Hair Extensions After 4 Months of Wear

Name: Nina May
Age: 51
Hair Extension Product Used: Starter Kit, Regal Remi Extension Hair, Refill TemBond
Hair Extension Experience: I have fine thin hair and my hair seems to grow so slow and grows out to about shoulder length at the best and then it gets dry and brittle so I am constantly having it trimmed which affects the ability to grow it out any length past my shoulders. Hair extensions gave me the ability to have both longer and thicker hair with attempting to grow it out longer.
Why I Wanted Hair Extensions: I am a busy mom of 4 and a mural artist, faux finisher/decorative artist, as well as a fine art, artist. I have attempted to grow my hair out for several years, but it seems that whatever grows out gets trimmed off in the process of growing it out. With having fine thin hair, even growing it out doesn't allow me to have thicker hair. That is when I started looking into the thought/research of hair extensions. After much research on the internet and realizing I really couldn't afford, nor did I want to pay the high dollar amount it cost for a stylist to do the job. So, I started researching doing it myself and ran across the ManeMaxx site.

I loved my first installation and am now on my second and about 4 weeks into it and still loving the hair and product!

About My Hair Extension Application: Since I had help with doing the installation the first steps I took was educating myself of the method on the site and watched numerous videos on the site as well as the one that was enclosed with the starter kit. Then I had my sister do the same thing. I waited until after my first installation as well as my first time removing the extensions before I filled out any kind of form for the site (including this). I wanted to be as honest about how I felt about the overall process both the installation and extraction of the hair extensions.

The other steps I took was that I followed the advice that was throughly given from ManeMaxx and others that have gone before me on this site. I washed my hair with no conditioner prior to installation. I dyed my natural hair and extension hair 72 hours prior to the installation. I did the steps of straightening the extension hair as well as my natural hair near the roots. I think the main key to a good installation was how you dipped the extension hair in the bond and flatten the strains on the stir stick and re-dipped the extension hair and how you placed them on the hair to seep and to bond. Once you had that down the method went quick and was easy.

The first time you move more slowly, because you want to get it right, but after getting it right you tend to become more self assured and quicker.
My sister and I had a blast doing this! It was a real "bonding" moment in time. har har... but seriously we set aside a day and just had fun girl time together and her lovely partner pampered us with food and we even drank margaritas and still had a good install! I think doing this 2 times now that both installs went as planned and she moved much faster the second time around. She put in a total of about 90 bonds altogether. About 70 in the back and about 15 (give or take) on each side of my head.

I have had nothing but a good experience from ManeMaxx and their customer service as well as their products!
About My Hair Extension Wear: My first installation I wore my extensions for about 4 months. I only took them out because I think they worked their way down the hair shaft. I think mine most likely did that because I tend to take extra warm showers in the winter and the site suggests you wash your hair with cool water. So my extensions were about an inch to an inch and a half away from my scalp and it wasn't from my hair growing out, because my hair does not grow that fast.

I loved my first installation and am now on my second and about 4 weeks into it and still loving the hair and product. The hair extensions are very comfortable and light weight as well. I have received many compliments from people that know I have extensions on how well they blend with my real hair and they would not know I had them if they weren't informed about them. Then I have received numerous compliments from strangers telling me how pretty my hair is. My extension hair makes me feel beautiful in an exterior way and I have never regretted putting the extensions in.


I've been wearing ManeMaxx Hair extensions for 7 months (2 installs). My experience has been nothing but positive from the hair quality to customer service. Nobody (even seasoned extensions experts) can tell that I'm wearing hair extensions, I receive SO many compliments on my hair and I have nobody to thank but ManeMaxx (and I guess myself for awesome styling, ha ha). The installation is light weight and very comfortable to wear, even from the first night. The hair is soft.

I think the most interesting thing is men notice, but can't tell you what has changed and most women noticed right away. Although I have had a few women amazed at how fast my hair has grown out. :oD
Still love the ManeMaxx® system and going on my third install.

I have to say at first I was a bit self conscious when I first had my first install. Thinking people would just think I was trying to be younger than I was. Although, I did get lots of compliments and support. 

I love how much more hair I have even if it was shorter I would still want extensions for the fullness of hair and that is part of the reason I installed them in the first place. After a while they just seem like your own hair and you don't think much about it any more. I truly love them and I can say I will continue to wear them.

My Tips for Others: My biggest tip would be read the information on the site, watch the videos and ask as many questions until you are comfortable with the process. My second biggest tip would be to get someone to do install for you. I personally cringe at the thought of attempting this by myself, but others seemed to have achieved this with success per the site. I can only tell youI had a lot of fun with my sister installing this. If I had done this myself I might have thrown my chair through the mirror with frustration, so I didn't want to take that chance and decided the fun way was the way to with my sister installing.

The one thing that I did not like about this whole process was getting the bond out of my hair when I went to take out the extensions. The extension came out really easy, but the bond that was left behind was not a joy to get out. I did use the olive oil like they suggested and it really helped, but what really helped was having my daughter get it out of the back part of my hair. So I would suggest just like the installation to have someone help you get all the bond out. It came out a lot faster once she started to get it out. I think mainly because she could clearly see what she was doing, verses me attempting seeing it in a mirror looking backwards. But do use the olive oil it really helped. But don't let that stop you from installing or purchasing this product, it was only a small part of the process and the overall experience was good. I mean after all who like to get their eye brows plucked/waxed, but we do it for the out come. It certainly didn't stop me from doing my second installation!

My Thoughts for Visitors: My final thought for anyone who is debating about doing this is to just go for it. I think the hardest part is matching up your hair. I don't think you will be disappointed in the product or the company. I love this product so much I could be their national spokes person! Yes, that is how much I love it, now go "extend" yourself and do some "bonding" with a girlfriend/mother/sister.

Having fine and thin hair wearing clip on extension just did not stay in my hair. When and if they did stay in, my hair was so fine that you could see the method in which they were attached.

After researching many methods and products on the market, ManeMaxx seemed to have some rave reviews from other customers which sent me into further scanning their site for information. After reading much informative information offered on their site, watching videos and asking customer service some questions in the help section it won me over to at least try and attempt it. It seemed affordable compared to going to stylist near home and doable for a do-it-yourself-er with my sister's help in the installation.

First time: 9 hours, second time: 4-5 hours and have a "growing" experience!

My Message for ManeMaxx®: I think everyone should feel as beautiful on the outside as they do on the inside. I have always disliked my natural baby fine thin hair, but have always just lived with it. I am glad there is a product and a company that has taken the time to put out an awesome product as well as a great customer service in answering questions so one can be self assured in the product that we as customer are spending a good amount of many on. We want to make sure we are making a good investment. I assure you with this quality product and ManeMaxx a company that cares, you are making a good investment.

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Hair Extensions as a Quick Fix for Short Hair


About Me
Name: Doli Lopez
Age: 26
ManeMaxx® Hair Extension Forum: darkempriss
Hair Extension Product Used: Complete Starter Regal Remi Kit 12-14" Loose Wave Color #4/30
Hair Extension Experience: Worn extensions before and did them myself. I used metal micro-links for my do-it-yourself hair extensions and they were easy to install but painful to wear, very heavy, and obvious.


Why I Wanted Hair Extensions
I wanted hair extensions for a quick fix to have longer hair while I waited for my own natural hair to grow out but I also didn't want to spend the thousands of dollars for a salon to potentially ruin my hair!

I was looking for a DIY hair extension process with quality hair that presented the least amount of damage to my natural hair. When looking for a hair extension method, I was most concerned with visibility, comfort, and quality.

I found ManeMaxx® on the hair forum. I liked the fact that there is no chemicals involved with the installation or removal process. I didn't like the fact that if the bond gets to warm by using a hair dryer, etc. that the bond would be able to be removed easily.

The hair extension bond is lightweight and easy to wear and NOBODY can tell that I'm wearing extensions!


About My Hair Extension Application
Before applying the hair extensions, I cleansed my hair with a clarifying shampoo and prepped my work area in my bathroom. I took the the time to read and review EVERYTHING on the website. I took the time to do the installation properly.

My MANEMAXX hair extension application was successful and it went in easy and quick! I basically locked myself away in my washroom for 8 hours until my install was completed! My husband would pop in every hour or two to make sure I was still alive ;)



The learning curve is quite large but once you get the hang of it, applying the hair extensions yourself gets easier and you start to make better bonds. I had to make-shift a mirror stand when doing the back of my head otherwise it would have taken a full day just to feel out the back!

I've been wearing ManeMaxx Hair extensions for 7 months (2 installs). My experience has been nothing but positive from the hair quality to customer service. Nobody (even seasoned extensions experts) can tell that I'm wearing hair extensions, I receive SO many compliments on my hair and I have nobody to thank but ManeMaxx (and I guess myself for awesome styling, haha). The installation is light weight and very comfortable to wear, even from the first night. The extension hair is soft.

I definitely feel sexy and confident!!

About My Hair Extension Wear
My first hair extension install was for 3 months, I decided that I wanted to uninstall and do a new batch of my loose wave extension hair instead of straight. My second diy install has been for about 4 months now and on to my third install and will continue to wear for at least a year until my hair grows out to my desired length.

There are a lot of gals in my office that have worn extensions and have been in the biz, and none of them could tell that I had hair extensions in, they all complimented my hair and said it is flawless! It's so comfortable to wear and I can't even tell that the hair isn't my own, it blends so well and is nice and light-weight.


I've been wearing ManeMaxx Hair extensions for 7 months (2 installs). My experience has been nothing but positive from the hair quality to customer service. Nobody (even seasoned extensions experts) can tell that I'm wearing hair extensions, I receive SO many compliments on my hair and I have nobody to thank but ManeMaxx (and I guess myself for awesome styling, haha). The installation is light weight and very comfortable to wear, even from the first night. The hair is soft.

Still love the ManeMaxx® system and going on my third install.

My Tips for Others
I would say a good color match and cut to blend in the extensions would make the extension hair unnoticeable. A lot of patience too for your initial install! As time goes on and you get more comfortable with the application, installs will go faster and your bonds will stay in longer :)

My Thoughts for Visitors
Definitely give this method a try if you're a DIY-er and want to save a ton of money on extensions. Don't hesitate and wait the year that I did before ordering!

My Message for ManeMaxx®
Great method guys!



Want to enter your hair extension transformation for a $50 gift certificate to spend in our store? It’s so easy! Read these
entry terms and fill out this form and attach your pictures to a support ticket, with ‘Transformation’ in the subject line. Once we get your story posted, we’ll send you $50 to spend in our hair extension store! Get some more extension hair for your next hair extension install (maybe a crazy new color you’ve always wanted to try) or buy your BFF a non-damaging, home hair extension system for her birthday! Either way, we can all use the $50, so get snapping’ those great pics and tell us all about how you applied your strand-by-strand hair extensions at home with your ManeMaxx® do-it-yourself hair extension kit!

Be sure to like this transformation, give it a thumbs up and tell our contributor how great she looks in the comment section below! Do you have any questions or comments on this hair extension transformation? Please feel free to post them to us below. We love to hear from you!

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Hair Extension Life After Clip-Ins

Name: Christine
Age: 37
ManeMaxx® Forum: hairevenge
Product Used: Complete Starter Remi Kit 18-20" Color #6

Hair Extension Experience: Worn extensions before and did them myself.  I used metal clips and had to apply them daily.  I did this for about 6 months. They seemed like little damage to my hair, had easy and quick removal and application except it looked bulky, was very heavy, the clips made my head sore, plus after six months of wear it pulled out the hair where the clips attached. Also, I could not wear my hair up.


Why I Wanted Hair Extensions: I wanted hair extensions because before my children, my hair was waist length, and my crowning glory. After my kids, I cut my hair short because it was thinning out due to what I thought was a temporary hormonal shift. However, my hair has never gone back to it's former strength, thickness or length. I really missed my hair, it was practically my identity.

I was looking for the most natural hair extension possible most importantly. Something I could be flexible with, wear my hair up or down, wash it and go swimming, and not be worried about them falling out. When I was first married my hair was long, and I wanted to duplicate that look, but after my children my hair never seemed to grow past my shoulders. I also needed something affordable, because I couldn't afford the $1000 minimum I was quoted.

I found ManeMaxx® via Google.  I think it is a good website, but it is always nice to see more pictures, and transformations.  I liked the product's claim to be not damaging to my natural hair but I was worried that it might leave residue in my hair that would be difficult to remove.

I called the company before ordering, simply to see what kind of a response I would get before ordering. Although the kit is significantly less expensive than getting them done professionally, I was concerned about spending $400 dollars on a company I never heard of before.

About My Hair Extension Application: Before applying the hair extensions, I watched the video a few times, read the booklet, watched the youtube video at least ten times while waiting for my kit.

Then my kit arrived and I planned for my install. I tried about four bonds the night before my full head install. The first one or two were a little scary- drip drip all over, and hair did not stick to mine. I kept working on it and by the time I went to sleep, I knew I would be fine for the next day's installation. I could barely sleep waiting to do it.

My MANEMAXX hair extension application was successful and it took the time I had expected, with excellent results. I did this over two days! It took me about seven hours to install my whole head. I love it! My husband says that I look just like I did when we first met! I did find this somewhat difficult dealing with dripping bond, burning my fingers, wax drying before I could position it correctly and I wished the kit would have included the guide. It was challenging at first, but I got the hang of it. I know I am hooked.

Don't wait a second more! ORDER!

About My Hair Extension Wear: First day, my husband loved it he said, "Boy, your really going all out!" We went out to dinner, and I really got noticed. I felt totally gorgeous and sexy. My husband actually said, " That long hair really turns me on!" LOL! Go ManeMaxx!


It's the best thing out there for do it yourselfers! This is great stuff for the girl next door who wants to look like a celebrity.

...I feel younger, sexy and confident.

My Tips for Others: Don't wait a second more! ORDER! Just do it, what's the worst that can happen? You can have the hair you have always wanted, it's not just for the rich and famous!
Be the girl that everyone admires, and that guys look twice at!

My Thoughts for Visitors: What are you waiting for?!

My Message for ManeMaxx®: Yes, I love you!

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Hair Extensions After Medical Hair Loss

Name: Wendy K Rowady
Age: 41
ManeMaxx® Forum: wendi41
Product Used: Complete Starter Kit with 18 inch Straight ManeMaxx® Extension Hair in colors Light Brown with Dirty Blonde Highlighting Hair
Hair Extension Experience: Prior to learning ManeMaxx® for the first time, I had Seamless Skin Weft Extensions. The wefted part of the hair is made from a polyurethane really thin flat strip. It appears to look like it is growing from the head. However my extensions also had the double sided tape and then hair glue was used to attach the weft to my own hair.  Having longer hair was nice but THE GLUE! Taking them off required me to use a solution that was very strong and damaging. THEN after  the weft came off there was glue left behind on my hair in the exact shape of a strip of tape! I had to then use a strong citrus solution to remove the hair and a lot of my own hair came off with it.


Why I Wanted Hair Extensions: I wanted hair extensions because my hair was first shaved off in a long line where an incision was made for surgery.  Then two colorists (one new and one experienced) ruined my hair. I had to have it colored 4 times in a month to correct and re-correct mistakes. This left me with horrible hair and I had to have a lot cut off. I had been growing my hair out for 3 years! My goal had been to have waist length hair by the time I entered my 40s. Well, so much for that. But now I have better looking hair than I could have ever grown myself. Looks natural too.

I also wanted something affordable, that looked natural and would not damage my already compromised hair and I can't believe how affordable GOOD hair extensions can be! I thought I would never have strand by strand because how could I do it myself? And I was told my hair was too damaged to withstand it. And even if I could I could not afford to spend $1500 to do it! And now I do and it did not break me. I'll never use anything else again!

After losing so much hair due to having a tumor removed from my brain last year, (benign thank god!) I then had TWO colorists damage my hair to the point of no return, I was left with thin, thin damaged hair that had to be cut. Too short for my tastes. I thought I would be stuck that look for years. I went to glued wefts with made my hair even worse! I then found ManeMaxx® when I was reading through hair extension information on Hair Boutique. ManeMaxx® is such a wonderful method that really anyone can do.

I really thought I would never be able to have strand by strand because of the level of difficulty doing it myself or the exorbitant cost of that type of method. Not only can I have healthy LOOKING hair but this allows me to grow out the damaged hair i have already and keep it chemical free but any color I choose. Even if you did not care for long hair but wanted only chemical free color, this will work for you. The hair is soft and luxurious and will last a while. I tell whomever will listen about this amazing product.

I can't believe how affordable GOOD hair extensions can be!

About My Hair Extension Application: Tiffany was more than helpful getting me ready to do this. I went back and forth with emails for weeks before I finally ordered. It was like having my own professional extensionist helping me along the way. Having her help me with the color made me make a decision faster because I felt confident with the colors she chose.

The day before we cut the hair off the weft and made bundles and then used the Tembond as the "glue" to hold them together. That way we could have them all ready on day of application.
I taped a bunch of Will and Grace shows and we watched those while we installed.  We had a good system going.   Either I was installing and she was clipping the tips off the hair and then handing to me or she was installing while I prepared the hair before she dipped in in the melting pot. Really helped speed it up.

My application was successful because of the simplicity of the installation method. Few items needed made it less confusing and easy to work with. Mostly need only your hands. No tools. I also had my daughter there to help me see the back and check my work.

Doing the back without seeing was a bit hard. You are racing time to get the bond on before it dries too much. I started with my sides so I could see and get the feel of it before I went to the back. I know my sections and bonds were big the first time. Bigger than what I could see Tiffany do in her video. Takes more practice to work with really small bundles.

I found this system to be of such great value. The hair is exceptional! The bond is inexpensive. I was not forced to purchase color rings as most other places require which is so silly when you need only one or two colors. This would be useful if I did this professionally but Tiffany helped me choose a color by sending her my pics. I saw that she did that with other girls in the forum so I sent them in and she helped to pick the perfect colors! SAVED me money there.

The hair is exceptional! The bond is inexpensive.

About My Hair Extension Wear: When i wear the Manemaxx extensions, I feel so confident. I have hair I could never have if I grew it myself. Even better than growing my own.

This is so versatile that I have already moved some pieces around to change the look of my color. I went a little too heavy with the blonde the first time so I added or moved some to break it up a bit and I have control over it! Unlike having someone else get it all wrong for me and having to color and damage my hair over and over. I mean we all have "ideas" for color that does not always look that good once you have it but with tembond, I can change as much as I like without compromising my hair in any way!


I have had them a little over a week now. I first installed my daughters hair. she did not use ManeMaxx® hair but a different, less quality brand and does it show! Then I installed my own after building confidence with doing hers and practicing a bit with a mannequin head. Having my daughter there was helpful to help speed up the application process and check my own work.

I really like the ease with how to remove the bonds. Before this, I was in the process of taking my seamless out and it looked bleak like I was not going to be able to avoid damaging my hair.  And since I have found MANEMAXX hair extensions to be damage free, it will allow me to have any color I choose but without having to apply any color to my natural hair.

...with Tembond, I can change as much as I like without compromising my hair in any way!

My Tips for Others: There was a bit of a wait for the hair but it was worth it. The hair is so silky. While i waited for the hair she sent me the other items and I was able to practice with hair I had already. I bought a mannequin head on Amazon for $23! It had been cut already so that is why I got it cheap. But it was fine for practicing. And it seemed so much easier when I worked on a human head!

And well, if you don't mind the extra work, you can save money by pre-measuring your hair the day before like I did. It really does not require much Tembond to hold the bundles together and you already get plenty in the kit for more than one install.

My Thoughts for Visitors: Ask all the questions you want. Tiffany is one who wants you to be happy and goes out of her way to make sure you can do this. The personal attention just can't be beat! This is such an innovative idea and it helps women have expensive looking extensions for such a good price. I plan on seeing Tiffany on Oprah one day for one of those self made millionaire success stories.

My Message for ManeMaxx®: Keep it up and thanks so much for this! I would never have this confidence if this did not exist. I would have given up on extensions totally because the seamless was not for me either and I could not afford professional.

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Using Hair Extensions While My Hair Grows Out

Name: Marty
Age: 42
ManeMaxx® Forum: n/a
Hair Extension Product Used: ManeMaxx Hair Extension Kit and 16 inches of dark blonde highlighting hair and a full package of 16 inches of red straight extension hair
Experience: I’ve worn other professional hair extension applications.  I’ve used hairlocs hair extensions in the past and have clip ins that I rarely use.


Why I Wanted Hair Extensions: I wanted hair extensions because I wanted to have instant gratification while I grow my short hair out and give my hair a much needed rest.  I wanted to add length and fullness while my own hair grows out. ManeMaxx® will be the only system I use.

After having a very expensive professional install that left me with severe hair breakage, I was hesitant to try extensions ever again. After using the Manemaxx system I am thrilled that I can have long hair again while waiting for my hair to grow out healthy. I look forward to using this product once my hair is even longer to add fullness knowing that it is not damaging.

I heard about ManeMaxx® from a Google search on hair extensions. I was looking for length of wear per application, comfort of the extension method, ability to reuse extension hair, and ease of removal.

I most liked that the Tembond is not causing damage to my own hair and being able to reuse the regal remi hair, for I cannot afford to buy new hair every time I have to do a re-install.

I know I will sacrifice some free time, but as a stay at home mom of a toddler I really enjoyed having a full day of "me time" :)

It looks amazing, I have a full long head of hair that I had like when my daughter was born.

About My Hair Extension Application: I pre cut my strands the night before. Before applying the hair extensions, I watched all the videos several times and read the booklet along with all the information on the website.

The first 2 rows were a challenge, for I applied them below my ears since my hair is so short (looking forward to longer hair in the back so I don't have to apply as much!). I was grateful for the ""day off"" of full beauty, and my husband watched and played with my daughter as I did my install. I asked my 3 year old if she liked my hair and she said ""Mommie your hair is pretty you have Ariel (the little mermaid) hair!"" Her eyes lit up when she saw my hair finished...was so worth the effort:)


The hair extension application took about 12 hours. Not easy to do the back of head and a lot of rows for I have short hair to start with. The hair guide was a huge help for me to do this on my own.

I feel more like myself again.

About My Hair Extension Wear: Several days I have been wearing them. The first night was an adjustment to sleeping in them, and I washed them the next day. They are extremely comfortable to wear. Having experience with hairlocs it doesn't even compare. Wish these were around several years ago!


I took out an older family video of me from several years ago wearing my hair extensions (I wasn't married to my husband then), my husband has told me several times already how much better these extensions look than the ones I paid 3000 dollars for!  My husband told me that I look younger with long hair... I am SOLD!"

My husband told me that I look younger with long hair... I am SOLD!

My Tips for Others: Have patience, and read all the info and watch all the videos. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time for the install, and this process cannot be rushed. Also, have the proper products for after care as well. I purchased an absorbent towel as suggested and the recommended products for washing my hair and styling. Follow all the advice given!

My Thoughts for Visitors: I can't imagine using anything else on my hair for hair extensions.

My Message for ManeMaxx®: Thank you for making this hair extension product, I get to have that sexy part of me back again that I have been missing for a long time.

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Using Hair Extensions in Fine Thin Hair

Name: Erika
Age: 20
ManeMaxx® Forum: n/a
Product Used: Complete Starter Strands Kit 20 inch Dark Brown
Experience: I have only worn them once before and used the metal clip extensions and applied them myself.  When wearing clip in extensions, I felt great with longer and fuller hair. They were also very cheap to purchase. The thing was, it was very annoying to have to put the clip in extensions in every day. When I took them out at night or days I was just relaxing, I lost my hair confidence. I didn't like that people who saw me at night or relaxing wouldn't see my long hair.


Why I Wanted Hair Extensions: I wanted hair extensions because I have always had the kind of hair where it would grow at the roots, but never seem to get any longer. My dark roots would be inches long at my crown, yet the length was the same! It was so frustrating. I would never be one of those girls with the thick, long, flowing hair.

During my freshman year in college, my hair began to break off terribly, due to bad health habits and five years of bleaching my dark hair blonde. My hair had been about to the middle of my arms, but that year it broke off all the way to my shoulders! Just looking at photos from back then make me cringe. My hair was so unhealthy, so broken and damaged, yet I couldn't bear to stop bleaching it. I love being blonde, and I had been blonde so long I thought I wouldn't be the same person without my hair color.

I didn't want to be brunette, but I made a deal with my self. I would get my self hair extensions and have long, gorgeous hair if it had to be brown. So I went ahead and dyed my hair permanently brown.

Immediately, in the months before I purchased my extensions, I could already see my hair's health improving. It was getting longer and becoming thicker. I was undoing the damaged I did to my hair, but still, I had to have it long!

At first, I was searching for clip in extensions to order online. Since I had worn them before, and I am not able to afford to go to the salon for extensions, this is what I thought I could get. However, I remembered that I hated the hassle of having to put them in and take them off everyday, and I started wanting extensions that could be left in for long periods of time. I was looking for things like cost, length, the ability to reuse hair.

So then I started investigating tape extensions, since they last. However, everyone was saying how damaging they were, and I imagined having sticky tape in my hair and having to pull it out when I'm done - ouch!! Since one of the reasons for me getting extensions was to help my hair be healthy and grow longer, this seemed to totally cancel that out.  That's when I saw Manemaxx, and was very excited to see a permanent extension method that is non-damaging!

I was very impressed with the fact that it was healthy and non damaging for your hair. The cost was also great... awesome deal! Hair and supplies for a good cost, and it's reusable! Manemaxx isn't too much more money than clip-ins hair extensions, yet WAY cheaper than the salon. Great value! I was pleased with the amount of hair that came in the kit! I only used a bit more than half of it for my full head! Great!

I was so excited to find ManeMaxx! Permanent hair extensions I could afford without pricey trips to the salon.

Plus, the fact that there is no damage. That was the selling point for me. Damage from other methods of hair extensions would have cancelled out the reason I was buying them in the first place.

Now I'm wearing gorgeous hair extensions to my waist, while my real hair is growing and improving. I am so grateful for the affordable, beautiful Manemaxx extensions!! They are the best thing that has happened to my hair!

About My Hair Extension Application: Before installing, I went through the ManeMaxx hair extension video, read the step-by-step instructions, and did test strands of the hair extensions. My mom just read the instructions that came with the hair extension kit and I showed her what I learned from the DVD and online. She probably would have been more well prepared if she had been as thorough as I had with my preparation instructions, so I certainly recommend doing that. However, even without critical study of the hair extension video and instructions, she still caught on very quick. I also like having help, as it's much easier to have someone else get the back of your head where you can't see.


The first application did take a while, but that was because it was a learning experiment. If my mom didn't like a bond, she redid it, and that added to the time.  Towards the end, she felt very confident in her bonds and she was getting quicker and quicker. I know that on the next install it will go even smoother and faster and the bonds will be even more secure.

I do suggest that you set aside a specific day for doing an  install.  When we did my hair, my mom had to go do stuff and I had to walk around with half a head of hair until the next day when she had more time!

There were no drawbacks about this system!  I found everything I want with ManeMaxx.

About My Hair Extension Wear: I LOVE the way I look with long, gorgeous hair. This long, thick hair is something I could never have grown on my own.
I get so many complements on my beautiful hair, and people are shocked to find out they are extensions, since they look so natural! I was so self conscious of my hair before, and now I am very confident.

The hair included in the kit is soft, long, beautiful colored. It’s so much nicer than hair I've had with clip-ins. I plan on using ManeMaxx extensions for a very long time!


I've had my extensions in for 8 weeks now. I plan on wearing them for two more weeks until I remove them. Then I'm going to dye my roots, have a nice shampoo, and do a fresh install.

During the time I've worn my extensions, I've only lost a few bonds here and there, and that's probably because it was our first install and we are not experts yet. I'm sure our bonds will get better and better with more practice. However, even with out inexperience, my extensions have held up so well!
I wash my hair often and style like usual. They are very comfortable to wear. After you get used to them the first day, you can barely feel them.  Plus, the kit includes such a generous amount of hair! For a thick, full head I used only about half the hair I received. I've got plenty to supplement future installs, and if a strand falls out tangles I can just toss it out.

...Removal is so easy! I just held the straightener on the bond and it came right out!

My Tips for Others: Practice before you do a full install, and enlist a friend to help. It will go much faster and smoother. Practice makes perfect with this system! You are not a licensed stylist, so you won't be immediately perfect at it, but thats the beauty of ManeMaxx! Even us normal people who can't style hair to save our lives can have beautiful, long hair!

My Thoughts for Visitors:The ManeMaxx kit is such a value compared to getting extensions done at the salon. It saves so much time and money, plus the hair is reusable! If you are good at doing hair, have the time to learn a new method, or have a friend who can, this is for you!

My Message for ManeMaxx®: THANK YOU!!!! You have given me the hair I never could have for a great price! I would never recommend any other extension method!

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Using Hair Extensions for In-Between Stage

Name: Claudia
Age: n/a
E-mail: not published
ManeMaxx® Forum: n/a
Hair Extension Product Used: Complete Starter Kit 14 inch Wavy Color Black
Experience: This is my very first time with hair extensions of any kind!


Why I Wanted Hair Extensions: I wanted hair extensions because I have wanted to grow my hair long again for a few years, but I don't like the "in between stages"-because I cut my own hair-I always end up cutting it very short again.  This gives me the long hair I love, and allows me to give my own hair time to grow out in peace.
I was hoping to achieve a very natural look-my hair is short now, and I have failed at "patience" when it comes to that "in between stage"--so I am constantly cutting it, though I long for my natural long hair again.

I was looking for things like cost, length, comfort, quality, and the ability to reuse hair when I discovered yours via essential day spa. The girls there are raving about you! :)

I liked the claims that the results are very natural looking, and the fact that although it is costly, they are reusable-unlike other systems.  The only thing I knew I'd be sacrificing was...mhh..:time! It is time consuming to apply these..though I was forewarned and ready for it!

It looks natural, matches my natural hair perfectly...I am hooked!!

About My Hair Extension Application: The process of application was more difficult than we expected, but just as you say, "with practice it IS getting easier".

My dh is an encuastic artist...this means he works with beeswax on his paintings.  He had offered to install them (he loves my long hair), but he only was able to do it for an hour the first night-and I stayed up until 2am that evening to add some-and the next morning, when he saw my long hair, he helped me again-with more patience :)


We did also have a great system going though... but it was while watching documentaries on netflix (so dh could concentrate on my hair and not a movie). I also made a great meal before hand..and lots of wine and chocolate as he worked!  The best tactic for us was for me to hold my hair while he dipped "manemaxx hair" and directly placed it on piece I was holding.

This is not a difficult system, it is however, a bit of an acquired 'craft' any craft, technique develops the more you practice…

About My Hair Extension Wear: I am so pleased with my hair! It has been a struggle to grow my hair long again- I look best with either VERY short- or VERY long hair...the in between stages (a year duration) is awful for me...and since I trim my own hair, it has been very difficult to let it grow out. Manemaxx is allowing me to have long hair while growing my hair out! A big plus is that I have always loved my hair wavy-but I only get that when I am at the beach (I love in DC). It looks natural, matches my natural hair perfectly...I am hooked!


My first day "out" with extensions-we went to eat dinner with a couple we are just getting acquainted with. During dinner, one of my (huge) bonds fell on the table (!)dh was as quick as a magician as he swiped it off the table...:) I don't know how the other types of hair are, but the regal extension hair I purchased is wonderful!

...I love my new look, so does my husband and son!

My Tips for Others: When applying: just patience, patience, patience!  What we ended up doing is for a week-taking an hour every evening to "do hair". We turned on a Netflix documentary, and had some wine along with it!

My Thoughts for Visitors: I highly recommend!

My Message for ManeMaxx®: I LOVE it! :) Very much appreciated the personal touch!

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Hair Extensions to Help Me Feel Beautiful

Name: Autumn Bixler
Age: 22
ManeMaxx® Extension Forum: autumnbixler
Product Used: Complete Starter Kit 18-20" Color #613
Experience With Hair Extensions: Worn hair extensions before and did them myself. I used glue for weft, sewing wefts, braiding, strands and tape.  I have not had much luck with any of these other processes. They are painful and ruin my hair.


Why I Wanted Hair Extensions: I wanted hair extensions to look more polished.  I am a swimmer and I noticed that when i am in the water a lot, my extensions dry out faster. They feel like straw within two weeks.

I was on the internet one day right after my high school graduation. I had received a lot of money for my high school graduation and I was going to blow it all on top dollar hair extensions in a fancy salon that would have took 8 to 10 hours and 2,000 dollars. And I came across your special and unique hair extension product!!

I found MANEMAXX on Google. I liked that you got everything you need for hair extensions in an affordable kit with an instructional dvd.  I decided my questions were answered and went to pay for my kit.  I was a little unclear how to do that since I didn't have a paypal account.

About My Hair Extension Application: Before applying the hair extensions, I dyed my roots to match my extensions perfectly.  It takes me about 2 hours to put them in.
My MANEMAXX hair extension application was successful and it went in easy and quick!  I have very short hair like just above my collarbone, now with your product it's almost to my butt and I am 5 10. I love using it! And not to mention the boys love it too ;)

Only thing, I have a very hard time with the removal process. Every time I twist to try to break the bond, the bond is still left over in my hair. It leaves for a very painful brushing.

It went in easy and quick! Piece of cake!

About My Hair Extension Wear: I have been using MANEMAXX hair extensions for about four years now. I can never hide my smile! I exuberant confidence and a warm glow.

I am an active socialite for my college. And there are many times when I have to get up and speak, or be one of the main attractions for hosting events. My sorority sisters and I have to maintain a certain appearance and we do with Manemaxx! We love how edgy and sophisticated we look! It has truly given us so much confidence and we love to tell everyone about your product!

We love how edgy and sophisticated we look!

My Tips for Others: Make sure you just put little chunk of the block of wax in a time, so your chunk of wax will last you longer and it also helps the wax hold up longer in your hair. It helps a lot if you don't keep reheating it.

My Thoughts for Visitors: This product has changed my appearance greatly! It has boosted my confidence at such an affordable price. I would recommend it to anyone with any type of hair style.

My Message for ManeMaxx®: I love your product and it has transformed me greatly!  The pictures of the final product are amazing!!

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How Hair Extensions Helped Me Fix My Bleached and Broken Hair

Name: General Manstomp
Age: 28
ManeMaxx® Forum: Manstomp
Product Used: Complete Starter Kit 18" in color Platinum Blonde and Dirty Blonde ½ Package Highlighting Hair
Hair Extension Experience: This was my first time with these hair extensions. I ordered the ManeMaxx Hair, 18" of the lightest blonde with an additional ½ Package of a dark blonde mix. Since my natural hair is medium brown, the extra½ Package of hair helps my roots to mix in better, and the color looks very natural. My kit arrived very quickly- just in time to instal during my time off of work that following weekend. I was extremely pleased with the very nice packaging, and I could see the remy hair was superior in quality. I've done this and can advise you to not buy cheap hair off of ebay, because it tangles and it will not be worth your money!!!!


Why I Wanted Hair Extensions: I wanted hair extensions because I had extremely damaged hair, and was at my wits end. The horror story with my hair started when I had deployed to Iraq. I was unable to maintain my blonde color, and decided it would be easier just to dye it all dark while I was deployed. (my hair naturally is a medium brown color, but I’ve had it blonde for about 10 years)  So, I dyed it all black.

I hadn't had dark hair in a very long time and absolutely HATED it. Immediately upon returning home, I went to my hair stylist to get it back blonde. She could only lighten it to a ugly brown color. Frustrated, I bought a bleaching kit and decided to do it myself... BIG MISTAKE!!!

I got my desired color, but my hair broke off very badly in places, down to a couple of inches in some areas. Around my face, I was horrified to find my hair breaking off to a half an inch!!! I had clip-in extensions I would have to wear everyday, but I didn't even have enough of my own hair to conceal the clips from showing.  So, I had to wear my hair in a pony tail along with the clip in extensions, and a thick headband to conceal the really short pieces in the front.  I considered cutting it all off and starting over, but I really didn't want really short hair.

I began to google other extension systems, but I needed something that wasn't going to damage my hair any further. I really didn't have a lot of hair, and couldn't take the chance on getting a system that would break it off any more. I had read a lot of horror stories on how the glue-in kind can really reek havoc on your hair, so when I stumbled upon ManeMaxx, it just sounded too good to be true. I kept looking for horror stories, but I could find nothing but success stories from the girls on the forum!

I decided to give it a try, and it's by far the best purchase on my appearance I have ever made. My hair is soft, thick and sexy. I feel so confident now, and have hair like a celebrity.  I know I sound like a commercial, but ManeMaxx is just amazing!!! 

About My Hair Extension Application: Before applying the hair extensions, I watched the DVD and read the instructions over and over. The directions are great, and all the major points are emphasized over and over again. I  solicited help from my aunt, and I did her hair also with some extra hair I bought.

My advice is to make it a fun night with a friend/relative. We watched Sex and the City, and take turns doing each other's hair when we got tired.  I believe my hair extensions were a success because we read the directions extensively, and I had  help with my installation. For the first instal, it is important to have help. Once you get some practice (maybe doing someone else's hair) you can do your own hair pretty easily.


Even though I felt this was fairly difficult, I was very pleased with the application process and results.  I would say, don't be afraid to let go of the hair once you line up the extension hair with your own. The Tembond does all the work, and at first it is very tempting to want to press it into your own hair. DO NOT DO THIS!!! I was holding on too long at first, and it was making my bonds crack at the top. It might not look like it will stay, but have faith. It will!!!

What I liked best about TemBond, was that it did not damage my hair. Also, if you messed up on a bond, you could easily take it out and re-do it!
It is amazing, and anyone wanting longer, fuller, gorgeous hair should invest their time and money into this system. It is the best kept secret I have found!

About My Hair Extension Wear: It's funny seeing people's reaction when all of the sudden they see the transformation! It took my husband a while to get used to it, and I had to tell him it was ok to touch my hair. I think he thought it would fall out if he did!

I wanted to have long beautiful hair like I did when I was younger. Once the bleaching and horrible chemicals I put my hair through started, this was no longer possible until I found Manemaxx. I am so thrilled to have found this system.

Tiffany Twist offers amazing customer service. Any time I had a question on what to order, or troubleshooting my instal, she always responded very promptly. Her help continued even after I had received my order.

This product has given me so much confidence, and it is great not having to worry about my previous clip-in extensions showing.

I will continue to use this product for as long as it is offered.

My Tips for Others: Have help for your first instal. If you are doing someone else's hair, that is a good way to get practice for the next time that you do yours. So talk your friend into getting a kit too!

My Thoughts for Visitors: Just do it! You will be so glad you did!!!

My Message for ManeMaxx®: Please promise to always offer this product! I cannot live without it.

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My Hair Never Grows So I Got Hair Extensions

Name: Angie Nelson
Age: 40
ManeMaxx® Forum: asn
Product Used: Complete Starter Kit 18" Color Platinum
Experience: Worn extensions before and did them myself. I used metal clips and had to apply them daily. I did this for about 6 months. They seemed like little damage to my hair, had easy and quick removal and application except it looked bulky, was very heavy, the clips made my head sore, plus after six months of wear it pulled out the hair where the clips attached. Also, I could not wear my hair up.

Why I Wanted Hair Extensions: I wanted hair extensions because I love hair. I've always wanted long hair, but I have fine, thin hair so it only grows to about the shoulder and then doesn't grow any more. I love to play with hair too so it's great to have hair that I can put up or braid or whatever.

About My Hair Extension Application: Before applying the hair extensions, I washed my hair thoroughly and dried it.

My do-it-yourself hair extension application was successful because I read the instructions and watched the video and did the proper bond testing as suggested.  I was very pleased with the value I received and the delivery time even though of course I wanted it the second I ordered it! I was pleased that everything you need comes in the kit!

After reading the instructions and watching the video, I felt very confident that I could apply the extensions.

I would say it was mostly uncomplicated and as most mention, it's hardest to do the back of the head, but with practice and patience it can be done! I had pre-dipped my extensions thinking it would save me time but I do not think it did save any time, I still had to re-dip and let the existing TemBond soften back up so it may have been an unnecessary step on my part. Doing the back was the hardest part.

I feel so much more feminine with long hair. 

About My Hair Extension Wear: Just put my extensions in one night ago. So far so good!  I removed a couple of bonds that I messed up and the removal process was very simple.

I'm so pleased I found this system! It was exactly what I was looking for! The ManeMaxx system is perfect for the do-it-yourselfer! But it is easy enough for a beginner to be able to do as well.

I LOVE this stuff!!! So glad I found you!

My Tips for Others: If you can find someone to help you with the back of your head, then do. I think a majority of my time was spent on that portion of the install.

My Thoughts for Visitors: It's worth it!

My Message for ManeMaxx® Hair Extensions: I LOVE this stuff!!! So glad I found you!

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