Appying Hair Extensions

Basic Steps: ManeMaxx® 101



Applying Personal Hair Extensions at Home

About the Hair Extension Application Video

The hair extension video is a quick-shot of the steps you take to apply. Carefully follow the steps in the hair extension application manual included in your at-home ManeMaxx® Hair Extension Kit when applying your own hair extensions at home.  This is a little bit of what applying your own hair extensions looks like but remember that there are a few more details so your extensions will be nice and secure for many months.  BE SURE TO FOLLOW THOSE STEPS AS THEY ARE LAID OUT IN THE MANUAL.

You will find detailed steps within the steps you see that you will want to pay close attention to when applying your own extensions. Doing so will give you no shedding or bond loss with your hair extension wear. It is very important for your success that you follow those steps, keep the hair extension bundles small and NEVER press or roll the bond into the hair when attaching!

How To Apply ManeMaxx® Hair Extensions

ManeMaxx® hair extension placement is just a matter of dipping (like fondue) small bundles of extension hair into our warm TemBond® and attaching, or bonding, these loose strands of your own hair 1/4 to 1/2 inch from the scalp; no tools are needed and you're not using any glues or adhesives to harm hair.

You'll leave some hair in the back and around the sides for hair extension styling options (for example, to hide the hair extension bond when wearing a ponytail).

Results of the TemBond® Hair Extension Attachment

With ManeMaxx® at-home hair extension application you can easily apply your own hair extensions and get fantastic results just like you would at the salon.

We urge you to read through your instructions carefully and view your application DVD so that you may collect ALL the needed information to make your home hair extension application a success. Do an application "test" before you apply a full head of the hair extensions at home. The same is recommended if you get a friend to help you. Be sure your friend knows what is involved and has thoroughly read and reviewed all the steps to applying this type of hair extension.

How To Test the Hair Extension Application

Testing your placement and technique is a great way to help ensure your success applying your own hair extensions. To do this you will place an extension bundle to your hair that has not been dipped into the TemBond®. It’s like a trial run. Pretend you are dipping and place the bundle on the section of natural hair as if you were really making an attachment. Once you get the bundle to your hair quite quickly, it is time to dip it into the TemBond®. From here, you are going to practice bonding either in the front where you can see or on a mannequin head. Lots of trial bonding is the key to get to a place you are comfortable bonding the hair extensions throughout your whole head. You’ll get faster and faster and applying the extensions will get easier and easier.

Hair Moves Freely With Strand-by-Strand Hair Extensions

What TemBond Looks Like in the Hair

Please note that it may take you a little time to practice the method before you are creating nice, small round bonds.  It takes many attempts to understand how the bonding is working.  Pay close attention to the dipping and applying steps as the system will not work if you stray too far from what you are told to do to make the bonds.

There are many added benefits of using ManeMaxx® with TemBond® hair extension kit for bonding strand-by-strand hair extensions for your at-home hair extension application and wear.

Those Are:

Step-by-step instruction focused for self installation of the hair extensions

No glues or fusion means you won’t have to worry about tragic mistakes when applying your own hair extensions

Easy removal without chemicals means no worries about harming your hair or skin

Zero damage hair extensions, non-damaging, non-toxic TemBond® means your hair is safe while wearing hair extensions

4-6 months of secure and comfortable hair extension wear

Beautiful, tried and true ManeMaxx® Extension Hair options

Full support, help articles & videos, and your choice of customer service channels


Hair Extension Pre-Application Steps - Guarding Against Tangles or Matting

Steps To Take Before Applying Hair Extensions

Your hair extension pre-application steps are always just as important as your application steps and essential for your best hair extension wear. You don’t want to rush into your hair extension install without having prepared your own hair, and the extension hair, ahead of time.

Cleaning Your Own Hair Before Applying Hair Extensions

First, use a clarifying shampoo, if you have access to it, to cleanse your own hair thoroughly and rinse well. If you don’t have a clarifying shampoo, don’t worry. You can use your own shampoo and just be sure to really cleanse your hair well. This may mean 2 or 3 washes and rinses. The cleaner your hair, the easier it is to work with and natural scalp oils may negatively effect your hair extension bonds.

Cleaning Your Extension Hair Before Applying Hair Extensions

You should shampoo your extension hair BUT not with a clarifying cleanser. If there is any heavy, oily sheen to the extension hair you are using, it is advised you clean it before applying. Dirty hair or oils may negatively effect your bonds.

Preparing Strands for Applying

Hair that is not pre-bundled should be measured to make very small bundles when cutting at the weft. 

Get a ruler! 1/8 inch thick bundles are ideal for using your ManeMaxx® Hair Extension Kit.


Don’t let your extension strands get turned around when applying. This causes tangling.

Flatten hair and extensions for applying

You can prepare your own hair, and wavy or curly extension hair, with a flat iron. This will help you line up of your bundles as well as keep strays from getting into your bonds.

IMPORTANT! To ensure no tangles or matting throughout your hair extension wear, do not ever sleep with wet or damp hair! Do not wash your extensions in clarifying shampoo or shampoos which contain sulfates.


Mixing Your Extension Hair Colors

Mixing Extension Hair Colors

Many of us have multiple colors in our natural hair color or foil in highlights or lowlights to give dimension and depth to our hair. Unless we use a solid color in processing our hair at a salon or from a box, we may not have hair that is one single and solid color. When this is the case, we can use 2 colors of extension hair to better subtle blend our own hair color or to our hair extensions or use this method to create very dramatic highlights or lowlights throughout our hair and hair extensions. 

You can blend in bold streaks of color using colored strands or bits of an alternate color, such as an auburn blended into your brown to create a coppery sheen in your hair when the light hits it or possibly some very light blonde to create the look of highlights without actually using chemical processing on the natural hair. 

Here we will offer you tips for blending your extension hair colors and answer your question, with your TemBond®, do you want 1 color of bonding throughout or do you need another?

Mixing 2 Or More Colors With Extension Hair

From a weft you will cut a few strands from each color and then mix them for a subtle color mix. Or you may alternate your colors in bundles and rows for a more dramatic strand effect.

A Subtle Blend of Hair Colors

Mixing hair for hair extensions

From a weft:  Cut a few strands of each color, mix them into the same bundle and apply. 

Pre-tipped: If you are using strands, you might want to remove the tips from 2 or more pieces, mix the hairs and then separate the bundles.

Bulk Extension Hair: If you are using bulk extension hair, mix each strand together as you see the color changes in your own hair.

A Dramatic Blend of Hair Colors

Blending hair for hair extensions

From a weft:  Alternate full bundles of 1 color and then another for more defined streaks and strands.

Pre-tipped: If you are using strands, you amy want to alternate complete bundles of color for a more dramatic highlight or low-light effect with your hair extensions.

Bulk Extension Hair: If you are using bulk hair, alternate chunks of colors in each bundle of extension hairs you are attaching.

Mixing 2 Or More Colors

TemBond hair extension bond for ManeMaxx

When you purchase a ManeMaxx® Starter Kit with hair from ManeMaxx®, you are given choices of colors for the TemBond® to add to your ManeMaxx® Hair Extension Kit.

Typically users will use the color of TemBond® which most blends and matches with the majority of extension hair being used or the predominant color at your own roots. 

In other words, you may have blonde hair and add blonde extension hair, but if you have very dark roots that you let grow and inch or 2, you may want a darker bond for blending in the area where you attach the extension hair and where you are doing the bonding.

If you want to ever change out your bond from a heater, you can pour the TemBond® back into the package it comes in for later use.  While the bonding pot is warm, just wipe with a paper towel to clean it.


Coloring, Dying, Bleaching Hair Extensions

About Coloring Hair Extensions

Here you will find details on which extension hair to choose of you plan on coloring or dying it when selecting ManeMaxx® Extension Hair to compliment your ManeMaxx® Hair Extension Kit.

It's easy to touch up your roots at the crown while wearing your hair extensions, too, but make sure you take these precautions if you're going to do it!

There are a few guidelines you may want to know about coloring your hair while wearing hair extensions or dying your extension hair.  Learn the safe way to do root touch-ups while wearing your extensions.

dying and coloring extension hair

Coloring, Dying, Bleaching Your Hair Extensions

Articles about coloring hair extensions

Coloring, dying or bleaching your ManeMaxx® Extension Hair is not recommended. This is not to say it can’t be done, and it has been done successfully, but your results may vary or come out less than desired. It is always easier and more successful to add color than to take it away, and do always do a strand test before subjecting your entire bulk of extension hair to coloring.

ManeMaxx® Extension Hair products are pre-colored to supply the closest color match possible and ease the process for the do-it-yourselfer. The extension hair has been processed and colored already so adding another process may take away from the integrity of your hair.

We supply a ton of options of extension hair so that the chances you find a style and color to suit you are increased. We totally recommend you choose a product with your color verses choosing a product to color and process on your own. This same recommendation applies for perming the extension hair, as well.

Coloring, Dying, Bleaching Extension Hair Your Natural Hair or Root Touch-Ups

About touch-up color with hair extensions

Root touch-ups have been completely successful while wearing the TemBond® and your hair extensions. Although you will keep this from your bonds as best as possible, the chemicals should not harm the bonds in any way. Rinse thoroughly!

Full coloring while wearing the extensions is not recommended for the reasons above. When using box coloring products you will want to keep from using the heavy conditioners or keep them from your bonds completely.

It is recommended that you remove and replace your ManeMaxx® Extension Hair when doing a full on color for your natural hair.

Please wait 48 hours after coloring your hair to use the TemBond® and apply your extensions.