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Mixing Your Extension Hair Colors

Mixing Extension Hair Colors

Many of us have multiple colors in our natural hair color or foil in highlights or lowlights to give dimension and depth to our hair. Unless we use a solid color in processing our hair at a salon or from a box, we may not have hair that is one single and solid color. When this is the case, we can use 2 colors of extension hair to better subtle blend our own hair color or to our hair extensions or use this method to create very dramatic highlights or lowlights throughout our hair and hair extensions. 

You can blend in bold streaks of color using colored strands or bits of an alternate color, such as an auburn blended into your brown to create a coppery sheen in your hair when the light hits it or possibly some very light blonde to create the look of highlights without actually using chemical processing on the natural hair. 

Here we will offer you tips for blending your extension hair colors and answer your question, with your TemBond®, do you want 1 color of bonding throughout or do you need another?

Mixing 2 Or More Colors With Extension Hair

From a weft you will cut a few strands from each color and then mix them for a subtle color mix. Or you may alternate your colors in bundles and rows for a more dramatic strand effect.

A Subtle Blend of Hair Colors

Mixing hair for hair extensions

From a weft:  Cut a few strands of each color, mix them into the same bundle and apply. 

Pre-tipped: If you are using strands, you might want to remove the tips from 2 or more pieces, mix the hairs and then separate the bundles.

Bulk Extension Hair: If you are using bulk extension hair, mix each strand together as you see the color changes in your own hair.

A Dramatic Blend of Hair Colors

Blending hair for hair extensions

From a weft:  Alternate full bundles of 1 color and then another for more defined streaks and strands.

Pre-tipped: If you are using strands, you amy want to alternate complete bundles of color for a more dramatic highlight or low-light effect with your hair extensions.

Bulk Extension Hair: If you are using bulk hair, alternate chunks of colors in each bundle of extension hairs you are attaching.

Mixing 2 Or More Colors

TemBond hair extension bond for ManeMaxx

When you purchase a ManeMaxx® Starter Kit with hair from ManeMaxx®, you are given choices of colors for the TemBond® to add to your ManeMaxx® Hair Extension Kit.

Typically users will use the color of TemBond® which most blends and matches with the majority of extension hair being used or the predominant color at your own roots. 

In other words, you may have blonde hair and add blonde extension hair, but if you have very dark roots that you let grow and inch or 2, you may want a darker bond for blending in the area where you attach the extension hair and where you are doing the bonding.

If you want to ever change out your bond from a heater, you can pour the TemBond® back into the package it comes in for later use.  While the bonding pot is warm, just wipe with a paper towel to clean it.

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