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ManeMaxx® Group Orders For Discounts Program

Group Orders Can Save You Money!

ManeMaxx® offers special discounts, coupons and rebates when you and your friends order together!

Group orders can be purchased separately, by each member of the group, which makes it really easy and convenient for you to gather orders and get your discount! (Group orders are REBATES which are immediately processed as a discount percentage on your COMPLETE order. (This includes your shipping!))

What You SAVE!

2 Hair Extension Kits: Save 30% each! (Up to a $100 rebate total/$50 per order)
4 Hair Extension Kits: Save 40% each! (Up to a $300 rebate total/$75 per order)
5 Hair Extension Kits: Save 50% each! (Up to a $500 rebate total/$100 per order)

Step-by-Step How-To For ManeMaxx® Group Orders Discounts

1.) Gather your group and agree on a 24-hour period in which you will each place your order for your ManeMaxx® Hair Extension Kits (if you are ordering on your own, separately.)

2.) Once each of you has placed your order and received an Order #, send the Order #’s and corresponding emails in one support ticket one of you will open at Your rebates will be post the account you paid from within 48 hours! Fast and easy!

3.) Let us keep you posted on more discounts, too! Like us on Facebook, get on our mailing list, and follow ManeMaxx on Twitter for updates and coupons and great yearly discounts you don’t want to miss! Want more? Submit your Transformation for a $50 coupon code for ManeMaxx® you can use to spend in our store!

Once your group has ordered, email us all the Order #’s in the group order in one support ticket one of you will open at and request your discount rebates, it’s that easy!

Discount rebates are provided within 48 hours of processing.  All group orders must be made within a 48-hour period of each other. Please include your purchaser name and email as well as your login email (if they are different.)

Fast Tips To Get A GROUP ORDER Discount

Share Facebook

Facebook: Post about putting together your group order on your Facebook page! Make a status, send an invite, create a group. You’re sure to find friends who want fuller, longer, more luxurious hair, too! Like ManeMaxx Facebook page and post on our wall!

Share Twitter

Twitter: Tweet @ManeMaxx and #ManeMaxx to find others on Twitter looking for a discount on their hair extension kits. Search #ManeMaxx to look for them, too.

Share Forums

Hair Extension Forums: Post to let others know you are looking to put together a Group Order with ManeMaxx® for a discount. Here are a few of the hair extension forums online,, Hair Boutique, Extensions 101. Look for posts, too. Use each site’s search feature!

Share on YouTube

YouTube: Search YouTube for ManeMaxx videos to talk to others searching for, and watching, ManeMaxx® videos! Leave a comment and hopefully you’ll find others waiting to order their ManeMaxx Hair Extension Kit, too!


ManeMaxx® Shipping and E-mail Status

ManeMaxx® Hair Extension Kit Shipping and Order Status

Here you’ll find shipping costs and times outlined for your reference as well as the process ManeMaxx® uses to update you to your order statuses.  E-mails and delivery confirmation processes are utilized by ManeMaxx® to keep track of your shipment and its delivery.

Shipping Costs

ManeMaxx® uses USPS Domestic and International Priority or Express Mail to deliver and ship packages. Shipping costs are calculated according to delivery location. Please add your items to your cart and select “checkout” to view your estimated shipping costs. (This does not create a transaction, you are still a few steps away.)

International purchasers should be aware of taxes, duties or tariffs when purchasing. Check with your customs office for specific costs on your order to prepare you. We are in no way associated with these extra costs to your shipment. (Further International Client Agreements located in Terms and Conditions.)

Shipping Times

ManeMaxx® works to expedite every order a quickly and as efficiently as possible. Typically US orders spend 2-3 days in transit once they leave the warehouse which varies from 3-7 days, Canada orders typically take 7-10 business days in transit. These are estimates, some products do see delayed shipping times so be prepared.

Shipping Guarantees

We do not guarantee delivery in specific time frames or on a specific day or time.  Please DO NOT e-mail or call for faster packing or delivery.  We maintain a system in which all orders are processed according to that system.  You must wait your turn.  If we feel we have a product which can reach you faster, we will contact you. 

Some packages will be delivered quicker but all packages are delivered in the time frame you receive in your order status updates by e-mail. After ordering, please allow 1-3 business days for the status e-mail to reach you.

Expedited Shipping

We do not offer overnight or expedited delivery.

The hair extension system takes time to learn and should be practiced prior to fully installing.  Please plan ahead and do not wait until the last minute to order.

What Products Are In Stock and Shipped Faster?

Although ManeMaxx® does stock a certain number of hair products, the magnitude of the different style, product, length and color combination limits this. Because the availability of the hair products changes on a daily basis we don’t maintain a “stock” level within our store. TemBond® Refills can be requested for faster shipping in the notes section of your order page. We will do our best to accommodate all requests.

About Backorder

When adding your product to your cart you may want to keep in mind any alternate colors, closely matched color to your first color choice, or the option for an alternate style/texture if your first choice will be on backorder for a period of time. We recommend you use the additional notes section to let us know if wavy or straight is fine or maybe if Golden Blonde or Bleach Blonde will work for you, for example. If there is any issue with your selections, we will contact you via e-mail or phone. We do carry products worth waiting for and if you need only a specific color and style, feel free to repeat the choices in the option boxes. This will indicate to us that you are willing to wait for your package.

About Email Updates and Order Status

You will receive an e-mail from MANEMAXX® which will alert you each time your order status has changed. This can also be viewed on your order status page if you have created an account on with a user name and password. (For details on creating an account on, read this.)

Please use the guidelines to estimate your packages arrival. Here, you are able to note the date your order was updated within your account and add the estimated business days for delivery. (Do not add weekend days and holidays.) 

PAYMENT RECEIVED AND ITEMS IN STOCK (order should leave our warehouse within 3 business days, allow U.S 2-3 more business days in transit and International, 1-2 weeks)
If you receive this message you can expect your order to leave the warehouse within 3 business days from the time you receive the message plus 2-3 business days in transit.

With the above notice expect approximately 1 week total for US delivery and approximately 2 weeks total for International delivery.

ONE OR MORE OF YOUR ITEMS IS ON BACKORDER (this could be a 5-10 business day warehouse delay and may be extended, if you need an alternate item, please don’t hesitate to contact Customer Care to make note of this change)
If you receive this message it means you could be seeing long delays before receiving your package.

This is typically only a message for those waiting for our exclusive Regal Remi product which is totally worth the wait.

If you get this message and would like your starter kit mailed separately so that you have time to practice and work with the system, please contact us so we can send it.

YOUR ORDER IS IN PACKING (please expect your order to leave the warehouse within 7 days, allow U.S 2-3 more business days in transit and International, 1-2 weeks)
If you receive this message it means that your order is tentatively arriving in one of our coming shipments.

Warehouse turnaround is approximately 7 business days from the time you receive this message plus 2-3 business days for transit.

With the above notice expect your package is delivered within 2 weeks for U.S. shipments and 3 weeks for International shipments.

ORDER SHIPPED (expect 2-3 day transit period for US shipments and 5-10 business days for international shipments)
This means your order has been picked up and is in transit.

STATUS UPDATED This usually means we have left a message for you.  Please enter your order # and e-mail to view.

All of our packages are shipped with “delivery confirmation.”

Please watch for the arrival of your package as we are not responsible for packages which have been delivered and confirmed through our shipper.

IMPORTANT: Saturday delivery may be attempted but is not guaranteed. If you will be away around the time your package is delivered, it is HIGHLY recommended you visit your USPS Postal Office to request a hold and “pick up only” on your package. We are not responsible for any packages once they leave our possession. It is up to you to have the correct shipping address and delivery/pick-up arrangements made when ordering.

To view your order status, go here. Please have your order # available.  For our complete return policy, please find ManeMaxx® Terms and Policy here.


Ordering for ManeMaxx®: Online, Mail, E-mail, Wire Or Phone?

Ordering From ManeMaxx® At-Home Hair Extension Kits

ManeMaxx® has secure ordering for your hair extension kit and gives you a few options so you can choose the right process for you. Find details for ordering hair extensions online, by phone, or by e-mail. Ordering online in the ManeMaxx® Store is always ideal. Here your order is recorded and can be referred to anytime online through your account. From here you will receive your status updates and estimated delivery times. Create your ManeMaxx® account here before you start shopping.

Online Ordering

We have a secure payment processor, PayPal. You can use your PayPal account or, if you do not have one, your credit card to pay for your ManeMaxx® order. When you get to the PayPal page to make your payment, look to the left paragraph of the "login" area. There it says, pay with credit card or "continue." Select this link to continue.

The payment processor will approve or disprove your order. Some reasons for orders not going through could be:

Errors in the information entered (check your address carefully)
Errors in the card # (check entry or try again)
Daily spending limit met (most banks have a daily limit. You may call your bank for more information or wait a day and try your order again)
Simply no record for your card (our payment processor has steps to guard against fraud or the use of stolen credit cards. Contact your bank or PayPal direct for more information)

It is typically best for you to use another card or contact your bank for details. Anytime the card does not work for you it usually will not work for us either. Your items will remain in your cart for a period of time allowing you to login and try again as soon as the issue is resolved.

When your payment is approved you will see a final confirmation page. There is no need to print a receipt from here (you will have this option shortly) AND TO COMPLETE YOUR ORDER YOU MUST CLICK ON THE YELLOW BUTTON WHICH READS “RETURN TO TIFFANY TWIST.”

Mail Orders

We do not accept mail or money orders by mail. Please DO NOT send your order in the mail. We cannot be responsible for these payments.

A fast, easy alternative to mail orders are the Visa Cards which can be purchased with cash at your local stores such as Walmart. You can place the items in your shopping cart and follow through to make a payment later. Note your order number and the total amount, purchase a Visa Card with cash and return to your shopping cart to make your payment. Fast, safe and easy!

Phone Ordering (US ONLY)

Although our online payment processor (PayPal) is very secure, we know that some of you may opt out of using an online payment processor and may prefer to call in your payment directly. We can accept your payment over the phone M-F 9AM-4PM CST, toll free, US ONLY @ 1-877-MANEMAXX (877-626-3629.)

Please add your selections to your cart and proceed with your order until you have entered your name, address, phone number and e-mail. Select Pay by Phone in the drop down box during checkout. Click the checkout button, review your totals and then click the checkout button again. You should see a final order review page when you are finished.  At this time you may call your payment in or you will be contacted by us, for your payment, within 24 business hours.

Email Ordering

It is recommended you order through our payment processor listed above. If this is not possible, you may e-mail your payment information in 2 or 3 separate e-mails (for added security.)

Wire Transfers

MANEMAXX® absolutely accepts no Western Union or bank transfers under $500. Please do not ask. If you need the information for a bank transfer, please place your order in the shopping cart. The total amount before shipping must exceed $500. 

Select Bank Transfer in the drop down box during checkout. Click the checkout button, review your totals and then click the checkout button again. You should see a final order review page when you are finished.

Orders will NOT be shipped until payments have been received and cleared.


Are Hair Extensions Right For Me?

How Long Should My Hair Be to Wear Hair Extensions?

Are you wondering if your hair is long enough for ManeMaxx® hair extensions? Although the TemBond® bonds can be attached to just an inch of hair you probably want around 3-5 inches to have good coverage of the hair extension bonds, although they are discreet and can be blended into hair that is even very short.

Are Hair Extensions Right For Me?

ManeMaxx® bonding product for hair extensions, the hair extension product TemBond®, is a natural and non-toxic formula containing naturally occurring lipids (waxes and fats) which happen in nature, naturally and contain no chemicals or chemical formulas associated with glues. Further, you’ll have no need for chemicals or oily toxic removers for taking out the extensions.

This makes it a very safe way to wear permanent hair extensions.

Still, there are a few further scenarios you will want to go through to determine if hair extensions are right for you! 

You're asking, should or shouldn’t I wear hair extensions? Please check here first!

Are hair extensions good for me?

Do Any of These Apply to You?

If you are under any medical care, obtain permission before proceeding with an installation of hair extensions. (There are no metals involved in this hair extension method.)

Anyone with eczema, psoriasis, skin allergies or excessive general sensitivity with the skin. Do an allergy test at consultation and 48 hours prior to installation of the hair extensions. Place a small amount of bond in the hair just behind your ear. Look for redness, swelling, bumps or irritation in this area prior to proceeding with a full install.

If you are taking medications or under treatment for cancer, you should wait until treatments are complete and get permission from your doctor before putting in your hair extensions.

If you are suffering significant hair loss or taking medications for hair loss you probably should not wear hair extensions. It would be recommended you test a few bonds to see if this is right for you and your hair.

If you have significant damage to the hair at the point of attachment. This would include weak, damaged, or broken hair at the root, you should not wear hair extensions.

Further, You Should Not Get ManeMaxx® Hair Extensions If:

You are a person not prepared to follow through with the care involved in hair extension wear should probably not wear hair extensions!

You are not able to allow 5-7 hours to learn and apply the method, be patient through trial and error of learning such a method, you probably should not get the extensions.

You are not willing to take the time to separate your strands weekly and care for the extension hair daily you should probably not wear hair extensions.

You have a general gut feeling you may not support successful hair extension wear and care, it is always best to err on the side of caution and avoid problems later.

Please Note: If you need basic information on hair extensions, take the FREE Hair Extension Course here.