Fast, Easy TemBond® Removal | Hair Extension Removal

Fast, Easy TemBond® Removal

ManeMaxx® Hair Extension Removal Fast!

Absolutely you can get the TemBond® out and EASY, too! We are so proud there isn't need for harsh chemicals, acetone, cancer-causing chemicals, strong-fumed products or metal tools to remove the TemBond®.

The hair extension bonding product is made to be just broken, all cracked-up, and then release itself easily from its hold on the natural hair. But as with everything, the bonds need to be created as instructed for the best possible removal to occur, also, so following the instructions and sizing guidelines are important for your success.


Olive Oil

Many times, and especially while testing, I've had a lot of bond in my hair and was actually able to completely disintegrate it overnight with the use of a thin coating of olive oil on my roots and at the area of the bonds. Oh, and let me tell ya, these natural oils are oh-so good for your own hair! I have seen my bleach breakage stop, and my hair growth shoot, during the times I use the oils. So, using olive oil to assist your removal is also a great way to treat your hair, too! Just be sure if you are going to reinstall right away you wash thoroughly. (Don't have olive oil? Peanut butter works, too!)


Dawn Dish Soap

If you don't use it, it might be days before you get all the oils out of your hair... and since you don't want to be walking around all oily or shampooing 10 times, make sure you have some Dawn dish soap under the kitchen sink! A quick wash with this and the oils will be broken up and washed away. Then a quick shampoo and nice condition. (unless you are planning a re-install, the Dawn dish soap will have you all clarified to put the hair extensions back in!**)

Two Things

First, if there is a lot of bond remaining in the hair than there is too much TemBond® being used to begin with. Second, the suggested easy removal is not being used, either. It is suggested because it is not necessary. I see girls are doing 30 minute removals without any product.

But, for an easy shortcut, the olive oil works great if you want to leave it in a few hours, or overnight, and wake up with no TemBond® in your hair. Remember, you will still have those shed hair tangles to comb out carefully at the root

CLEAN-UP YOUR HAIR! Wash dirt and oils out of your hair for installing or reinstalling the ManeMaxx® Hair Extensions

TIP:  For faster removal DO NOT remove from wet hair. Your dry hair along with some olive oil will give you the fastest, easiest removal.  

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