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ManeMaxx® Extension Hair Guide

Adding Extension Hair to Your Hair Extension Kit


ManeMaxx® has put together a packaged hair extension kit with everything you will need for your strand-by-strand hair extension install. With your ManeMaxx® Hair Extension Kit, you have the option of adding a high-quality, remy extension hair in a great selection of lengths and textures for straight, wavy and curly hair. (EXTENSION HAIR IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE HAIR EXTENSION KIT BUT CAN BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY.)

ManeMaxx® Extension Hair is our longest and best wearing extension hair sourced from clean, reputable factories for a quality extension hair you can trust. (Learn more about the remi extension hair in this extension hair diary article here.)

Remi cuticle-correct and tangle-free extension hair

Super silky, gently processed, clean and fresh high-quality

Bouncy, flows and moves naturally

Quality represents the closest match to the healthiest, most youthful hair

Available in 11 colors and tons of combinations for adding highlights and lowlights

Choose straight, wavy or curly

6-12 months of tangle-free wear

Multiple applications with proper care.

Because you are not using glues, chemicals, or chemical removers with the ManeMaxx® system, you can easily REUSE your extension hair.  This saves you so much money with your hair extension wear!  

Fixing and Preparing Extension Hair for Applying

It’s easy to prepare your extension hair for applying and wearing.

Although ANY extension hair—pre-tipped, bulk, old clip-in extensions—can be used with the ManeMaxx® hair extension system, ManeMaxx® offers hair on a weft for neat and easy applying. Strands are cut through the weft and then the weft is removed to create loose strands for applying.

making strands for hair extensions
Every Hair Extension Kit has enough bonding for4-5 FULL HEAD APPLICATIONS! The extension hair is sold separately. ManeMaxx offers extension hair to compliment your kit. (To apply, you will cut the wefts of extension hair into strands and then remove the “track” to expose loose strands for applying.)

ManeMaxx® Extension Hair is a healthy, gently processed extension hair and is offered on a weft in which the hairs will be removed by you, in small 1/4 inch bundles, before applying.

This gently colored extension hair is excellent for super long wear-time and many subsequent installs. It is perfectly tangle-free through months of wear. This extension hair reviews are 100% outstanding. The hair color may be tweaked by chemical coloring processes, gently, without harming hair quality. With proper hair extension care this hair will last through multiple applications.HOW MUCH HAIR DO I NEED?

When 4 ounces of hair extensions are enough, typically one of the following apply:

Your natural hair is long or thin

You are looking for volume only

You are purchasing under 16 inch hair extensions

You are purchasing wavy or curly hair extensions

You have an average size head and are looking to add length and some volume with hair extensions

Your natural hair is average

When even more hair extensions should be added typically one of the following apply:

You are looking to add length and volume

Your natural hair is quite short

You have a large head or a lot of hair

Your hair is very thick or you are adding a lot of length with hair extensions

You are purchasing straight hair 20 inches and have shorter hair, shoulder length and above, to begin with

You want to stock up and have plenty of extension hair on hand, for 1 or more hair extension installations

Note only select colors and styles of the ManeMaxx® Extension Hair can be purchased in half packages.

Hair Extension Products

There is a difference in the sizes of the extension hair shaft depending on the origin and processes the hair goes through. Here is a photos which magnifies our hair products next to a Chinese extension hair comparing to a caucasian natural hair strand. The Asian/Chinese extension hair is a basic extension hair you’ll find at a beauty supply store such as Sally’s. This extension hair has gone through processing and contains coatings that lend to its thickness. This may, or may not, be a huge deal for your own blending. (Most times it is not a noticeable difference and most people would never guess you are wearing hair extensions.)

The RR is the ManeMaxx® Extension Hair strand. You can see it is closer in thickness to the natural caucasian hair strand. This means the blend of the extension hair and natural hair is a bit more “natural.” It is a little more discreet and “hides” a little more. Most who wear the RR hair as opposed to the other feel the hair “becomes their own” verses an extension hair which feels thick and “rough.”

Compare extension hair strands

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