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Extension Hair Colors - Which Color Extensions Should I Get?

Selecting Your Perfect Extension Hair Color(s)

When selecting your hair extension colors you will want to come close to the same color range of the hair you are attaching to and blending.  This is really easy since the extension hair is easily blend able with your own in choosing an extension color similar or close to your own hair. Think of all the different looks with the “ombre” hair and remember creating these looks with extension hair is so much fun!

Keep in mind choosing extension hair within a shade or so of your own hair can give you the most beautiful, unnoticeable results and wear.

If you need help choosing color, please attach a picture or 2 to a support ticket which can be opened here.

ManeMaxx® Extension Hair

Mixing extension hair colors (Pictured: Golden Blonde and Dark Brown)

The ManeMaxx® Extension Hair (on weft, track, weave hair) is a gently colored, silky extension hair is excellent for super long wear-time and many subsequent installs. It is perfectly tangle-free through months of wear, healthy, soft and silky hair comes in 4 styles and a small selection of colors.

You can see how soft and silky the ManeMaxx® Extension Hair is. It will not change over many months of wear. No tangles, no poofing, no climbing—just beautiful, movable, healthy extension hair.

Color Descriptions: Color #'s=Black (Level 1 or #1B) Dark Brown (Level 3 or #2) Medium Brown (Level 3 or #4) Chestnut Brown (Level 5 or 7, #6) Auburn Brown (30, 31, 32) Red (33, 34, 35) Strawberry Blonde (Level 12, #27) Bleach Blonde (22, 24) Dirty Blonde (14, 18) Golden Blonde (16, 613/27) Platinum Blonde (#613)

About the Color Swatches

Platinum blonde is the cooler, more silvery, lightest blonde
Golden Blonde has a bit more golden color in the light blonde
Dirty Blonde (dishwater blonde) is a cooler, darker blonde
Bleach Blonde = light blonde with touches of golden blonde (similar results to home bleaching)
Strawberry Blonde = darker blonde with golden tones
Auburn Brown is a classic auburn with slight red tones to the brunette color
Red is very deep, yet subtle, red tone
Light Brown is a very nice light brunette color
Medium Brown is better if you have no black tones, just brunette tones
Dark Brown blends with brown/black

ManeMaxx Hair Extension Kit Extension Hair Colors

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