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About ManeMaxx® Home Hair Extension Starter Kits

What Are ManeMaxx® Hair Extension Kits?

ManeMaxx® has packaged together a hair extension kit which contains everything you will need for your at-home strand-by-strand hair extension installation sans the extension hair which is sold separately.*

Your ManeMaxx® Hair Extension Kit offers you a choice of your TemBond® color which you will match to the dominant color of your hair or roots for discreet and unnoticeable hair extension wear. Each ManeMaxx® Hair Extension Kit contains what should be enough TemBond® for practicing your technique plus up to 2 more hair extension applications! (Find TemBond colors here.)


(PLEASE NOTE: You MUST use the specific bond warmer found in your Hair Extension Kit. A fusion pot is too HOT for the TemBond® and most wax pots, too COOL for heating the TemBond®. Our specific bond warmer has been calibrated to the correct temperature for using the TemBond®.)

How You Use Your Own Extension Hair or ManeMaxx® Extension Hair

Compliment your ManeMaxx® Hair Extension Kit with ManeMaxx®’s brand of reusable 100% human hair extension hair. ManeMaxx® Extension Hair has been tried and tested for qualities to suit both the cost-conscious hair extension wearer as well as the serious hair extension customer seeking out top-of-the-line extension hair products.

Want to know where you can get your own hair extension kit? Click here for the ManeMaxx store where you’ll find the easy, at-home hair extension kits and best extension hair! You’ll love your hair and look as beautiful as can be!

hair extension strands

(To apply, you will cut the wefts of extension hair into strands and then remove the “track” to expose loose strands for applying.)

Because you are not using glues, chemicals, or chemical removers with the ManeMaxx® system, you can easily REUSE your extension hair.  This saves you so much money with your hair extension wear!  (Find an article here which will tell you about removing the hair extensions and preparing your extension hair to use again.)

About the Bonding Included in Your Starter Kit

Every Starter Kit has up to 2 FULL HEAD APPLICATIONS included! *You will provide scissors and 1 or 2 mirrors. 

Hair Extension Kits from ManeMaxx®

Hair Extension Kit from ManeMaxx

Our Complete 2 Application Hair Extension Kits by ManeMaxx® Include:

3 ounce package of TemBond® for up to 2 full head applications (Add another for double the applications!)
Portable TemBond® warming pot
Step-by-step full color instruction manual
Tips and care instructions
Pre-application steps
Application DVD
Mini comb for sectioning and removal
Hair clips for parting and sectioning
Hair guide and clip for applying
A stir spatula for your TemBond® warming pot
Convenient poly box to store and carry your items

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