Improve Your Do-it-Yourself TemBond® | Appying Hair Extensions

Improve Your Do-it-Yourself TemBond®


Here is a photo from one of my customers who was experiencing some exposed and scratching hairs after using her ManeMaxx® Hair Extension Kit.  Before she sent in the photo, we talked about whether this would be some extremely hard water pressure when washing or possibly product she was using or not rinsing well enough after washing, although keep in mind that correct bonds should be super secure and pretty tolerant to all kinds of products we use, really scrubbing the scalp, etc.

Once she sent me the photo, I could identify a couple issues and then she was able to work on those things while perfecting her self-application technique.

Bond placement for ManeMaxx Hair Extensions

BLACK CIRCLE: This bond looks to be exactly what a Tembond bond should be. It seems to be attached to the hair nicely and the sizing looks right on. You see minimal shedding and extension loss with correct sizing and lining up of the attachment. Also, these will be comfortable and secure for many, many months.

PINK ARROW: This bond is not quite attached and will probably come off at some point. It isn't quite lined up to the hairs which were intended to hold the attachment. The hairs holding the attachment are a bit dense as well as the extension bundle. This may contribute to those exposed hairs you are seeing. You will also what to be sure you have a nice blunt tip to the extension bundle you attach. If you leave even just a few longer hairs those could poke you and, depending how sensitive you are, could cause irritation or the need to itch.

YELLOW ARROWS: This natural hair selection which will hold the extension hair is too spread out from one side to the other. You want neat, clean and small sections of your own hair to attach a small bundle of extension hairs to.

BLACK BOX: This is a short, fat bond verses the small narrow bond you want to achieve for your best, most comfortable wear of the Tembond®. This attachment doesn't have enough TemBond® to keep the hair from shedding.  Slowly these hairs would slip out of the attachment after washing or while brushing.

Hopefully seeing the differences in these bonds helps. I know it isn't the easiest to be perfectly consistent when applying our own extensions so I figure if I am getting 90% of them right, I am doing well. Hopefully you come to the same conclusion, too.

Keep your Tembond® bonds small! Larger bonds will tend to expose hairs on top like that whereas this doesn't happen with the smaller bonds.

Correct and Incorrect TemBond®s, What it Looks Like

Don’t ever just smash the TemBond® into your hair or onto your scalp! Be sure you take your time and read the instructions for your do-it-yourself hair extension application.

Bond Size for ManeMaxx Hair Extensions
You don’t ever just want to smash the TemBond® into your hair or onto your scalp! Take your time to make nice neat bonds and your hair extension wear will be perfect!

Comfort and Itchiness

Usually, for me, if I get any kind of itchiness (now that I have my sizing and sectioning right) I know it's time to wash really well and this fixes things for me. Having extension hair in makes it very hard to get shampoos and rinses to the scalp. I find it is so important for me to really take the time to be sure my whole scalp has been cleansed with shampoo and that I rinse forever, taking section by section of my hair and being sure I get a good rinse at the scalp. Honestly, I've found it makes a huge difference in my own comfort.

The bonds in the photo above to the left are very wrong. 

The girl in the photo told me she did not read the full instructions or finish watching the instruction DVD so was not using the product correctly at all. 

Once we went through and corrected her application method, her hair extension wear improved 100%.

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