Hair Extension Pre-Application Steps - Guarding Against Tangles or Matting | Appying Hair Extensions

Hair Extension Pre-Application Steps - Guarding Against Tangles or Matting

Steps To Take Before Applying Hair Extensions

Your hair extension pre-application steps are always just as important as your application steps and essential for your best hair extension wear. You don’t want to rush into your hair extension install without having prepared your own hair, and the extension hair, ahead of time.

Cleaning Your Own Hair Before Applying Hair Extensions

First, use a clarifying shampoo, if you have access to it, to cleanse your own hair thoroughly and rinse well. If you don’t have a clarifying shampoo, don’t worry. You can use your own shampoo and just be sure to really cleanse your hair well. This may mean 2 or 3 washes and rinses. The cleaner your hair, the easier it is to work with and natural scalp oils may negatively effect your hair extension bonds.

Cleaning Your Extension Hair Before Applying Hair Extensions

You should shampoo your extension hair BUT not with a clarifying cleanser. If there is any heavy, oily sheen to the extension hair you are using, it is advised you clean it before applying. Dirty hair or oils may negatively effect your bonds.

Preparing Strands for Applying

Hair that is not pre-bundled should be measured to make very small bundles when cutting at the weft. 

Get a ruler! 1/8 inch thick bundles are ideal for using your ManeMaxx® Hair Extension Kit.


Don’t let your extension strands get turned around when applying. This causes tangling.

Flatten hair and extensions for applying

You can prepare your own hair, and wavy or curly extension hair, with a flat iron. This will help you line up of your bundles as well as keep strays from getting into your bonds.

IMPORTANT! To ensure no tangles or matting throughout your hair extension wear, do not ever sleep with wet or damp hair! Do not wash your extensions in clarifying shampoo or shampoos which contain sulfates.

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