Hair Extensions After Medical Hair Loss

Name: Wendy K Rowady
Age: 41
ManeMaxx® Forum: wendi41
Product Used: Complete Starter Kit with 18 inch Straight ManeMaxx® Extension Hair in colors Light Brown with Dirty Blonde Highlighting Hair
Hair Extension Experience: Prior to learning ManeMaxx® for the first time, I had Seamless Skin Weft Extensions. The wefted part of the hair is made from a polyurethane really thin flat strip. It appears to look like it is growing from the head. However my extensions also had the double sided tape and then hair glue was used to attach the weft to my own hair.  Having longer hair was nice but THE GLUE! Taking them off required me to use a solution that was very strong and damaging. THEN after  the weft came off there was glue left behind on my hair in the exact shape of a strip of tape! I had to then use a strong citrus solution to remove the hair and a lot of my own hair came off with it.


Why I Wanted Hair Extensions: I wanted hair extensions because my hair was first shaved off in a long line where an incision was made for surgery.  Then two colorists (one new and one experienced) ruined my hair. I had to have it colored 4 times in a month to correct and re-correct mistakes. This left me with horrible hair and I had to have a lot cut off. I had been growing my hair out for 3 years! My goal had been to have waist length hair by the time I entered my 40s. Well, so much for that. But now I have better looking hair than I could have ever grown myself. Looks natural too.

I also wanted something affordable, that looked natural and would not damage my already compromised hair and I can't believe how affordable GOOD hair extensions can be! I thought I would never have strand by strand because how could I do it myself? And I was told my hair was too damaged to withstand it. And even if I could I could not afford to spend $1500 to do it! And now I do and it did not break me. I'll never use anything else again!

After losing so much hair due to having a tumor removed from my brain last year, (benign thank god!) I then had TWO colorists damage my hair to the point of no return, I was left with thin, thin damaged hair that had to be cut. Too short for my tastes. I thought I would be stuck that look for years. I went to glued wefts with made my hair even worse! I then found ManeMaxx® when I was reading through hair extension information on Hair Boutique. ManeMaxx® is such a wonderful method that really anyone can do.

I really thought I would never be able to have strand by strand because of the level of difficulty doing it myself or the exorbitant cost of that type of method. Not only can I have healthy LOOKING hair but this allows me to grow out the damaged hair i have already and keep it chemical free but any color I choose. Even if you did not care for long hair but wanted only chemical free color, this will work for you. The hair is soft and luxurious and will last a while. I tell whomever will listen about this amazing product.

I can't believe how affordable GOOD hair extensions can be!

About My Hair Extension Application: Tiffany was more than helpful getting me ready to do this. I went back and forth with emails for weeks before I finally ordered. It was like having my own professional extensionist helping me along the way. Having her help me with the color made me make a decision faster because I felt confident with the colors she chose.

The day before we cut the hair off the weft and made bundles and then used the Tembond as the "glue" to hold them together. That way we could have them all ready on day of application.
I taped a bunch of Will and Grace shows and we watched those while we installed.  We had a good system going.   Either I was installing and she was clipping the tips off the hair and then handing to me or she was installing while I prepared the hair before she dipped in in the melting pot. Really helped speed it up.

My application was successful because of the simplicity of the installation method. Few items needed made it less confusing and easy to work with. Mostly need only your hands. No tools. I also had my daughter there to help me see the back and check my work.

Doing the back without seeing was a bit hard. You are racing time to get the bond on before it dries too much. I started with my sides so I could see and get the feel of it before I went to the back. I know my sections and bonds were big the first time. Bigger than what I could see Tiffany do in her video. Takes more practice to work with really small bundles.

I found this system to be of such great value. The hair is exceptional! The bond is inexpensive. I was not forced to purchase color rings as most other places require which is so silly when you need only one or two colors. This would be useful if I did this professionally but Tiffany helped me choose a color by sending her my pics. I saw that she did that with other girls in the forum so I sent them in and she helped to pick the perfect colors! SAVED me money there.

The hair is exceptional! The bond is inexpensive.

About My Hair Extension Wear: When i wear the Manemaxx extensions, I feel so confident. I have hair I could never have if I grew it myself. Even better than growing my own.

This is so versatile that I have already moved some pieces around to change the look of my color. I went a little too heavy with the blonde the first time so I added or moved some to break it up a bit and I have control over it! Unlike having someone else get it all wrong for me and having to color and damage my hair over and over. I mean we all have "ideas" for color that does not always look that good once you have it but with tembond, I can change as much as I like without compromising my hair in any way!


I have had them a little over a week now. I first installed my daughters hair. she did not use ManeMaxx® hair but a different, less quality brand and does it show! Then I installed my own after building confidence with doing hers and practicing a bit with a mannequin head. Having my daughter there was helpful to help speed up the application process and check my own work.

I really like the ease with how to remove the bonds. Before this, I was in the process of taking my seamless out and it looked bleak like I was not going to be able to avoid damaging my hair.  And since I have found MANEMAXX hair extensions to be damage free, it will allow me to have any color I choose but without having to apply any color to my natural hair.

...with Tembond, I can change as much as I like without compromising my hair in any way!

My Tips for Others: There was a bit of a wait for the hair but it was worth it. The hair is so silky. While i waited for the hair she sent me the other items and I was able to practice with hair I had already. I bought a mannequin head on Amazon for $23! It had been cut already so that is why I got it cheap. But it was fine for practicing. And it seemed so much easier when I worked on a human head!

And well, if you don't mind the extra work, you can save money by pre-measuring your hair the day before like I did. It really does not require much Tembond to hold the bundles together and you already get plenty in the kit for more than one install.

My Thoughts for Visitors: Ask all the questions you want. Tiffany is one who wants you to be happy and goes out of her way to make sure you can do this. The personal attention just can't be beat! This is such an innovative idea and it helps women have expensive looking extensions for such a good price. I plan on seeing Tiffany on Oprah one day for one of those self made millionaire success stories.

My Message for ManeMaxx®: Keep it up and thanks so much for this! I would never have this confidence if this did not exist. I would have given up on extensions totally because the seamless was not for me either and I could not afford professional.