Hair Extensions After 4 Months of Wear

Name: Nina May
Age: 51
Hair Extension Product Used: Starter Kit, Regal Remi Extension Hair, Refill TemBond
Hair Extension Experience: I have fine thin hair and my hair seems to grow so slow and grows out to about shoulder length at the best and then it gets dry and brittle so I am constantly having it trimmed which affects the ability to grow it out any length past my shoulders. Hair extensions gave me the ability to have both longer and thicker hair with attempting to grow it out longer.
Why I Wanted Hair Extensions: I am a busy mom of 4 and a mural artist, faux finisher/decorative artist, as well as a fine art, artist. I have attempted to grow my hair out for several years, but it seems that whatever grows out gets trimmed off in the process of growing it out. With having fine thin hair, even growing it out doesn't allow me to have thicker hair. That is when I started looking into the thought/research of hair extensions. After much research on the internet and realizing I really couldn't afford, nor did I want to pay the high dollar amount it cost for a stylist to do the job. So, I started researching doing it myself and ran across the ManeMaxx site.

I loved my first installation and am now on my second and about 4 weeks into it and still loving the hair and product!

About My Hair Extension Application: Since I had help with doing the installation the first steps I took was educating myself of the method on the site and watched numerous videos on the site as well as the one that was enclosed with the starter kit. Then I had my sister do the same thing. I waited until after my first installation as well as my first time removing the extensions before I filled out any kind of form for the site (including this). I wanted to be as honest about how I felt about the overall process both the installation and extraction of the hair extensions.

The other steps I took was that I followed the advice that was throughly given from ManeMaxx and others that have gone before me on this site. I washed my hair with no conditioner prior to installation. I dyed my natural hair and extension hair 72 hours prior to the installation. I did the steps of straightening the extension hair as well as my natural hair near the roots. I think the main key to a good installation was how you dipped the extension hair in the bond and flatten the strains on the stir stick and re-dipped the extension hair and how you placed them on the hair to seep and to bond. Once you had that down the method went quick and was easy.

The first time you move more slowly, because you want to get it right, but after getting it right you tend to become more self assured and quicker.
My sister and I had a blast doing this! It was a real "bonding" moment in time. har har... but seriously we set aside a day and just had fun girl time together and her lovely partner pampered us with food and we even drank margaritas and still had a good install! I think doing this 2 times now that both installs went as planned and she moved much faster the second time around. She put in a total of about 90 bonds altogether. About 70 in the back and about 15 (give or take) on each side of my head.

I have had nothing but a good experience from ManeMaxx and their customer service as well as their products!
About My Hair Extension Wear: My first installation I wore my extensions for about 4 months. I only took them out because I think they worked their way down the hair shaft. I think mine most likely did that because I tend to take extra warm showers in the winter and the site suggests you wash your hair with cool water. So my extensions were about an inch to an inch and a half away from my scalp and it wasn't from my hair growing out, because my hair does not grow that fast.

I loved my first installation and am now on my second and about 4 weeks into it and still loving the hair and product. The hair extensions are very comfortable and light weight as well. I have received many compliments from people that know I have extensions on how well they blend with my real hair and they would not know I had them if they weren't informed about them. Then I have received numerous compliments from strangers telling me how pretty my hair is. My extension hair makes me feel beautiful in an exterior way and I have never regretted putting the extensions in.


I've been wearing ManeMaxx Hair extensions for 7 months (2 installs). My experience has been nothing but positive from the hair quality to customer service. Nobody (even seasoned extensions experts) can tell that I'm wearing hair extensions, I receive SO many compliments on my hair and I have nobody to thank but ManeMaxx (and I guess myself for awesome styling, ha ha). The installation is light weight and very comfortable to wear, even from the first night. The hair is soft.

I think the most interesting thing is men notice, but can't tell you what has changed and most women noticed right away. Although I have had a few women amazed at how fast my hair has grown out. :oD
Still love the ManeMaxx® system and going on my third install.

I have to say at first I was a bit self conscious when I first had my first install. Thinking people would just think I was trying to be younger than I was. Although, I did get lots of compliments and support. 

I love how much more hair I have even if it was shorter I would still want extensions for the fullness of hair and that is part of the reason I installed them in the first place. After a while they just seem like your own hair and you don't think much about it any more. I truly love them and I can say I will continue to wear them.

My Tips for Others: My biggest tip would be read the information on the site, watch the videos and ask as many questions until you are comfortable with the process. My second biggest tip would be to get someone to do install for you. I personally cringe at the thought of attempting this by myself, but others seemed to have achieved this with success per the site. I can only tell youI had a lot of fun with my sister installing this. If I had done this myself I might have thrown my chair through the mirror with frustration, so I didn't want to take that chance and decided the fun way was the way to with my sister installing.

The one thing that I did not like about this whole process was getting the bond out of my hair when I went to take out the extensions. The extension came out really easy, but the bond that was left behind was not a joy to get out. I did use the olive oil like they suggested and it really helped, but what really helped was having my daughter get it out of the back part of my hair. So I would suggest just like the installation to have someone help you get all the bond out. It came out a lot faster once she started to get it out. I think mainly because she could clearly see what she was doing, verses me attempting seeing it in a mirror looking backwards. But do use the olive oil it really helped. But don't let that stop you from installing or purchasing this product, it was only a small part of the process and the overall experience was good. I mean after all who like to get their eye brows plucked/waxed, but we do it for the out come. It certainly didn't stop me from doing my second installation!

My Thoughts for Visitors: My final thought for anyone who is debating about doing this is to just go for it. I think the hardest part is matching up your hair. I don't think you will be disappointed in the product or the company. I love this product so much I could be their national spokes person! Yes, that is how much I love it, now go "extend" yourself and do some "bonding" with a girlfriend/mother/sister.

Having fine and thin hair wearing clip on extension just did not stay in my hair. When and if they did stay in, my hair was so fine that you could see the method in which they were attached.

After researching many methods and products on the market, ManeMaxx seemed to have some rave reviews from other customers which sent me into further scanning their site for information. After reading much informative information offered on their site, watching videos and asking customer service some questions in the help section it won me over to at least try and attempt it. It seemed affordable compared to going to stylist near home and doable for a do-it-yourself-er with my sister's help in the installation.

First time: 9 hours, second time: 4-5 hours and have a "growing" experience!

My Message for ManeMaxx┬«: I think everyone should feel as beautiful on the outside as they do on the inside. I have always disliked my natural baby fine thin hair, but have always just lived with it. I am glad there is a product and a company that has taken the time to put out an awesome product as well as a great customer service in answering questions so one can be self assured in the product that we as customer are spending a good amount of many on. We want to make sure we are making a good investment. I assure you with this quality product and ManeMaxx a company that cares, you are making a good investment.