Hair Extensions for Full Beautiful Hair

Name: Dana Peitso
Age: 42
ManeMaxx® Forum: dpeitso
Product Used: Complete Starter Basic Hair Extension Kit in 16-18 inches of wavy Bleach Blonde extension hair
Experience: This is my first time with hair extensions like this.


Why I Wanted Hair Extensions: I wanted hair extensions to get through the "in-between" stage. I have always wanted long hair, but due to my fine hair, it was never possible. My hair would grow to a certain length and then need to be cut because it looked so bad. Having hair extensions allows me to have long hair. It is full and beautiful!!

I was looking for a DIY hair extension process that would give me long hair, was easy to use & won't damage my hair. When looking for a hair extension method, I was most concerned with cost, comfort, and time of wear.

I heard about ManeMaxx® through a friend and decided to check it out.  I really liked that it was a hair extension method that doesn't damage hair.  I read everything I needed to know and then bought my kit!

All of my friends love the results. They can't believe how I went from short hair, to long full hair in just a few hours!

About My Hair Extension Application: Before applying the hair extensions and to prepare for my install I did exactly like the directions said. I did a clarifying treatment the night before and I didn't use any conditioners.

The hair extension application took about 5 hours. My ManeMaxx® hair extension application was successful and the front and sides went great. The back was way more challenging. I actually had to have someone help me. With little alcohol and a lot of time, we had a blast putting them in. It was a good time!


I thought the informational content, instructions, tips, care of sheets, in my hair extension kit was very thorough.  I love the amount of detail given in the instructions. It really helps to put the extensions in.

I did think it was easy to do. The hair extensions didn't damage my hair at all.

I love being able to have so much hair!!  I keep looking in mirrors going, is that really me?

About My Hair Extension Wear: If I were to say 1 thing about ManeMaxx® it would be, I love this product!!!  These hair extensions make me feel awesome!! My boyfriend is shocked! He can't believe the transformation!! I feel beautiful! I love being able to have so much hair!! I keep looking in mirrors going, is that really me?


I've been wearing ManeMaxx® do-it-yourself hair extensions only a couple of weeks, but everyone loves them and so do I!

The removal was easy to do. Didn't damage my hair at all.

My Tips for Others: Take your time. Get a friend to help you and you return the favor.

My Thoughts for Visitors: Fun!!  Great and easy to use!!

My Message for ManeMaxx®: Love them!!!

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