How Hair Extensions Helped Me Fix My Bleached and Broken Hair

Name: General Manstomp
Age: 28
ManeMaxx® Forum: Manstomp
Product Used: Complete Starter Kit 18" in color Platinum Blonde and Dirty Blonde ½ Package Highlighting Hair
Hair Extension Experience: This was my first time with these hair extensions. I ordered the ManeMaxx Hair, 18" of the lightest blonde with an additional ½ Package of a dark blonde mix. Since my natural hair is medium brown, the extra½ Package of hair helps my roots to mix in better, and the color looks very natural. My kit arrived very quickly- just in time to instal during my time off of work that following weekend. I was extremely pleased with the very nice packaging, and I could see the remy hair was superior in quality. I've done this and can advise you to not buy cheap hair off of ebay, because it tangles and it will not be worth your money!!!!


Why I Wanted Hair Extensions: I wanted hair extensions because I had extremely damaged hair, and was at my wits end. The horror story with my hair started when I had deployed to Iraq. I was unable to maintain my blonde color, and decided it would be easier just to dye it all dark while I was deployed. (my hair naturally is a medium brown color, but I’ve had it blonde for about 10 years)  So, I dyed it all black.

I hadn't had dark hair in a very long time and absolutely HATED it. Immediately upon returning home, I went to my hair stylist to get it back blonde. She could only lighten it to a ugly brown color. Frustrated, I bought a bleaching kit and decided to do it myself... BIG MISTAKE!!!

I got my desired color, but my hair broke off very badly in places, down to a couple of inches in some areas. Around my face, I was horrified to find my hair breaking off to a half an inch!!! I had clip-in extensions I would have to wear everyday, but I didn't even have enough of my own hair to conceal the clips from showing.  So, I had to wear my hair in a pony tail along with the clip in extensions, and a thick headband to conceal the really short pieces in the front.  I considered cutting it all off and starting over, but I really didn't want really short hair.

I began to google other extension systems, but I needed something that wasn't going to damage my hair any further. I really didn't have a lot of hair, and couldn't take the chance on getting a system that would break it off any more. I had read a lot of horror stories on how the glue-in kind can really reek havoc on your hair, so when I stumbled upon ManeMaxx, it just sounded too good to be true. I kept looking for horror stories, but I could find nothing but success stories from the girls on the forum!

I decided to give it a try, and it's by far the best purchase on my appearance I have ever made. My hair is soft, thick and sexy. I feel so confident now, and have hair like a celebrity.  I know I sound like a commercial, but ManeMaxx is just amazing!!! 

About My Hair Extension Application: Before applying the hair extensions, I watched the DVD and read the instructions over and over. The directions are great, and all the major points are emphasized over and over again. I  solicited help from my aunt, and I did her hair also with some extra hair I bought.

My advice is to make it a fun night with a friend/relative. We watched Sex and the City, and take turns doing each other's hair when we got tired.  I believe my hair extensions were a success because we read the directions extensively, and I had  help with my installation. For the first instal, it is important to have help. Once you get some practice (maybe doing someone else's hair) you can do your own hair pretty easily.


Even though I felt this was fairly difficult, I was very pleased with the application process and results.  I would say, don't be afraid to let go of the hair once you line up the extension hair with your own. The Tembond does all the work, and at first it is very tempting to want to press it into your own hair. DO NOT DO THIS!!! I was holding on too long at first, and it was making my bonds crack at the top. It might not look like it will stay, but have faith. It will!!!

What I liked best about TemBond, was that it did not damage my hair. Also, if you messed up on a bond, you could easily take it out and re-do it!
It is amazing, and anyone wanting longer, fuller, gorgeous hair should invest their time and money into this system. It is the best kept secret I have found!

About My Hair Extension Wear: It's funny seeing people's reaction when all of the sudden they see the transformation! It took my husband a while to get used to it, and I had to tell him it was ok to touch my hair. I think he thought it would fall out if he did!

I wanted to have long beautiful hair like I did when I was younger. Once the bleaching and horrible chemicals I put my hair through started, this was no longer possible until I found Manemaxx. I am so thrilled to have found this system.

Tiffany Twist offers amazing customer service. Any time I had a question on what to order, or troubleshooting my instal, she always responded very promptly. Her help continued even after I had received my order.

This product has given me so much confidence, and it is great not having to worry about my previous clip-in extensions showing.

I will continue to use this product for as long as it is offered.

My Tips for Others: Have help for your first instal. If you are doing someone else's hair, that is a good way to get practice for the next time that you do yours. So talk your friend into getting a kit too!

My Thoughts for Visitors: Just do it! You will be so glad you did!!!

My Message for ManeMaxx®: Please promise to always offer this product! I cannot live without it.