She Asked, Do Hair Extensions Make Your Hair Fall Out?

Name: JB
Age: 28
ManeMaxx® hair Extension Forum: n/a
Hair Extension Product Used: Complete Starter Regal Remi Home Hair Extension Kit in 14-16 inches of #4 loose wavy extension hair
Hair Extension Experience: This is the first time I have used hair extensions and I have so many positive things to say about [ManeMaxx® do-it-yourself hair extensions] but I think the major positive is that the hair extensions make me feel a lot better about myself!


Why I Wanted Hair Extensions: I wanted hair extensions because my hair is very fine and thin and no matter what I did I could never get it to look how I wanted it. I was just looking for a type of hair extension that was not going to make my hair fall out since I already have very thin hair. I loved that that ManeMaxx was not harmful to your hair! Plus, you could reuse the hair again after you took it out.
It was pretty easy to install the hair extensions.

About My Hair Extension Application: My neighbor helped me. We watched all the video's and read all the info we could. We also read over the whole site to make sure we didn't miss anything! I also precut my hair the night before.

It was pretty easy to install the hair extensions, we had to stop a few times during the process since we both had kids we had to take care of!


It was pretty easy to install the hair extensions, we had to stop a few times during the process since we both had kids we had to take care of!

I love them! I feel so much better about myself!

About My Hair Extension Wear: I have had the hair extensions for almost a week and I love them! I feel so much better about myself! Before my hair was super fine and thin and now it is nice and thick!


My 2 year old daughter like to say, "Mommy's pretty hair" and pretends to do it. I have only used this system and there was nothing that I didn't like about it.

I feel so much better about myself! Before my hair was super fine and thin and now it is nice and thick!

My Tips for Other: Just make sure you read all the info and watch the videos!

My Thoughts for Visitors: This method is amazing and you will not regret purchasing it!!

My Message for ManeMaxx®: Thank you so much for coming up with this hair extension process! This is the first time I had ever had extensions and I don't think I could ever use any other method to apply them!!!

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Want Temporary Long Hair? Get hair Extensions!

Name: Debbie Brown
Age: 28
ManeMaxx® Forum: not registered yet
Product Used: Complete Starter Strands Kit 20 inches #22/140
Experience: This is my 3rd ManeMaxx®/Tembond® hair extension Install


Why I Wanted Hair Extensions: I wanted hair extensions mainly because I wanted longer, thicker hair, and the ability to have color variations which were not permanent. The clip ins do not grip to my own hair because my hair is baby fine, and the hair extension clips are very visible when in and look fake. So, I was looking for a hair extension method that looked natural, did not damage my own hair, was safe during wear, did not hurt my head or scalp, was comfortable to wear.

I found the ManeMaxx® website through Google. I was looking for things like cost, length, and most importantly, hair extensions that would do no damage to my hair.

When searching the hair extension website, I was intrigued by ManeMaxx® Tembond's zero damage, no glues, chemicals or nasty tools. The kit content, value for money, easy maintenance, fact that no trips to salon were needed, and how versatile and cost effective it is.

So affordable! And when you have the starter kit its even cheaper to maintain and re do!

At the time I was considering buying when I first saw the website, I was uncertain, just like anything, as it sounded too good to be true... looked so good and so hard to believe that it doesn't damage and looks that amazing. With so many pluses it was hard to believe.

The information was a bit more basic when I first discovered this site, however the customer service is fantastic, and any questions I had were answered straight away by email in detail and very helpful. Also the website has so much to offer now. Its been updated so much, I cant fault it at all so I loved the fact that emailing questions are answered fast, the customer service is great and part of what makes ManeMaxx® Tembond a great product you can trust.

Because this product is so versatile, there are so many color and style variations I can try. And keep up to date with the fashions whenever I want... even create my own unique style and color mix.

About My Hair Extension Application: My application was successful because I followed all the instructions and read the website. It was unsuccessful because I slept in wet hair and brushed when wet on 1st application. But I don't get a bad result anymore now that I stopped doing this. I was very pleased with my kit and the amount of hair was great and quality great too. The loop brush I also love.

As far as applying, the back is difficult when doing this on your own if you are not used to it. However it gets better with practice, and just takes time and no rushing.

Before application, I washed, colored and conditioned my hair. I used old towels for protecting surfaces and clothes. I heated the wax up in the melting pot for a few minutes, stirred with the spatula. I also laid out the extension hair and straightened it before applying.

I had a great time while applying, mainly laughing and gossiping with my friend during the install which made it go by so fast! The time it takes to install is a sacrifice but worth it for how long I can keep them in each time.. which is really a plus because everyone deserves me time. And I always get together with a friend and have a few coffees and gossip while we do hair.


ManeMaxx® Tembond covers everything I could want from hair extension wear.

I have no shedding, tangles, bonds loosening, frizz, worn out looking hair issues to deal with anymore!

I use the melting pot on full heat in a warm room, I stir the wax for a few seconds to make sure it is mixed well before dipping in each strand, when I dip, I dip and place the end against the spatula to make sure all the hairs are covered in wax properly, and dip again without putting against the spatula this time to make sure the wax is covered on the strand well before attaching. And I attach strait away before the wax dries with a towel over my lap to catch dripping.

I never hold the bond, only top and bottom of the bond with my thumbs to attack for a few seconds until removing my fingers and thumbs. So the middle of the bond is not touched by my fingers..this way it prevents the bonds from slipping out during wear and brushing.

Removal is easy, and if I have excess [TemBond] leftover I just wash my hair and it brushes out.

As I have fine hair, I make the bonds very small, so they are less visible, and gives me thicker hair results. The bonds are very strong and do not come out unless I take them out. I only have maybe up to 3 or 4 bonds at the most come out within 8-10 weeks of wear, which is hardly anything at all considering the fact that I wash my hair almost every day, blow dry and straighten every day, I love brushing my hair a lot every day too, so my bonds go through a lot!

And the odd bond that does come out during 8-10 weeks only comes out when brushing, and I just place it in my pocket, or handbag if I'm not home. And it just goes back in in minutes, and of course will not come back out until I take it out, because its re-bonded again to last.

I have had so much fun with cute pink and pale blue color highlights, and if I ever want a night out with a bright highlight in the front for example, I can put a few in within minutes, ready for a night out, next day take the highlights out in seconds if I don't want them there permanently, its so versatile!

About My Hair Extension Wear: It's so versatile. There's so many things I can do with this product, without having loads of maintenance to do, salon fees, or additional trips to the salon/fees. With no expense to my own hair.. zero damage. I trust this method 100% I feel so confident wearing my extensions.. I don't want to even call them extensions because they feel and look like my own hair. Because I can create the bonds as small as I like, they are so comfortable and easy to sleep with... unlike most men!!

I have had so many comments off people about how great my hair looks. People who i hadn't seen in a long time thought my hair grew fast and looked fantastic. Everyone says how great it looks. My cousin even asked me for my autograph on the internet!! haha!!

I look and feel amazing like a celebrity!! 


I take a little more care than I used to with my hair, which is also a good thing, because it means I'm looking after my own hair better too. And that makes me feel good.

My Tips for Others: The very 1st install I did, I did find that when it was time to take the bonds out, I had lots of tangles that were hard to get out. However, there was a reason for this, as I would wash my hair just before bedtime and sleep with wet hair, also I would brush with wet hair which caused a lot of shedding, and reduce the quality of the hair.

I thought I should point this out, because it really makes you get the best application! I no longer sleep with wet hair, or brush with wet hair.

I also use a shower cap if I'm just washing my body and not my hair.

I wash my hair in the morning, or evening and blow dry on a cool setting and brush when completely dry. So now I find I have no tangling at the bonds in the mornings, i run my fingers tips through at the roots and feel nothing caught or tangled. And even when I was it I find its tangle free now because I'm looking after it properly, and it doesn't take me any longer to just wash and dry in the evening or mornings instead of when I'm just about to sleep.

I also braid it before bedtime. And when I wake I also find that after I untie it, its still as silky and tangle free as the 1st day it was installed.

Even after washing and conditioning, once I have dried it, I find I only have to take a few minutes straightening, as it hardly needs any straightening because its condition is so good. So it makes huge difference not brushing and sleeping with wet hair. Always make sure I have an old towel to catch the crumbling wax dust.
If I was unsure about anything ever, I would email and ask. And I always get great customer service.

My Thoughts for Visitors: Read everything on the website and don't be afraid to ask questions. Try it.. Follow all the advice and instructions fully and you wont regret it!! It totally changed my look!!!

My Message for ManeMaxx®: Fantastic product and service as always.. keeps me looking great and never lets me down!!

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