Hair Extension Life After Clip-Ins

Name: Christine
Age: 37
ManeMaxx┬« Forum: hairevenge
Product Used: Complete Starter Remi Kit 18-20" Color #6

Hair Extension Experience: Worn extensions before and did them myself.  I used metal clips and had to apply them daily.  I did this for about 6 months. They seemed like little damage to my hair, had easy and quick removal and application except it looked bulky, was very heavy, the clips made my head sore, plus after six months of wear it pulled out the hair where the clips attached. Also, I could not wear my hair up.


Why I Wanted Hair Extensions: I wanted hair extensions because before my children, my hair was waist length, and my crowning glory. After my kids, I cut my hair short because it was thinning out due to what I thought was a temporary hormonal shift. However, my hair has never gone back to it's former strength, thickness or length. I really missed my hair, it was practically my identity.

I was looking for the most natural hair extension possible most importantly. Something I could be flexible with, wear my hair up or down, wash it and go swimming, and not be worried about them falling out. When I was first married my hair was long, and I wanted to duplicate that look, but after my children my hair never seemed to grow past my shoulders. I also needed something affordable, because I couldn't afford the $1000 minimum I was quoted.

I found ManeMaxx┬« via Google.  I think it is a good website, but it is always nice to see more pictures, and transformations.  I liked the product's claim to be not damaging to my natural hair but I was worried that it might leave residue in my hair that would be difficult to remove.

I called the company before ordering, simply to see what kind of a response I would get before ordering. Although the kit is significantly less expensive than getting them done professionally, I was concerned about spending $400 dollars on a company I never heard of before.

About My Hair Extension Application: Before applying the hair extensions, I watched the video a few times, read the booklet, watched the youtube video at least ten times while waiting for my kit.

Then my kit arrived and I planned for my install. I tried about four bonds the night before my full head install. The first one or two were a little scary- drip drip all over, and hair did not stick to mine. I kept working on it and by the time I went to sleep, I knew I would be fine for the next day's installation. I could barely sleep waiting to do it.

My MANEMAXX hair extension application was successful and it took the time I had expected, with excellent results. I did this over two days! It took me about seven hours to install my whole head. I love it! My husband says that I look just like I did when we first met! I did find this somewhat difficult dealing with dripping bond, burning my fingers, wax drying before I could position it correctly and I wished the kit would have included the guide. It was challenging at first, but I got the hang of it. I know I am hooked.

Don't wait a second more! ORDER!

About My Hair Extension Wear: First day, my husband loved it he said, "Boy, your really going all out!" We went out to dinner, and I really got noticed. I felt totally gorgeous and sexy. My husband actually said, " That long hair really turns me on!" LOL! Go ManeMaxx!


It's the best thing out there for do it yourselfers! This is great stuff for the girl next door who wants to look like a celebrity.

...I feel younger, sexy and confident.

My Tips for Others: Don't wait a second more! ORDER! Just do it, what's the worst that can happen? You can have the hair you have always wanted, it's not just for the rich and famous!
Be the girl that everyone admires, and that guys look twice at!

My Thoughts for Visitors: What are you waiting for?!

My Message for ManeMaxx┬«: Yes, I love you!