until you brush, or tug, at your extensions.

It is recommended you flat iron your hair before installing to keep hairs from wrapping around your individual strands and bonds. When wearing your extensions for 3-4 months you will want to remove, and comb out, areas that have tangled at the root.

You shed about 100 strands of your own hair per day. While wearing your hair extensions most of these will be held in a bond.

Shed hairs have a small, hard bead at the base. Broken hairs do not have this hard bulb and hair that has been pulled from its base has a sticky, living end on it.

Depending on how many days you wear your hair extensions, you may see your shed hairs when you remove the extensions. Never has this because of the bond. The TemBond® does not attach to your hair like glues and pre-tipped extensions. It seeps through and around the hairs and attaches to itself to form the safe, secure bond in your hair.

There is no shedding of extension hair with the correct use of the TemBond® bonding product. You'll be able to follow our concise instructions on forming a very secure bond for your own hair. Some hair extension systems defeat the purpose and you struggle with a self-conscious worry that your clip-in extensions will slip out, or your hair extension tape will become loose, etc. You will be able to tell by the time you finish the TemBond® application that your extension hair is VERY secure and you need not worry about your hair extensions falling out.

Some of the hair extension bond may wear away thus loosening an extension or two, this depends on your application and usually only happens after a few weeks of washing. Having your hair extension bond-warmer ready to go allows you to replace your hair extensions very quickly when styling!

Removal: Simply break the bond to loose it, brush, and wash the remaining residue away!

After removing the extensions, olive oil overnight and a morning shampoo or 2 will dissolve and remove TemBond® residue. You will always need to comb out shed hairs from the bonded areas to loosen the small tangles, though.

To prepare the extension for re-use, break off as much bond from the end as you can, snip the tip just enough to have a clean, blunt edge, and re-dip for attaching. (Any leftover TemBond® flakes will remelt when dipping into the warm bond.)

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