How to Remove Hair Extensions | Hair Extension Removal

How to Remove Hair Extensions

Removing TemBond® in the ManeMaxx® Hair Extensions Without Chemicals and Without Tools - Here’s How to Remove the Hair Extensions From Your Hair

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Removing the hair extensions can be super easy and in a few steps, with a few tips. You will not need chemicals, hair extension glue-removers, metal tools or pliers, or any other removal that would harm the integrity of the natural hair, which means you can re-use your extension hair if you want to!

The TemBond® Needs Just One Tool for Removal and It’s Only a Comb!

Remove hair extensions with just a comb

To remove the extension, you will bend and break up the bond, comb out the remaining residue and/or shed hairs and wash. You should only need your fine tooth comb and the small removal comb included in your kit (aka eyebrow comb/brush).


Additional Natural and Products You Could Use for Removal, May Be:

Olive oil (for disintegrating the TemBond® and ease out shed hairs)
A detangling spray (to help ease out shed hairs)
Some heavy conditioner (to break up the TemBond® and ease out shed hairs.)
Peanut butter Washing with Dawn Dish Soap removes oils from the olive oil or peanut butter from the hair.

To Reapply the ManeMaxx® Hair Extensions, You Will:

Remove bonds
Detangle shed hairs from your root area
Clean, dry and flat iron the reapplication area
Clean off the tip of the extension bundle as best as possible
Snip the extension to ensure a nice, clean blunt tip on the bundle
Dip (according to the instructions) and replace

Removing the TemBond® TIPS AND ADVICE

Shed Hairs Hold Some Leftover Bond in Your Hair

Loose hairs from removing hair extensions
Once you break up as much bond as you can, you will deal with the shed hairs. The shed hairs hold small pieces of bond in your hair at the roots.  It is not attached to your hair, just held there by your naturally shed hairs. This can always be carefully untangled and combed from the natural hair without ripping your own hair. There may be hundreds or thousands of shed hairs which come out when remove your extensions. Comb these shed hairs toward your scalp, the way they were before they came out, then carefully detangle the strands and release the residue.

Using Oils, Detangling Spray and/or Conditioners

Shed hairs from removing hair extension
Once you remove the extension hair bundle, you may choose to place some gentle and soothing olive oil on, and around, the areas of your attachments to soften and disintegrate the remaining TemBond® chunks held there by the shed hairs. This can be easily cleaned from your hair with Dawn Dish Soap. The dish soap will cleanse the oils with just 1 scrubbing/massaging wash, while the shampoo may not remove all the oils at all and a clarifying shampoo may take 3 or 4 washes to clean off the oils which is much harder on your hair.

Handling Shed Hairs

Hair extension removal trick
Once your strands are out, carefully comb the shed hairs, UP toward your scalp, then carefully DOWN the hair shaft. This can go quite quick once you get the hang of it without any ripping or tearing at your hair.  If the hairs coming from your tangles disturb you, simply feel the strands for the small, hard bead at the end of these hairs.  Be assured this is a NATURALLY shed hair that would have come of your head regardless of if you wore hair extensions or not.

Remove at Once or a Little at a Time?

Remove hair extensions at once or little by little
Although what you’ve read so far are instructions which imply you are removing all the extensions at once, you may choose to remove and replace small sections over a period of days or weeks to eliminate the long hours of removal and reinstall.  You will not use olive oil or heavy conditioner when removing/replacing sections of your hair extension install at a time!
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