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About Remi and Non Remy Hair Products and Photos

Really Good Extension Hair

If you are confused about extension hair products being called Remy or described as Remi, then this article is for you. Here a customer takes on the extension hair and describes her findings to us.

Thank you so much to the contributor of the following amazing photos and report on the ManeMaxx® Extension Hair!

Extension hair roots

Hi Tiffany, Hope you are doing well I kick myself for not buying your hair in the first place. GRRRRRRRRR!!! Once I learned about the hair extension industry and the quality of hair, I’ve become super anal about hair quality and the right to call hair “Remy.” I’ve found COUNTLESS brands of hair that claim to be “remy” but are not….if there are root bulbs at the tips of the hair…it is NOT REMY!!

extension hair root bulbs

So I took the liberty to take a few pictures…and I found that YOUR hair and the hair that I bought for my first install (virgin indian curly hair) are the ONLY ONES so far that DON’T have these root bulbs!

No root bulbs on extension hiar

(My other virgin indian hair had tons of split ends LOL) These photos I’m attaching really explains why most hair starts to go to crap so fast after a month or so. If the RR hair ever loses it’s coating, it probably won’t tangle anymore than normal hair because it is TRUE remy hair. And I’ve inspected every single strand on that weft you gave me…it’s all good!

Extension hair remi pictures

Even this popular and expensive brand of extension hair has some of these root bulbs that I’ve found.

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