Great Results with Hair Extensions

Name: Alyssa
Age: 17
E-mail: not published
ManeMaxx® Forum: lissasheaxbia
Hair Extension Product Used: Complete Starter Kit
Experience: First time with MANEMAXX, applied and worn all kinds of other hair extensions methods with wefts like glue and clips and then metal rings.


Why I Wanted Hair Extensions: I wanted hair extensions because when I was in 7th grade my mom had gone and gotten extensions put in her hair and had some track left over, which worked in my favor because our hair was the exact same color. She explained how to sew the clips into the weft and told me how the application process worked and after that, I was hooked.

There was a 1 year period where my hair had actually grown down to the middle of my back and i didn't need extensions. But around my freshman year i became fascinated with the style that is commonly known as "scene". I cut off all my hair and got all kinds of crazy layers and started using extensions again to add different colors to my hair.

Ever since I made the decision to cut my hair I've had a lot of trouble growing it back out, so extensions have become a part of my life.
In the past I have used clips which weren't damaging but they were not permanent and fell out several times a day.

I've used glued hair extensions and they stayed in well but the glue was difficult to remove and took hair with it when removed so I was looking for something that would last, look natural and not damage my hair.

Most importantly, I wanted hair extensions that could be worn more permanently for a length of time, had minimum visibility and were comfortable. It took months to get my hair back into good condition to put more extensions in and I wanted the right process so I wouldn't just have more damage to my hair.

I cut off all my hair and got all kinds of crazy layers and started using extensions again to add different colors to my hair.

I really love that this system offers more styles to choose from. I like blending colors and can go from light to chunky simply by removing and reapplying where I want it.

About My Hair Extension Application: My application was successful because there were no complications, everything came together smoothly and I'm pleased with the results. The instruction was pretty clear, the only thing I had a little trouble with was the placement of the bond. I had to watch that part of the application video a couple times over.

The application was pretty easy seeing as how I've done sections of my own head and helped my mother with hers. I wouldn't exactly call it a piece of cake because im not THAT experienced with it, but for my first time it was pretty simple and for a beginner. I think a had a natural feel for it.

My mother and I cut the extensions about 1/6th of an inch per section and layed them out on a table so they would be ready to install.

While applying I was a little nervous, seeing as how it was the first time for my mom and I to apply the extensions but once we started I began to get the feel for it very quickly.

I thought the length of the process was really going to irritate me because I have ADD and am not very good at sitting in one place for a very long time, but it was actually not bad at all and it was a nice bonding experience for my mother and I.

...there were no complications, everything came together smoothly and I’m pleased with the results.

About My Hair Extension Wear: When I first put in the MANEMAXX extensions, it was my first day living back in Chicago and I wanted to look different to everyone that hadn't seen me since 9 months prior to that.

The first night I went out everyone was in awe over how much my hair had "grown" since they had seen me last. I had to confess to a few people that it wasn't really my hair and they could not believe it. I showed them the bond and how it looked so real because it was strand by strand. No bumps, no visible tracks and you can't even tell where my real hair ends and the extensions begin.

I feel comfortable walking around and wearing my hair in a ponytail without worrying if people are noticing my extremely visible tracks.


I've had them in for about 2 weeks now and at first it takes some getting used to with the extra weight of all the new hair in your head, but now everything perfect. I have removed a couple of bond to see if it really was that easy and painless and it really was. I had NO HAIR break which is amazing.

After watching the videos and seeing how natural it looked and then actually putting it to the test on my own head, I think this is the future of hair extensions. it will definately go far. I've been putting all types of extensions in my hair for years and nothing has ever even come close to feeling as comfortable and natural as MANEMAXX. I wear my hair up and style it all different ways and there are some friends that still believe its my real hair!!

I like that the hair extensions are easy to remove. This was my first time with strand by strand and love that look best out of all the different methods of putting in hair extensions because it is so comfortable and blends well with my hair because the bond color matches so well, no one could tell, and, so far, it looks like this can't damage my hair.

I've been putting all types of extensions in my hair for years and nothing has ever even come close to feeling as comfortable and natural as ManeMaxx®.

My Tips for Others: You have to have the time and the patience to apply the extensions and you must follow ALL the rules that Tiffany explains in the video, or it might not work out the way you wanted it to.

My Thoughts for Visitors: My mom told me about this a while ago and I had no idea it would be so cool. I'll never use anything else again and I'll telling all my girl friends about it. I've put every single type of extensions they have in my hair and have NEVER been this satisfied with the results!

My Message for ManeMaxx®: YOU NEED TO GET OUT TO HOLLYWOOD SOON! You're going to be widely known in the next couple years and I will GLADLY get out there and advertise and represent you in the Chicagoland area.