Hair Extensions to Help Me Feel Beautiful

Name: Autumn Bixler
Age: 22
ManeMaxx® Extension Forum: autumnbixler
Product Used: Complete Starter Kit 18-20" Color #613
Experience With Hair Extensions: Worn hair extensions before and did them myself. I used glue for weft, sewing wefts, braiding, strands and tape.  I have not had much luck with any of these other processes. They are painful and ruin my hair.


Why I Wanted Hair Extensions: I wanted hair extensions to look more polished.  I am a swimmer and I noticed that when i am in the water a lot, my extensions dry out faster. They feel like straw within two weeks.

I was on the internet one day right after my high school graduation. I had received a lot of money for my high school graduation and I was going to blow it all on top dollar hair extensions in a fancy salon that would have took 8 to 10 hours and 2,000 dollars. And I came across your special and unique hair extension product!!

I found MANEMAXX on Google. I liked that you got everything you need for hair extensions in an affordable kit with an instructional dvd.  I decided my questions were answered and went to pay for my kit.  I was a little unclear how to do that since I didn't have a paypal account.

About My Hair Extension Application: Before applying the hair extensions, I dyed my roots to match my extensions perfectly.  It takes me about 2 hours to put them in.
My MANEMAXX hair extension application was successful and it went in easy and quick!  I have very short hair like just above my collarbone, now with your product it's almost to my butt and I am 5 10. I love using it! And not to mention the boys love it too ;)

Only thing, I have a very hard time with the removal process. Every time I twist to try to break the bond, the bond is still left over in my hair. It leaves for a very painful brushing.

It went in easy and quick! Piece of cake!

About My Hair Extension Wear: I have been using MANEMAXX hair extensions for about four years now. I can never hide my smile! I exuberant confidence and a warm glow.

I am an active socialite for my college. And there are many times when I have to get up and speak, or be one of the main attractions for hosting events. My sorority sisters and I have to maintain a certain appearance and we do with Manemaxx! We love how edgy and sophisticated we look! It has truly given us so much confidence and we love to tell everyone about your product!

We love how edgy and sophisticated we look!

My Tips for Others: Make sure you just put little chunk of the block of wax in a time, so your chunk of wax will last you longer and it also helps the wax hold up longer in your hair. It helps a lot if you don't keep reheating it.

My Thoughts for Visitors: This product has changed my appearance greatly! It has boosted my confidence at such an affordable price. I would recommend it to anyone with any type of hair style.

My Message for ManeMaxx┬«: I love your product and it has transformed me greatly!  The pictures of the final product are amazing!!