I still can't believe I can do my own hair extensions at home and get such great results with your hair extension kit! Thanks ManeMaxx®. I need you forever so please always offer this product!
ManeMaxx Customer for 4 Years Now!
Here you can see the fantastic hair extension before and afters sent in by ManeMaxx® customers, users and wearer. Read their stories and reviews and see pictures, too!

 About Products - 10 Articles

More information on ManeMaxx® products; extension hair availability, quality, ordering and shipping. Search & find info on TemBond® for strand-by-strand hair extensions, gentle, natural and non-toxic hair extension bond with no glues or fusion.

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Here you can get great advice for shopping and ordering your hair extensions from ManeMaxx. How to create a new account, check your order status and more!
Find articles, instruction and tips for applying ManeMaxx® do-it-yourself hair extensions or installing professional hair extensions, as well. Troubleshoot your application here, too. Taking in the steps that are important to your success is essential to get the most from your hair extension kit!
How-to care for your ManeMaxx® hair extensions. How-to wash, dry and style the extension hair. Find recommended products, usage and time between washings as well as hair-dryer, flat-iron, curling iron suggestions and recommendations, caution and care.

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Hair extension removal steps.  Find information and tips for removing your ManeMaxx® hair extensions. Learn about safe hair extension removal without chemicals or tools! Tembond® removal is fast, easy and without any damage to your hair!
Find ManeMaxx®-Tiffany Twist hair extension videos on TemBond® application, removal, care and wear of the safe bonding strand-by-strand hair extension method. How to wash, brush and care for your hair extensions. Removal-simply comb out the hair extension bond, no chemicals, no tools!

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Learn even more through articles and photos documenting the hair extension installs and wear of ManeMaxx® users. Learn more about what the company has to offer through affiliate programs and membership.