Using Hair Extensions in Fine Thin Hair

Name: Erika
Age: 20
ManeMaxx® Forum: n/a
Product Used: Complete Starter Strands Kit 20 inch Dark Brown
Experience: I have only worn them once before and used the metal clip extensions and applied them myself.  When wearing clip in extensions, I felt great with longer and fuller hair. They were also very cheap to purchase. The thing was, it was very annoying to have to put the clip in extensions in every day. When I took them out at night or days I was just relaxing, I lost my hair confidence. I didn't like that people who saw me at night or relaxing wouldn't see my long hair.


Why I Wanted Hair Extensions: I wanted hair extensions because I have always had the kind of hair where it would grow at the roots, but never seem to get any longer. My dark roots would be inches long at my crown, yet the length was the same! It was so frustrating. I would never be one of those girls with the thick, long, flowing hair.

During my freshman year in college, my hair began to break off terribly, due to bad health habits and five years of bleaching my dark hair blonde. My hair had been about to the middle of my arms, but that year it broke off all the way to my shoulders! Just looking at photos from back then make me cringe. My hair was so unhealthy, so broken and damaged, yet I couldn't bear to stop bleaching it. I love being blonde, and I had been blonde so long I thought I wouldn't be the same person without my hair color.

I didn't want to be brunette, but I made a deal with my self. I would get my self hair extensions and have long, gorgeous hair if it had to be brown. So I went ahead and dyed my hair permanently brown.

Immediately, in the months before I purchased my extensions, I could already see my hair's health improving. It was getting longer and becoming thicker. I was undoing the damaged I did to my hair, but still, I had to have it long!

At first, I was searching for clip in extensions to order online. Since I had worn them before, and I am not able to afford to go to the salon for extensions, this is what I thought I could get. However, I remembered that I hated the hassle of having to put them in and take them off everyday, and I started wanting extensions that could be left in for long periods of time. I was looking for things like cost, length, the ability to reuse hair.

So then I started investigating tape extensions, since they last. However, everyone was saying how damaging they were, and I imagined having sticky tape in my hair and having to pull it out when I'm done - ouch!! Since one of the reasons for me getting extensions was to help my hair be healthy and grow longer, this seemed to totally cancel that out.  That's when I saw Manemaxx, and was very excited to see a permanent extension method that is non-damaging!

I was very impressed with the fact that it was healthy and non damaging for your hair. The cost was also great... awesome deal! Hair and supplies for a good cost, and it's reusable! Manemaxx isn't too much more money than clip-ins hair extensions, yet WAY cheaper than the salon. Great value! I was pleased with the amount of hair that came in the kit! I only used a bit more than half of it for my full head! Great!

I was so excited to find ManeMaxx! Permanent hair extensions I could afford without pricey trips to the salon.

Plus, the fact that there is no damage. That was the selling point for me. Damage from other methods of hair extensions would have cancelled out the reason I was buying them in the first place.

Now I'm wearing gorgeous hair extensions to my waist, while my real hair is growing and improving. I am so grateful for the affordable, beautiful Manemaxx extensions!! They are the best thing that has happened to my hair!

About My Hair Extension Application: Before installing, I went through the ManeMaxx hair extension video, read the step-by-step instructions, and did test strands of the hair extensions. My mom just read the instructions that came with the hair extension kit and I showed her what I learned from the DVD and online. She probably would have been more well prepared if she had been as thorough as I had with my preparation instructions, so I certainly recommend doing that. However, even without critical study of the hair extension video and instructions, she still caught on very quick. I also like having help, as it's much easier to have someone else get the back of your head where you can't see.


The first application did take a while, but that was because it was a learning experiment. If my mom didn't like a bond, she redid it, and that added to the time.  Towards the end, she felt very confident in her bonds and she was getting quicker and quicker. I know that on the next install it will go even smoother and faster and the bonds will be even more secure.

I do suggest that you set aside a specific day for doing an  install.  When we did my hair, my mom had to go do stuff and I had to walk around with half a head of hair until the next day when she had more time!

There were no drawbacks about this system!  I found everything I want with ManeMaxx.

About My Hair Extension Wear: I LOVE the way I look with long, gorgeous hair. This long, thick hair is something I could never have grown on my own.
I get so many complements on my beautiful hair, and people are shocked to find out they are extensions, since they look so natural! I was so self conscious of my hair before, and now I am very confident.

The hair included in the kit is soft, long, beautiful colored. It’s so much nicer than hair I've had with clip-ins. I plan on using ManeMaxx extensions for a very long time!


I've had my extensions in for 8 weeks now. I plan on wearing them for two more weeks until I remove them. Then I'm going to dye my roots, have a nice shampoo, and do a fresh install.

During the time I've worn my extensions, I've only lost a few bonds here and there, and that's probably because it was our first install and we are not experts yet. I'm sure our bonds will get better and better with more practice. However, even with out inexperience, my extensions have held up so well!
I wash my hair often and style like usual. They are very comfortable to wear. After you get used to them the first day, you can barely feel them.  Plus, the kit includes such a generous amount of hair! For a thick, full head I used only about half the hair I received. I've got plenty to supplement future installs, and if a strand falls out tangles I can just toss it out.

...Removal is so easy! I just held the straightener on the bond and it came right out!

My Tips for Others: Practice before you do a full install, and enlist a friend to help. It will go much faster and smoother. Practice makes perfect with this system! You are not a licensed stylist, so you won't be immediately perfect at it, but thats the beauty of ManeMaxx! Even us normal people who can't style hair to save our lives can have beautiful, long hair!

My Thoughts for Visitors:The ManeMaxx kit is such a value compared to getting extensions done at the salon. It saves so much time and money, plus the hair is reusable! If you are good at doing hair, have the time to learn a new method, or have a friend who can, this is for you!

My Message for ManeMaxx®: THANK YOU!!!! You have given me the hair I never could have for a great price! I would never recommend any other extension method!