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Coloring, Dying, Bleaching Hair Extensions

About Coloring Hair Extensions

Here you will find details on which extension hair to choose of you plan on coloring or dying it when selecting ManeMaxx® Extension Hair to compliment your ManeMaxx® Hair Extension Kit.

It's easy to touch up your roots at the crown while wearing your hair extensions, too, but make sure you take these precautions if you're going to do it!

There are a few guidelines you may want to know about coloring your hair while wearing hair extensions or dying your extension hair.  Learn the safe way to do root touch-ups while wearing your extensions.

dying and coloring extension hair

Coloring, Dying, Bleaching Your Hair Extensions

Articles about coloring hair extensions

Coloring, dying or bleaching your ManeMaxx® Extension Hair is not recommended. This is not to say it can’t be done, and it has been done successfully, but your results may vary or come out less than desired. It is always easier and more successful to add color than to take it away, and do always do a strand test before subjecting your entire bulk of extension hair to coloring.

ManeMaxx® Extension Hair products are pre-colored to supply the closest color match possible and ease the process for the do-it-yourselfer. The extension hair has been processed and colored already so adding another process may take away from the integrity of your hair.

We supply a ton of options of extension hair so that the chances you find a style and color to suit you are increased. We totally recommend you choose a product with your color verses choosing a product to color and process on your own. This same recommendation applies for perming the extension hair, as well.

Coloring, Dying, Bleaching Extension Hair Your Natural Hair or Root Touch-Ups

About touch-up color with hair extensions

Root touch-ups have been completely successful while wearing the TemBond® and your hair extensions. Although you will keep this from your bonds as best as possible, the chemicals should not harm the bonds in any way. Rinse thoroughly!

Full coloring while wearing the extensions is not recommended for the reasons above. When using box coloring products you will want to keep from using the heavy conditioners or keep them from your bonds completely.

It is recommended that you remove and replace your ManeMaxx® Extension Hair when doing a full on color for your natural hair.

Please wait 48 hours after coloring your hair to use the TemBond® and apply your extensions.

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