Using Hair Extensions for In-Between Stage

Name: Claudia
Age: n/a
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Hair Extension Product Used: Complete Starter Kit 14 inch Wavy Color Black
Experience: This is my very first time with hair extensions of any kind!


Why I Wanted Hair Extensions: I wanted hair extensions because I have wanted to grow my hair long again for a few years, but I don't like the "in between stages"-because I cut my own hair-I always end up cutting it very short again.  This gives me the long hair I love, and allows me to give my own hair time to grow out in peace.
I was hoping to achieve a very natural look-my hair is short now, and I have failed at "patience" when it comes to that "in between stage"--so I am constantly cutting it, though I long for my natural long hair again.

I was looking for things like cost, length, comfort, quality, and the ability to reuse hair when I discovered yours via essential day spa. The girls there are raving about you! :)

I liked the claims that the results are very natural looking, and the fact that although it is costly, they are reusable-unlike other systems.  The only thing I knew I'd be sacrificing was...mhh..:time! It is time consuming to apply these..though I was forewarned and ready for it!

It looks natural, matches my natural hair perfectly...I am hooked!!

About My Hair Extension Application: The process of application was more difficult than we expected, but just as you say, "with practice it IS getting easier".

My dh is an encuastic artist...this means he works with beeswax on his paintings.  He had offered to install them (he loves my long hair), but he only was able to do it for an hour the first night-and I stayed up until 2am that evening to add some-and the next morning, when he saw my long hair, he helped me again-with more patience :)


We did also have a great system going though... but it was while watching documentaries on netflix (so dh could concentrate on my hair and not a movie). I also made a great meal before hand..and lots of wine and chocolate as he worked!  The best tactic for us was for me to hold my hair while he dipped "manemaxx hair" and directly placed it on piece I was holding.

This is not a difficult system, it is however, a bit of an acquired 'craft' any craft, technique develops the more you practice…

About My Hair Extension Wear: I am so pleased with my hair! It has been a struggle to grow my hair long again- I look best with either VERY short- or VERY long hair...the in between stages (a year duration) is awful for me...and since I trim my own hair, it has been very difficult to let it grow out. Manemaxx is allowing me to have long hair while growing my hair out! A big plus is that I have always loved my hair wavy-but I only get that when I am at the beach (I love in DC). It looks natural, matches my natural hair perfectly...I am hooked!


My first day "out" with extensions-we went to eat dinner with a couple we are just getting acquainted with. During dinner, one of my (huge) bonds fell on the table (!)dh was as quick as a magician as he swiped it off the table...:) I don't know how the other types of hair are, but the regal extension hair I purchased is wonderful!

...I love my new look, so does my husband and son!

My Tips for Others: When applying: just patience, patience, patience!  What we ended up doing is for a week-taking an hour every evening to "do hair". We turned on a Netflix documentary, and had some wine along with it!

My Thoughts for Visitors: I highly recommend!

My Message for ManeMaxx®: I LOVE it! :) Very much appreciated the personal touch!