ManeMaxx® Hair Extension Products

Safe, Gentle, Non-Damaging Hair Extensions

When you are thinking hair extensions do you think damage or hair loss? Maybe before but this is not the case any longer!

Tiffany Twist’s Non-damaging Hair Extensions Prove Themselves Time and Again

The hair extension bonding used in do-it-yourself ManeMaxx® hair extension kits is a gentle, non-damaging hair extension lipid which doesn’t actually attach to your hair like glues and fusion do.

It is a wax-base bond which forms around the hair to make a small, flexible casing which holds the extension hairs into your hair for several months or until you remove them. The small casings are just bent back and further several times to break them up and the extension is just slipped from the hair. The remaining residue is simply combed out.

There is nothing in the hair extension market like it! You will truly love the feel of the bonds, hardly even noticing they are there, and you will be thrilled at the easy hair extension removal! No chemicals, no tools, no trashing your hair!

Looking for the Safest Hair Extensions

When I first began my hunt for a safe, non-damaging hair extension method, I was overwhelmed by all the bad reports. Glues that tear out hair and clips and links that slice hair. I was terrified at the damage it seemed hair extensions could potentially cause.

I’ve now been wearing the TemBond® for hair extensions for over 5 years continuously, removing the hair extensions every 3-6 months to reapply the extensions. Unbelievably, I’ve never seen any loss of hair, breakage or pulling of my own hair from the root because of the hair extensions. The only hair I remove from my hair extension wear are the naturally shed hairs which are proven by the small, hard bead at the end of the hair. (Find a great article about shed hairs and hair extensions here.)

Hair Growth While Wearing Hair Extensions?

To everyone’s surprise, do-it-yourself ManeMaxx® hair extension customers began reporting that their own hair became thicker and longer while wearing Tiffany Twist’s gentle, non-damaging hair extension system and product. (Find hundreds of comprehensive customer hair extension reviews here.)

And these were different (even better, they report) results from what they get when trying to grow their hair without wearing hair extensions. (We concluded this happened because, while wearing hair extensions, you are abusing your own natural hair less. You are washing less, using less heat from the hair dryer and other heated styling tools, along with not wearing a damaging hair extension system and this result is longer, fuller and healthier hair! Get more knowledge! You can read more about how to carefully use heat and hair dryers while wearing hair extensions in this article.)

Before and After Hair Extension Effects

Here is a before and after to natural hair growth after 4 month ManeMaxx® hair extension install. You can see how the blonde hair has grown out while wearing the hair extensions for 4 months.

As you can see, the natural hair looks longer and looks fuller. Four months of wearing the hair extensions hasn’t harmed the natural hair at all.

When you examine the pictures, you’ll find the opposite to be true. The hair is longer and fuller than expected, the growth better and faster than without wearing hair extensions.

Hair condition before hair extensionsHair condition after removing hair extensions

Her Do-it-yourself ManeMaxx® Hair Extensions Helped Her Grow Thicker Hair

Here is a customer who came to me after a desperate hunt for hair extensions that were “different.”

She had previously worn fusion hair extensions that tore up her hair and took 2 years to recover from the damage. She made me continually promise the TemBond® wouldn’t harm her hair like what she had previously experienced.

There wasn’t any reason she couldn’t wear the TemBond®, as she was wearing clips just fine, so we agreed to a “practice” install that would be monitored carefully while she demo-ed the method and wear of the TemBond® bonds and the strand-by-strand ManeMaxx® hair extensions.

Want to know where you can get your own hair extension kit? Click here for the ManeMaxx store where you’ll find the easy, at-home hair extension kits and best extension hair! You’ll look great and save your hair while you do!

K's hair BEFORE her 12 week ManeMaxx® hair extension install:

Condition of broken hair before hair extensionsBefore putting in hair extensions

And, K's hair AFTER her 12 week MANEMAXX® hair extension install:

Condition of hair after extensionsHair growth after removing extensions

Can you see the great growth and additional fullness the hair has after the weeks and months of wearing the ManeMaxx® hair extensions? Her hair looks so much healthier now then when she first came for the hair extensions and she is thrilled, and finally convinced, at the no damage hair extension wear!


About ManeMaxx® Home Hair Extension Starter Kits

What Are ManeMaxx® Hair Extension Kits?

ManeMaxx® has packaged together a hair extension kit which contains everything you will need for your at-home strand-by-strand hair extension installation sans the extension hair which is sold separately.*

Your ManeMaxx® Hair Extension Kit offers you a choice of your TemBond® color which you will match to the dominant color of your hair or roots for discreet and unnoticeable hair extension wear. Each ManeMaxx® Hair Extension Kit contains what should be enough TemBond® for practicing your technique plus up to 2 more hair extension applications! (Find TemBond colors here.)


(PLEASE NOTE: You MUST use the specific bond warmer found in your Hair Extension Kit. A fusion pot is too HOT for the TemBond® and most wax pots, too COOL for heating the TemBond®. Our specific bond warmer has been calibrated to the correct temperature for using the TemBond®.)

How You Use Your Own Extension Hair or ManeMaxx® Extension Hair

Compliment your ManeMaxx® Hair Extension Kit with ManeMaxx®’s brand of reusable 100% human hair extension hair. ManeMaxx® Extension Hair has been tried and tested for qualities to suit both the cost-conscious hair extension wearer as well as the serious hair extension customer seeking out top-of-the-line extension hair products.

Want to know where you can get your own hair extension kit? Click here for the ManeMaxx store where you’ll find the easy, at-home hair extension kits and best extension hair! You’ll love your hair and look as beautiful as can be!

hair extension strands

(To apply, you will cut the wefts of extension hair into strands and then remove the “track” to expose loose strands for applying.)

Because you are not using glues, chemicals, or chemical removers with the ManeMaxx® system, you can easily REUSE your extension hair.  This saves you so much money with your hair extension wear!  (Find an article here which will tell you about removing the hair extensions and preparing your extension hair to use again.)

About the Bonding Included in Your Starter Kit

Every Starter Kit has up to 2 FULL HEAD APPLICATIONS included! *You will provide scissors and 1 or 2 mirrors. 

Hair Extension Kits from ManeMaxx®

Hair Extension Kit from ManeMaxx

Our Complete 2 Application Hair Extension Kits by ManeMaxx® Include:

3 ounce package of TemBond® for up to 2 full head applications (Add another for double the applications!)
Portable TemBond® warming pot
Step-by-step full color instruction manual
Tips and care instructions
Pre-application steps
Application DVD
Mini comb for sectioning and removal
Hair clips for parting and sectioning
Hair guide and clip for applying
A stir spatula for your TemBond® warming pot
Convenient poly box to store and carry your items


About TemBond® for ManeMaxx® Hair Extensions (Find Colors Here)

What Is TemBond®?

The TemBond® is a non-glue, non-fusion soft bonding product used to gently bond strand-by-strand hair extensions into the natural hair. It is a product created especially for hair extensions from natural and non-toxic, non-glue properties. Since you aren’t using glue, fusion, or metals in your hair, the safe and gentle, non-damaging TemBond


allows your hair to grow and become fuller while wearing the hair extensions!

The extensions can be worn for many months while washing, wearing and sleeping in your hair extensions. The bonds created using the TemBond® for hair extensions is soft and flexible which means the hair extensions are extremely comfortable.

TemBond for Hair Extensions
The TemBond® must be warmed in our specific warming pot which has been calibrated to the correct temperature for using the hair extension bond successfully.  FUSION POTS ARE TOO HOT AND MOST WAX POTS, TOO COOL FOR HEATING THE TEMBOND!

TemBond Colors for Hair Extensions

The TemBond® is packaged in 3 ounce solid blocks. One package contains typically enough bond for 2 full-head hair extension applications and some to practice with, too. It is important to follow the measurement instructions and amounts of TemBond you are using. Too little can allow you to lose your attachments and too much will mean big, bulky attachments that aren’t too comfortable in the hair. (Learn more about the size of your hair bundles and how much bond you should be using for your hair extensions.)

How Does TemBond® Work?

Small bundles of extension hairs are dipped into your TemBond® which is warmed in a small warming pot.  The bundle is placed onto a readied section of your own hair and the bond seeps through the hairs and dries in just a few seconds.  Once this happens, a small casing, or shell, forms in and around all the hairs holding the extension in its place.

hair extension bonds broken
These bonds are extremely lightweight and comfortable. They are not glued to your hair but form a flexible shell which holds the hair in place.

How Is TemBond® Removed?

When you are ready to remove the hair extensions, the TemBond® is simply broken up by hand. The bond crumbles and the small remaining pieces are combed from your hair. Although this method of removal is not ideal, the hair extensions can also be removed with a hot hair-dryer, or flat iron, directly at, and on, the bonds. 2-3 shampoos should remove the residue. (Click here to learn more about removing hair extensions.)

hair extension bonds after removal
The bond can be disintegrated by soaking some olive oil in the hair for a few hours or overnight.  You may want to finish the removal by washing with some degreasing Dawn dish-soap, to remove the oil, before using your standard shampoo and conditioner.

Why Should I Choose TemBond® for Hair Extensions?

What ManeMaxx Hair Extensions look like

This hair extension system uses no glues, fusion or other adhesives! The bonding is a natural and non-toxic, cosmetic grade formula used to hold the extensions securely, without glues or fusion, for the amount of time you want to wear them. You can sleep in the hair extensions, wash the hair extensions, wear and style the hair extensions without having to remove them for many months. Then, when you want to remove the extensions, you simply bend the TemBond®’s back and forth to break them and the extension hair is gently released from the natural hair. It’s never been so easy and safe to wear strand-by-strand hair extensions!

Hair extension glues and fusion bonds to the natural hair. They can pull and tear at the hair causing damage to your own hair with continuous hair extension wear. TemBond® is a natural and non-toxic, safe and gentle bond which holds you hair extension securely in place for the amount of time you want to wear it, yet removes in seconds without chemicals or tools and free of worry that you are damaging, pulling or breaking your hair with home hair extension application and wear.

TemBond Hair Extensions

Choosing TemBond® Colors For Your Starter Kit

When choosing your bonding color in your ManeMaxx® Hair Extension Kit, you may want to use the guide below.

When using 2 or more colors it is recommended you choose to match the dominant extension color or get close to the color of your roots, the area to which you are attaching the bonds.  As an alternative, and if you prefer, you can purchase additional warmers and TemBond® colors according to any extra, and dramatically different, hair colors you have chosen to install.  

TemBond® & Hair Colors

TemBond® is specially formulated to hold its color. The bonds will not flake or turn white on you and stay completely discreet and unnoticeable in your natural hair. You’ll be surprised at how well you can hide the fact you are wearing extensions if you don’t want anyone to know you are wearing hair extensions! Wear your hair in up-dos and ponytails comfortably and without exposing thick wefts and clips!

Mixing TemBond® Colors

Cool! TemBond® colors can be mixed to produce your very own shade! You can lighten the chocolate or deepen it. You can darken your blonde shade or lighten your smoke color to produce a perfect blend able attachment and discreet hair extensions!

TemBond colors for hair extensions

SMOKE TemBond® for black or black/brown hair or roots

CHOCOLATE TemBond® for dark and medium brown hair or roots

RED for reddish browns or dark auburn red hair or roots

CARAMEL TemBond® for dark blonde and light brown hair or roots

TAN TemBond® for blonde, light blonde, dirty blonde, very light brown hair or roots


ManeMaxx® Extension Hair Guide

Adding Extension Hair to Your Hair Extension Kit


ManeMaxx® has put together a packaged hair extension kit with everything you will need for your strand-by-strand hair extension install. With your ManeMaxx® Hair Extension Kit, you have the option of adding a high-quality, remy extension hair in a great selection of lengths and textures for straight, wavy and curly hair. (EXTENSION HAIR IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE HAIR EXTENSION KIT BUT CAN BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY.)

ManeMaxx® Extension Hair is our longest and best wearing extension hair sourced from clean, reputable factories for a quality extension hair you can trust. (Learn more about the remi extension hair in this extension hair diary article here.)

Remi cuticle-correct and tangle-free extension hair

Super silky, gently processed, clean and fresh high-quality

Bouncy, flows and moves naturally

Quality represents the closest match to the healthiest, most youthful hair

Available in 11 colors and tons of combinations for adding highlights and lowlights

Choose straight, wavy or curly

6-12 months of tangle-free wear

Multiple applications with proper care.

Because you are not using glues, chemicals, or chemical removers with the ManeMaxx® system, you can easily REUSE your extension hair.  This saves you so much money with your hair extension wear!  

Fixing and Preparing Extension Hair for Applying

It’s easy to prepare your extension hair for applying and wearing.

Although ANY extension hair—pre-tipped, bulk, old clip-in extensions—can be used with the ManeMaxx® hair extension system, ManeMaxx® offers hair on a weft for neat and easy applying. Strands are cut through the weft and then the weft is removed to create loose strands for applying.

making strands for hair extensions
Every Hair Extension Kit has enough bonding for4-5 FULL HEAD APPLICATIONS! The extension hair is sold separately. ManeMaxx offers extension hair to compliment your kit. (To apply, you will cut the wefts of extension hair into strands and then remove the “track” to expose loose strands for applying.)

ManeMaxx® Extension Hair is a healthy, gently processed extension hair and is offered on a weft in which the hairs will be removed by you, in small 1/4 inch bundles, before applying.

This gently colored extension hair is excellent for super long wear-time and many subsequent installs. It is perfectly tangle-free through months of wear. This extension hair reviews are 100% outstanding. The hair color may be tweaked by chemical coloring processes, gently, without harming hair quality. With proper hair extension care this hair will last through multiple applications.HOW MUCH HAIR DO I NEED?

When 4 ounces of hair extensions are enough, typically one of the following apply:

Your natural hair is long or thin

You are looking for volume only

You are purchasing under 16 inch hair extensions

You are purchasing wavy or curly hair extensions

You have an average size head and are looking to add length and some volume with hair extensions

Your natural hair is average

When even more hair extensions should be added typically one of the following apply:

You are looking to add length and volume

Your natural hair is quite short

You have a large head or a lot of hair

Your hair is very thick or you are adding a lot of length with hair extensions

You are purchasing straight hair 20 inches and have shorter hair, shoulder length and above, to begin with

You want to stock up and have plenty of extension hair on hand, for 1 or more hair extension installations

Note only select colors and styles of the ManeMaxx® Extension Hair can be purchased in half packages.

Hair Extension Products

There is a difference in the sizes of the extension hair shaft depending on the origin and processes the hair goes through. Here is a photos which magnifies our hair products next to a Chinese extension hair comparing to a caucasian natural hair strand. The Asian/Chinese extension hair is a basic extension hair you’ll find at a beauty supply store such as Sally’s. This extension hair has gone through processing and contains coatings that lend to its thickness. This may, or may not, be a huge deal for your own blending. (Most times it is not a noticeable difference and most people would never guess you are wearing hair extensions.)

The RR is the ManeMaxx® Extension Hair strand. You can see it is closer in thickness to the natural caucasian hair strand. This means the blend of the extension hair and natural hair is a bit more “natural.” It is a little more discreet and “hides” a little more. Most who wear the RR hair as opposed to the other feel the hair “becomes their own” verses an extension hair which feels thick and “rough.”

Compare extension hair strands


Extension Hair Textures - Body, Curls, Waves

About Textures or Styles of ManeMaxx® Extension Hair

It’s fun to create different looks with the hair extensions. Usually, if you straighten your hair, you will want to buy a straight hair extension (even if your hair has curl) so you will have less work when styling. If you have curly hair and wear your hair curly, you will want to buy a curly extension hair. Many of us who have a slight wave to our hair when left to dry can wear either a loose wave or straight and both will look great. (A body wave can be produced after washing and by scrunching the extension hair while it dries.)

Which Texture or Style of Extension Hair Should I Choose?

We usually need to use hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons, etc., to style and work with our own hair to produce the final result we are after. Not many people can just wash and go. Wearing human extension hair is the same although wash and go looks far better with extension hair than without.

A blow-dry, flat iron, waving iron, curling iron all help to produce the final look you are after and whether you end up with a loose, body wave or silky straight hair.

Textures of ManeMaxx Extension Hair
Waves loosen and fall with washing and most straight extension hair can be scrunch-dried to produce a loose wave if you’d like to wear one. If you need an actual curl to the extension hair, or more wave than you see in the photo above (whether yours is natural or from a perm) choose the curly extension hair in the ManeMaxx® Extension Hair but be sure to follow the pre-application steps. 

Very Important Information for Applying Wavy and Curly Extension Hair

When working with curly natural hair and using wavy or curly extension hair for the ManeMaxx® do-it-yourself hair extension system you will need a flat iron to flatten the top of the extension hair and the first inch of your curly natural hair.

Straighten Extension Hair

Again, this is very important when working with wavy or curly extension hair. The area you are attaching the extensions with the TemBond® must be very flat and straight for proper attachment!

The pre-application step of flattening or straightening curls is necessary for secure TemBond® hair extension attachments. (Read more on how to create secure hair extension attachments using the TemBond.)

Choosing Straight Extension Hair and Producing a Wavy Look

Extension hair waves after washing

Here is an example of straight hair left to dry on its own. You can see a slight wave in it once the extension hair has dried.