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Safe, Gentle, Non-Damaging Hair Extensions

When you are thinking hair extensions do you think damage or hair loss? Maybe before but this is not the case any longer!

Tiffany Twist’s Non-damaging Hair Extensions Prove Themselves Time and Again

The hair extension bonding used in do-it-yourself ManeMaxx® hair extension kits is a gentle, non-damaging hair extension lipid which doesn’t actually attach to your hair like glues and fusion do.

It is a wax-base bond which forms around the hair to make a small, flexible casing which holds the extension hairs into your hair for several months or until you remove them. The small casings are just bent back and further several times to break them up and the extension is just slipped from the hair. The remaining residue is simply combed out.

There is nothing in the hair extension market like it! You will truly love the feel of the bonds, hardly even noticing they are there, and you will be thrilled at the easy hair extension removal! No chemicals, no tools, no trashing your hair!

Looking for the Safest Hair Extensions

When I first began my hunt for a safe, non-damaging hair extension method, I was overwhelmed by all the bad reports. Glues that tear out hair and clips and links that slice hair. I was terrified at the damage it seemed hair extensions could potentially cause.

I’ve now been wearing the TemBond® for hair extensions for over 5 years continuously, removing the hair extensions every 3-6 months to reapply the extensions. Unbelievably, I’ve never seen any loss of hair, breakage or pulling of my own hair from the root because of the hair extensions. The only hair I remove from my hair extension wear are the naturally shed hairs which are proven by the small, hard bead at the end of the hair. (Find a great article about shed hairs and hair extensions here.)

Hair Growth While Wearing Hair Extensions?

To everyone’s surprise, do-it-yourself ManeMaxx® hair extension customers began reporting that their own hair became thicker and longer while wearing Tiffany Twist’s gentle, non-damaging hair extension system and product. (Find hundreds of comprehensive customer hair extension reviews here.)

And these were different (even better, they report) results from what they get when trying to grow their hair without wearing hair extensions. (We concluded this happened because, while wearing hair extensions, you are abusing your own natural hair less. You are washing less, using less heat from the hair dryer and other heated styling tools, along with not wearing a damaging hair extension system and this result is longer, fuller and healthier hair! Get more knowledge! You can read more about how to carefully use heat and hair dryers while wearing hair extensions in this article.)

Before and After Hair Extension Effects

Here is a before and after to natural hair growth after 4 month ManeMaxx® hair extension install. You can see how the blonde hair has grown out while wearing the hair extensions for 4 months.

As you can see, the natural hair looks longer and looks fuller. Four months of wearing the hair extensions hasn’t harmed the natural hair at all.

When you examine the pictures, you’ll find the opposite to be true. The hair is longer and fuller than expected, the growth better and faster than without wearing hair extensions.

Hair condition before hair extensionsHair condition after removing hair extensions

Her Do-it-yourself ManeMaxx® Hair Extensions Helped Her Grow Thicker Hair

Here is a customer who came to me after a desperate hunt for hair extensions that were “different.”

She had previously worn fusion hair extensions that tore up her hair and took 2 years to recover from the damage. She made me continually promise the TemBond® wouldn’t harm her hair like what she had previously experienced.

There wasn’t any reason she couldn’t wear the TemBond®, as she was wearing clips just fine, so we agreed to a “practice” install that would be monitored carefully while she demo-ed the method and wear of the TemBond® bonds and the strand-by-strand ManeMaxx® hair extensions.

Want to know where you can get your own hair extension kit? Click here for the ManeMaxx store where you’ll find the easy, at-home hair extension kits and best extension hair! You’ll look great and save your hair while you do!

K's hair BEFORE her 12 week ManeMaxx® hair extension install:

Condition of broken hair before hair extensionsBefore putting in hair extensions

And, K's hair AFTER her 12 week MANEMAXX® hair extension install:

Condition of hair after extensionsHair growth after removing extensions

Can you see the great growth and additional fullness the hair has after the weeks and months of wearing the ManeMaxx® hair extensions? Her hair looks so much healthier now then when she first came for the hair extensions and she is thrilled, and finally convinced, at the no damage hair extension wear!

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