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Hair Extension Diary

My “Before Hair Extensions” Shot

Before ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair

I am really excited to test this new hair product! I’m super picky about the hair I use, and supply, so I blew this one off for many months while I was happy with what I had in stock.

Then, during the wear I used a product that did not agree with my extension hair. (Be sure you do not use clarifying, stripping cleansing products on your extension hair. While clarifying is good to use before your install on your own hair, it will dry out your extension hair.)

The ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair I will Be Wearing

Two Colors: ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair

I’m trying this new extension hair and I want to see how well it handles on its own with 2 - 3 washes a week, no direct conditioners. (I now use conditioner on my extension hair along with my own hair but for the purpose of this "test" I wanted to know if the hair would keep its condition on its own or not. Healthy hair shouldn't need a bunch of extra products and work to look nice.)

I wish I had done this with all my installs but, no better time than the present, right?

The Extension Hair: Right After Installing

Soft & Silky ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair

My first impression of this hair is “I’m in love.” The hair smells amazing and feels so clean.

The hair is incredibly silky and soft. It has a heavier sheen on it which makes it so wonderful to run my fingers through it. I absolutely cannot stop myself from playing with it.

After 5 nights of sleeping in this hair and I could get up and run a fine-tooth comb through it.

Not a Single Little Tangle On My Head

Installing ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair

After 5 days and 1 night in a smoke-y casino, the hair still smells super fresh. The movement of the hair is incredible which is why I wanted to include pics that showed that. Although I’m very afraid because I love the feel of this hair, it’s time to wash and see what happens.

1 Week With My New Extension Hair

Using ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair

Yesterday, I washed and conditioned my own hair and lightly washed and conditioned the extension hair only by letting the product run through its length when rinsing my own hair.

Immediately after washing I could run a fine tooth comb through my hair without a single tangle. Very impressive, I’m thinking, I’ve always needed to separate the extension hair a little bit with my fingers and then use a wide tooth comb first. Here, with this hair, the FINE-tooth comb slid right through the hair after washing.

Glossy Extension Hair
About ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair

This is my favorite photo because it accurately displays the shine this hair has and maintains so far. (The other photos are “out of the light.”)

I’ve worn my extension hair in the past for two installs and then it just became too hard to care for. My last install went to crap after I wrecked my hair with some bad products. This was very upsetting to ruin $200 in extension hair by using some cheap garbage someone put out there. I was toward the end of that install anyway but should have gotten a couple more months of wear out of it.

I Want My Extension Hair to FEEL Healthy

Brushing ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair

I totally recommend you test your product on a little extra extension hair to see how it will react. Coat it with your product, leave it in and then try to wash it out. If the hair gets crappy, don’t use it.

For this hair we are seeing how well it does on its own. It shouldn’t need products if it is good hair.

Healthy hair doesn’t need help, crappy hair, lol, like my own natural hair, does.

I Believe I Have Found the Very Best Extension Hair to Wear

Quality of ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair

The ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair dried very straight at first. Other hair I wear and supply dries a bit wavy and needs the flat iron to straighten it. It took me just a few minutes to flat iron my own hair and I was ready to go. By far the fastest styling for me since I have worn extensions.

I might have found my hair but only time will tell and only will I know as the weeks wear on.

Good Hair Extension Installs Take Time

How Long Lasting - ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair

PS. Bonds are holding great. No loss at all! I used a clarifying poo and NO conditioner before installing, took my time *while* installing and this has made a huge difference for me. (I would typically lose 1 or 2 bonds after applying, then a couple here and there, usually after washing. I am totally on a quest to get my zero loss install back!)

2 Weeks In My Hair Extensions Update

The Best ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair

The once/twice per week washing is going well. I did just a top-of-my-hair crown wash (how-to) in-between.

The hair hasn’t changed at all, still combing with a fine-tooth comb after washing with no troubles or pulling. This hair is much nicer than my own so where the comb struggles in my own hair it slides right through this extension hair.

Not a Single Tangle in My Extension Hair

Straight ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair
Once again I didn’t use any shampoo or conditioner on the extensions themselves. The rinse does enough to bring back the fresh smell of the extensions after washing my hair.

The movement of the ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair is still great and even though the lighting on these photos is not good, there is still a great shine in the hair.

No Extension Hair Bunching or Climbing

Blonde & Brunette ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair

So far so good, I’m still loving this ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair and super happy with this install.

4 1/2 Weeks: My Extension Hair Update

Wearing ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair

One month with this super high-quality extension hair. I’m washing like 1.5 times per week, about every 4-5 days. These photos are 3 days after washing.

I still haven’t used any product on the extension hair itself, just shampooed and conditioned my scalp and my own hair and then gently let the rinse wash down my extension hair. The ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair has remained super clean and tame-looking throughout. I think not using any product on the extension hair has been key to help keep the extension hair in its natural, clean, silky soft state.

The Extension Hair Feels Great

Washing ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair

Hopefully you can see the movement of the hair in the photos. I’m appreciating this low maintenance product big time, just a quick flat iron in the morning to get out the waves from my nightly loose braid. I do believe by using a flat iron PRIOR to install has kept my root area and bonds tangle and mat-free. I’m having no problems with any hairs tangling around my bonds.

Very Low Maintenance Extension Hair

Drying ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair

Now that I’ve gone over 4 weeks, my hair is growing out quite a bit, but nicely, the bonds aren’t twisting around each other or anything like that. Perhaps the luxurious quality of this extension hair helps, too. My hair just seems to agree with it maybe.

No Extension Hairs are Shedding

Styling ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair

I still have NO shedding at all, not a single strand of hair, but I’ve lost around 5 or so bundles within these 4 1/2 weeks. I’m going to heat up my pot today and put them back in at once.

One of the things impressing with this ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair is the shine.

Healthy and Youthful Hair

Care Tips ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair

It’s harder to tell with the blonde but the contrast with the dark is amazing. I do still use a fine-tooth comb on it. I’ve had only a couple teeny little tangles in the length of the extension hair but they are not difficult to comb right through at all. There has been no tangling in the neck area at all, no puffiness, no change in the actual hair. It still feels sort of heavy and “wet.” I think by that I mean healthy and youthful. My hubby describes it that way, like healthy hair you find on a young person who hasn’t subject their hair to coloring and such.

6 1/2 Week Extension Hair Update

Weaves for ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair

But, back to the ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair, amazing. I have found my absolute favorite.

Slick, Sleek Hair Extensions: No Extension Hair Poof-ing

Strand Extensions & ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair

Typically by 6 weeks of wear I’m needing to comb my extensions throughout a day to keep them nice. This occurred after testing different leave-in conditioning products, something I’m not doing with my extensions at all anymore.

The ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair just DOES NOT tangle at all!

No change in texture at all. It consistently wears like healthy hair. It actually looks better in person and although I can still comb through it just fine with a fine-tooth comb and without any struggle at all, I couldn’t find my comb before taking these shots. Too lazy to go look for it I just quickly used a wide-tooth comb so, really, you are viewing these photos of the hair slept on and unbrushed.

2 Months of Extension Hair Wear

ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair

Washing 1-2 times per week and not a drop of product on the extensions themselves. The shine and movement remain and the ends are still very soft and supple albeit I see a few split. I’ll just snip them off here eventually. (I can’t be totally accurate on this, though, because I painted my house and found paint on my ends, too.) I’ve checked the old extension hair from previous installs and the ends look good on that, too. Just a few that are split.

TheManeMaxx® Extension Hair Remains Absolutely Beautiful and Tangle-free

Quality of ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair

The hair extension set itself is wonderful, no shedding of the extension hair at all. (Weaves are always shedding hairs from what I’ve seen, so the bonding is great to eliminate that.) Just 1 bundle loss the last time I washed. There are a few factors which will cause 1 bond to last 6 weeks verses another lasting 25 weeks. Perhaps there wasn’t enough bond on it to begin with or it was in a place that my ponytail band was able to wear it down more. It doesn’t bother me to lose 1 here and there, I know I’m not using glues and the product is both safe for my hair and to wear continuously close to my scalp. I’ve also heard so much of glue and fusion bonds being lost that it seems to me there is far less bond loss with a correct install of the TemBond® which is good news.

My Best Install and Extension Hair Wear to Date

Wearing ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair

I don’t plan to take it out anytime soon as I don’t have anything to change or adjust. I had a client tell me she wore her TemBond® hair extension bonds for 9 months, so I think I’ll test a long install throughout the spring/summer.

Because I used the flat iron before installing the bonds are growing out quite nicely with no matting at the root and very few wrapping themselves around each other.

9 Weeks of Wearing Hair Extensions: Update

ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair

Wow, still amazing hair, can you tell?

There is no change here. No tangles, no climbing, no poofing. The hair has not needed a drop of moisturizer or any other product for that matter and my ends are not in the least bit dry. The movement is still natural as healthy hair would move.

This is My Most Perfect Hair Extension Install

Buying ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair

You can see in the first photo, and how this lies on my shoulders is not different than that in the photo of the first week. That is very exciting!

My TemBond® bonds are so perfect this time, teeny-tiny and comfortable, holding up just beautifully.

12 Weeks Hair Extension Update

12 Weeks of ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair

You guys! I’m on week 12! Yay!

I should have an update and more photos by this weekend.

This is VERY exciting for me to be going into week 12. You all may remember I started with just weeks of wear for the TemBond® and this wasn’t ideal for some wearers, and especially stylists, but being it was all I knew, I needed to offer this product with only the facts as I experienced them and not speculation. (Later I will find that 6 months was easy to do and had no adverse effects on my hair. This is great news.)

My TemBond Soft Bonds (Extension Hair Attachments) are Holding Strong

4 months ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair

I have replaced a few bonds that had fallen throughout my wear and removed and replaced a few others to test a new batch of bond, but the rest are there, and holding great, from day 1!

My plan for redoing these in the next few weeks is to just remove 1 or 2 bonds at a time, comb out the old bond and replace each one at a time. This way I’ll get each strand right back where is came from. The ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair is still sooo beautiful, still zero product and still zero dryness, tangling, poof-ing, etc.

15 Week Update With My Extension Hair

Healthy ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair

Almost 4 months with this install and a nice looong break from having to go through the hours it takes to apply.

I’ve taken bonds out of 2 areas to fix them..they were too far grown out and 5-8 bonds had wrapped themselves around each other. It was very easy to just remove them, comb out the remaining bond and tangles, to free shed hairs, and then reapply. This was nice and quick.

Still No Big Problems With The Hair Extensions

Non-damaging ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair

Now that my bonds are grown out so much the ponytail is far more comfortable than after first applying. When I wear a pony I tuck my short hairs around the band to hide them.

The hair. Wow. Nothing to complain about. NOTHING. I am so very happy with this Regal hair. Not a drop of product on it, no moisturizer and it is STILL soft, silky and tangle-free. Super healthy-looking, just perfect.

The Extension Hair - Scrunch Drying Naturally

Scrunch-dry ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair

So I can leave this hair after washing and have no bunching or knotting, nothing like that and for 14 weeks I think that is impressive.

It’s not like this with any other hair I’ve worn and I’ve tried bunches to get hair that I feel I can carry and is worth its price, worth what the supplier is charging for it. I’m going to go throughout the summer with this hair. It’s not hurting my hair, the bonds are light and I’ve had no pulling so I feel quite safe as far as long-wear consequences go. It’ll be nice to pull off 5-6 months of wear.

4 Months ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair Update

Permanenet Wear ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair

4 months, 16+ weeks and the ManeMaxx® Remi Extension Hair is still just as soft, shiny and beautiful as the day I put it in!

The hair has met and exceeded my expectations of zero knotting, tangling, climbing, poof-ing. This extension hair is absolute top quality Remi hair and has given me the best wear of any I’ve tried. The only downfall I have found is that due to the thinner, sleeker hair shaft I have to install more hair than with a basic Asian to get the same volume. So a little more time consuming for me, but COMPLETELY worth it!

I’m giving you a close-up of the hair and strands after 4 months of wear. This is after washing and with just a quick run through with my flat iron.


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