She Was Looking for an Easy-to-Apply Hair Extension Kit

Name: Kasey Donohue
Age: 29
ManeMaxx® Forum: SinKittyVixen
Product Used: Complete Starter Strands Kit 16 inches #4/30 and an additional package of #4/30 (my hair is very thick!)
Experience With Hair Extensions: None, this is my very first time with any extensions!


Why I Wanted Hair Extensions: I wanted hair extensions because I cut my long hair off in October. It was damaged due to multiple color processes. And I regretted it. I wanted long hair again. I was looking for hair extensions, things like comfort, quality, and the ability to reuse hair in a hair extension, and found manemaxx on Google. I was looking for a system that I could do at home. I also wanted a system that didn't cause a lot of damage. I also read on a few DIY forums about Manemaxx, and I only read good things about the system. I always like to hear what consumers say about a product before I buy it.

Then I asked about color matching in the forum because I have brownish hair with red and copper tones in it. My questions were answered quickly and I even was shown the sample colors to the pic I posted! It made it soo much easier to choose. My biggest concern was the hair not matching.

I placed my order and I waited about a week and a half for my kit. I read about the process and I was so I couldn't wait for it to come. I loved how the kit came packaged! The process seemed simple and easy enough, once you did it for a little while. And it was.. cut my long hair off in October...And I regretted it. I wanted long hair again.

About My Hair Extension Application: My application was successful because I had a lot of patience, and the directions were wonderful. I was unsuccessful in that I had made some bonds too big. It was my first time doing extensions..ever.. and I found doing the back by myself was a lil hard at first.

I love my hair!

Before applying the hair extensions, I washed my hair with baby shampoo and dried it well. I didn't have help to apply the extensions so I applied half one day and half the next day. i knew i wasnt going anywhere, and I knew I wanted them to be the best they could, and I had tons of hair to install. I did bond in some long blonde streaks for the weekend when I went out. And they came out very easily! I love the manemaxx system. I will never use another.

I love the ManeMaxx® system. I will never use another.

About My Hair Extension Wear: My husband loves my hair.. My husband and my sister couldn't believe how well it matched my own hair, and they couldn't tell at ALL that it was extensions. My oldest son told me he likes me with long hair because it makes me seem so much younger to him. So I asked him if I looked old with shorter hair and he said, YUP! My 10 year old daughter just adored my hair. I asked her if she wants me to keep it this way and she said definitely! She wants some highlights! How fun! Im thinking I may put a few fun ones in for her.

I definitely felt like I had more confidence. I got a compliment about my hair from a stranger! She walked up to me and said she loved my beautiful hair! What a confidence booster it was!


I can't say enough that I feel so much more confident with my extensions. I love getting compliments. I also love that they stay in well. I only lost a few after I washed them, and I believe it was because I did a few bonds too big. But, I think my favorite part is that they scrunch into a beautiful wave. I love that they are versatile.

...But, I think my favorite part is that they scrunch into a beautiful wave. I love that they are versatile.

My Tips for Others: It may take a lil bit to install, but they are great!

My Thoughts for Visitors: If you want beautiful hair, ManeMaxx® has it! And the customer service is great! Also, I got help color matching to my hair, and it matches Perfectly!

My Message for ManeMaxx®: I want to thank you. I would never had been able to afford getting professional extensions. I have 5 kids and I just cant spend thousands on my hair. Thank you for a great product at a value price.

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