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Extension Hair Textures - Body, Curls, Waves

About Textures or Styles of ManeMaxx® Extension Hair

It’s fun to create different looks with the hair extensions. Usually, if you straighten your hair, you will want to buy a straight hair extension (even if your hair has curl) so you will have less work when styling. If you have curly hair and wear your hair curly, you will want to buy a curly extension hair. Many of us who have a slight wave to our hair when left to dry can wear either a loose wave or straight and both will look great. (A body wave can be produced after washing and by scrunching the extension hair while it dries.)

Which Texture or Style of Extension Hair Should I Choose?

We usually need to use hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons, etc., to style and work with our own hair to produce the final result we are after. Not many people can just wash and go. Wearing human extension hair is the same although wash and go looks far better with extension hair than without.

A blow-dry, flat iron, waving iron, curling iron all help to produce the final look you are after and whether you end up with a loose, body wave or silky straight hair.

Textures of ManeMaxx Extension Hair
Waves loosen and fall with washing and most straight extension hair can be scrunch-dried to produce a loose wave if you’d like to wear one. If you need an actual curl to the extension hair, or more wave than you see in the photo above (whether yours is natural or from a perm) choose the curly extension hair in the ManeMaxx® Extension Hair but be sure to follow the pre-application steps. 

Very Important Information for Applying Wavy and Curly Extension Hair

When working with curly natural hair and using wavy or curly extension hair for the ManeMaxx® do-it-yourself hair extension system you will need a flat iron to flatten the top of the extension hair and the first inch of your curly natural hair.

Straighten Extension Hair

Again, this is very important when working with wavy or curly extension hair. The area you are attaching the extensions with the TemBond® must be very flat and straight for proper attachment!

The pre-application step of flattening or straightening curls is necessary for secure TemBond® hair extension attachments. (Read more on how to create secure hair extension attachments using the TemBond.)

Choosing Straight Extension Hair and Producing a Wavy Look

Extension hair waves after washing

Here is an example of straight hair left to dry on its own. You can see a slight wave in it once the extension hair has dried.

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