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TemBond® Removal

Most hair extension methods, whether professional from a salon or do-it-yourself and applied at home, require one of the following types of removal.

Typical Hair Extension Removal Methods

Easy Hair Extension Removal Without Chemicals

Typical hair extension removal involves pliers, chemicals, harsh citrus oils that are full of chemicals and burn the scalp, pulling, tugging, cutting things out of the hair… Not ANYMORE!

Methods of removing hair extensions can include using plier-type tools to break up a fusion, or shrinkie tube, type bond or bending back the small metal rings used in micro-link hair extensions. 

Other hair extension removal methods use acetone or another harsh and drying chemical to break down the hair extension bonds or to dissolve glues in liquid gold-type weft methods. 

Some methods of strand bonding or weft gluing use shine serums or oily removers which are somewhat safer for removing this type of hair extensions, but will ruin the extension hair making it unusable for another hair extension application.

Easy to Remove Hair Extensions, No Chemicals

Easy Hair Extension Removal Without Tools
About Harsh Chemical Removers: 

Acetone and other harsh chemical removers dry out the natural hair and extension hair making the extension hair unusable. The natural hair is subject to even more damage.  It isa good idea to be extremely careful when using these chemicals close the scalp and on the head. Using these chemicals might not be a good idea when working near sensitive parts such as the eyes and brain.

Easy to Remove Hair Extension Without Tools

Easy Hair Extension Removal Without Oils
About Tool Removals:  

Do you really want tools from the garage, usually for working on car parts or for fixing tough jobs, and use them in your precious hair?  Metal in our hair extensions, and metal tools used to remove the hair extensions, can cut at and rip at hair causing damage.  

About Oily Removers:  

Some oils are good for your hair and nourish it, but if you use oils to get the hair extension out, how will you clean the extension hair?  It is nearly impossible. For most methods using oils or shine serums to break up the bond, the extension hair is a mess, completely unusable and must be thrown away thereby wasting your money.

Easy Hair Extension Removal

Easy to Remove Hair Extensions… Really Possible?

ManeMaxx® supplies you a unique do-it-yourself home hair extension system and kit with the exclusive TemBond® product and bonding system. The TemBond® is the easiest to remove!  There are no tools or harsh chemical removers needed!  No oils, or oily products need to be used to remove the extension hair!

You will simply crack the bond and then break up the material to gently remove the extension from its hold to your natural hair. The remaining residue is then combed and washed away!

So, How Do You Remove the TemBond® From the ManeMaxx® Hair Extensions?

ManeMaxx® uses a unique, one-of-a-kind hair extension bonding product and process. The TemBond® is warmed into a small melting pot and is applied when wet. The TemBond® dries seconds after it is placed and forms a small water-resistant shell to hold the extension hair strands securely in place until you are ready to remove them. Then, you are removing the hair extensions without harsh chemicals, tools, or oily removers and shine serums.

The TemBond® may be broken up as best as possible and then re-dipped for reapplying. The remaining residue will remelt when you dip.

ManeMaxx® Removal TIP:  For faster removal do not remove from wet hair. Your dry hair along with some olive oil will give you the fastest, easiest removal.

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