Using Hair Extensions While My Hair Grows Out

Name: Marty
Age: 42
ManeMaxx® Forum: n/a
Hair Extension Product Used: ManeMaxx Hair Extension Kit and 16 inches of dark blonde highlighting hair and a full package of 16 inches of red straight extension hair
Experience: I’ve worn other professional hair extension applications.  I’ve used hairlocs hair extensions in the past and have clip ins that I rarely use.


Why I Wanted Hair Extensions: I wanted hair extensions because I wanted to have instant gratification while I grow my short hair out and give my hair a much needed rest.  I wanted to add length and fullness while my own hair grows out. ManeMaxx® will be the only system I use.

After having a very expensive professional install that left me with severe hair breakage, I was hesitant to try extensions ever again. After using the Manemaxx system I am thrilled that I can have long hair again while waiting for my hair to grow out healthy. I look forward to using this product once my hair is even longer to add fullness knowing that it is not damaging.

I heard about ManeMaxx® from a Google search on hair extensions. I was looking for length of wear per application, comfort of the extension method, ability to reuse extension hair, and ease of removal.

I most liked that the Tembond is not causing damage to my own hair and being able to reuse the regal remi hair, for I cannot afford to buy new hair every time I have to do a re-install.

I know I will sacrifice some free time, but as a stay at home mom of a toddler I really enjoyed having a full day of "me time" :)

It looks amazing, I have a full long head of hair that I had like when my daughter was born.

About My Hair Extension Application: I pre cut my strands the night before. Before applying the hair extensions, I watched all the videos several times and read the booklet along with all the information on the website.

The first 2 rows were a challenge, for I applied them below my ears since my hair is so short (looking forward to longer hair in the back so I don't have to apply as much!). I was grateful for the ""day off"" of full beauty, and my husband watched and played with my daughter as I did my install. I asked my 3 year old if she liked my hair and she said ""Mommie your hair is pretty you have Ariel (the little mermaid) hair!"" Her eyes lit up when she saw my hair finished...was so worth the effort:)


The hair extension application took about 12 hours. Not easy to do the back of head and a lot of rows for I have short hair to start with. The hair guide was a huge help for me to do this on my own.

I feel more like myself again.

About My Hair Extension Wear: Several days I have been wearing them. The first night was an adjustment to sleeping in them, and I washed them the next day. They are extremely comfortable to wear. Having experience with hairlocs it doesn't even compare. Wish these were around several years ago!


I took out an older family video of me from several years ago wearing my hair extensions (I wasn't married to my husband then), my husband has told me several times already how much better these extensions look than the ones I paid 3000 dollars for!  My husband told me that I look younger with long hair... I am SOLD!"

My husband told me that I look younger with long hair... I am SOLD!

My Tips for Others: Have patience, and read all the info and watch all the videos. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time for the install, and this process cannot be rushed. Also, have the proper products for after care as well. I purchased an absorbent towel as suggested and the recommended products for washing my hair and styling. Follow all the advice given!

My Thoughts for Visitors: I can't imagine using anything else on my hair for hair extensions.

My Message for ManeMaxx®: Thank you for making this hair extension product, I get to have that sexy part of me back again that I have been missing for a long time.