• What are ManeMaxx® hair extensions?

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    ManeMaxx® hair extensions are a salon-style, strand-by-strand hair extension with an exclusive, safe, non-damaging glue-free soft bonding in a hair extension kit you can use in a salon, at home yourself, or with the help of a friend.

    Hair extensions are used for adding volume to the hair, lengthening the hair, filling in problem areas or adjusting hair cuts, and adding color or highlights to the hair without chemicals.

    ManeMaxx® is an exclusive soft bonding system created by Tiffany Twist. It is easy to learn and fun to do; and discreet and comfortable. Whether you just want long luxurious hair you can't grow or you are fixing thin, limp hair, the results ManeMaxx® offers builds addicting confidence and without ruining your hair.
  • Are they fusion?

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    No. ManeMaxx® hair extension kits do not use hard-to-remove keratin, glues or fusion to attach the extensions.

    Further, there are no plastic tubes to melt and no metals used.

    ManeMaxx® hair extension kitss use a specially formulated natural and non-toxic, gentle and soft bonding material, TemBond®.

    This safe, non-damaging, easy-to-learn method and process makes it possible to apply your own hair extensions from a hair extension kit, at home, or to offer to clients in the salon.

    ManeMaxx® strips away the myth that ALL hair extensions are bad for your hair. This one is not. This is gentle, yet secure and wearable for 4-6 months. With a ManeMaxx® kit, you can actually grow and heal your hair while wearing hair extensions.
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  • Are they hard to use?

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    ManeMaxx® hair extension kits are made to be easy to apply, comfortable to wear and simple to remove. There are no glues or fusion, no metals, no complicated tools, no chemicals to use.

    Applying ManeMaxx® is unlike traditional strand-by-strand and fusion hair extension methods. It is a "fondue" type application where you are dipping loose extension hair strands into the warm, wet bond. From there the extension is set to the natural hair.
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    For most, the application and use of the product is simple to understand and the execution easy to perform after a bit of practice and trial and error.

    If you are patient and don't become easily frustrated, you can be very happy with a gentle, non-damaging strand-by-strand hair extension method such as ManeMaxx®.
  • Do the starter kits have hair?

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    Extension hair is sold separately. You can find offered styles, lengths and colors on the SWATCHES page here and ordering for ManeMaxx Extension Hair here.
  • What is TemBond®?

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    It is the safe, gentle bonding formulation which comes in your hair extension kit. This is a material manufactured in the US. It is a natural and non-toxic material which holds the extension hair in place for many months, comfortably, yet removes, without the help of tools or chemicals, in just seconds.
  • Will this work for African American hair?

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    Yes. This will work with any hair! And if you wear fusion bonds successfully, you can wear ManeMaxx® hair extension kits, as well. This product is gentle and wears well with minimal washing of once per week. (But don't be fooled, everyday washing is fine, too.)

    No oils or heavy leave-in conditioners should be used on, or near, the soft bonds.
  • Will this work for my thin, fine hair?

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    Yes. This will work with any hair and the TemBond is very lightweight, lighter than any metal or fusion hair extension and far safer for thin hair than clips and metals are. The hair extension attachments can be made very small and, when they dry, they become so discreet. This product is gentle and wears well with even everyday washing.
  • How long does the product last in my hair?

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    Many months, typically 4-6, or until you remove them.

    Removing the hair extension attachments is easy when you are ready. Simply bend the bond back and forth a few seconds to break it up and then gently tug the loosened extension from your hair. Comb out the remaining residue carefully.and naturally shed hairs carefully.

    Find more information on hair extension removal and shed hairs in the articles on the website.
  • How do the hair extensions come out?

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    Simple! No chemicals or tools. Just bend back and forth a few times to break up the hard, dried TemBond®, gently remove the extension and comb out the residue.
  • Is it safe for my hair?

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    Yes, extremely! There are no chemicals or tools and the natural, non-toxic TemBond® is gentle and non-damaging for natural hair!
  • How long does my hair need to be to wear them?

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    Typically you would want 4 or so inches of hair to cover attachments in your head but the extensions can be attached to hair just an inch and half or so long.
  • Can I use hair from my old clip-ins with this system?

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    Yes. Any extension hair can be used. Hair extension clips and tracks are removed when applying as only loose hair is used for this method.
  • Can I use bulk hair or synthetic extension hair?

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    Yes. Any extension hair can be used.
  • Can I use some remy extension hair I purchased at the beauty supply store in my town?

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    Yes. Any extension hair can be used and Remi extension hair is recommended as you will want a long-lasting and tangle-free extension hair for bonding with a method and product you can wash, wear, sleep in, for many months.
  • Which extension hair should I buy?

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    We have an array of shades available in 3 styles and shorter and longer lengths. Choosing one near the color you are wearing will ensure a close blend once you apply the hair extensions. Feel free to attach a picture to a support ticket you open at support.manemaxx.com
  • Do I have to purchase a Starter Kit?

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    Yes. To use the product successfully you will need a complete hair extension kit.
  • Can I buy just TemBond®?

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    No, you shouldn’t. This is sold in the hair extension kits only and refills are available for those who have purchased their hair extension kits. If you want success, you should buy a kit first.
  • What color TemBond® should I choose?

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    Choose the TemBond® color which closely matches your root hairs where your hair extension attachment will be. This will allow for perfect blending of an already discreet hair extension attachment. You can also mix TemBond® colors to custom create your own color.

    NOTE: Actual TemBond® colors may vary from what is shown in the photo. Although not necessary, mixing colors for custom blends is permitted (and advised for professional applications.)
  • Should I buy straight or wavy extension hair?

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    Either one of these will work if your hair is straight with a slight wave. The straight and wavy hair tend to be the similar loose wave texture after washing and wearing.

    If you flat iron your hair all the time, choose straight. You can always scrunch dry the straight hair to produce a wave and you can straighten wavy hair after washing to wear it as straight as you can.

    If your hair is curly, like a perm, choose the curly hair if it is available.
  • What length extension hair should I buy?

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    You will probably want to add 3-4 inches to your own hair length for blending and unnoticeable wear — 14 inches is in the bra-strap area and is easier to care for. Some colors are only available in certain lengths. Please look over the availably in the store. You can find more information on choosing your extension hair length in this article here.
  • How much hair do I need?

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    A full package of extension hair most times is enough hair for average head sizes and hair thickness. If you have very dense hair or many colors, you may want to add more (a full package and a half package, or 2 full packages for longer hair lengths) to your kit.
  • Should I buy different lengths for layering?

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    Although the extension hair can be applied to length (meaning it can be cut to length you'd like it to end up being in your hair, before applying) you may want to buy shorter hair for shorter layers as not to waste longer extension hair by cutting it to shorter lengths.
  • I am an international shopper. What do I need to know?

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    First, you need a warmer with the correct wattage on the bond warmer that is included in your hair extension kit. We have warmers for Australia and United Kingdom. If this is not your country, you may need a plug convertor as well. Be sure to read online exactly how you convert wattage and plug to work in your country since we are not responsible for blown units. Second, there is nothing we can do to expedite your shipment once the package has left our warehouse. Be prepared to allow for your delivery time since this depends on your country's steps to clearing an out-of-country package.
  • You shipped my kit, how long does it take?

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    If you are in the U.S., typically 2 business days from the day you receive your email update. In Canada and elsewhere, this can be 6-10 business days or longer depending on your country's customs department. (Business days do not include holidays or weekends!)
  • I'm the Canada and haven't received my package yet. Can you call someone?

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    No. Once a package is shipped, it is the responsibility of the delivery services and up to your customs department to process your package. We have no control over these. Allow a full 2 weeks for International packages to arrive AFTER they have left the warehouse. (From the day your status is updated to "shipped.")
  • When will my order ship out?

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    Usually within 48 business hours for most items. Other items can take up to 5 business days. Please allow up to 10 business days to receive your shipments.
  • Can I have expedited shipping?

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    Sorry, we do not offer expedited shipping but we always go as fast as we can! Patience is great for all aspects of ordering and using this product and we appreciate your trust. Thank you!
  • Can I order over the phone?

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    We urge you to complete your order online through our safe, secure payment processors, PayPal and Stripe. Please email us with any concerns and a number where we can reach you.
  • Can I return my products if the hair doesn't match?

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    No. All hair sales are final so choose carefully! (Unless we make a mistake of course.) Feel free to attach a picture to a support ticket you open at www.manemaxx.com/support or post a few pictures on our Facebook page here (perhaps your question will be what others are asking) so we can help you choose!
  • Do you accept wire payments?

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    Sometimes. And especially for a million dollars! Please email us your information and order details. We will return bank information within 48 hours.
  • Where can I find coupons or discounts?

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    ManeMaxx® offers discounts for group orders of 2-5 Starter Kits. You can find more information on Group Order Discounts. Be sure to like ManeMaxx® Hair Extension Kits Facebook page for coupons and special offers, too! Plus, sign up for ManeMaxx®'s mailing list!
  • How do you apply ManeMaxx® hair extensions?

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    The hair extensions are strand-by-strand.

    Small bundles of extension hair are dipped in the warmed TemBond® and placed to small bundles of your own hair.

    The natural and non-toxic bonding material dries in seconds so you can move on to applying your next extension quickly. All your bonds will cure in 12-24 hours and then you may wash, brush, style your hair as usual.
  • Do I smash these into my hair with my fingers?

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    No! Follow EXACT application instructions or you will lose your bonds.
  • How long will this take to apply?

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    Typically around 4-6 hours but depends on how fast you learn it and how much hair you are putting in.
  • I want to put these in for an event I have. Can I trust them?

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    This depends on how well you read and take in instruction. It is recommended you have at least 1 practice installation of the hair extensions before using them for an important event such as prom or a wedding.

    You want to make sure you understand exactly how to put the hair extensions in and how to test the security of the hair extensions.

    It is always a good idea to place some practice extensions in the front where you can see them.

    Allow these practice attachments to dry (about 10 minutes should work) and then do some gentle tugging and spritz some water on them after inspecting your attachment for a complete connection. (A complete connection is created when the TemBond® has seeped and dried around all the hairs in your small strand-by-strand attachment.)
  • Can I color my extension hair?

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    You can but this is not recommended since the extension hair is pre-colored. You can add color but should never try to take it away (bleach or lighten the extension hair.)

    Colors you purchase within a shade or 2 will blend nicely with the strand-by-strand method.
  • Can I color my own hair with the extensions in?

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    You can easily do root touch-ups. Although it’s possible and has been done, when you need complete color changes, you should remove the extensions. If you do color with your extensions in, cleanse well, rinse well after processing.
  • I have 2 colors of hair, do I need 2 colors of TemBond®?

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    No. You can match one color which is most dominant or use the TemBond® color which blends best with your root color or choose 2 colors of TemBond and mix them if you like. (For example, you can darken the Chocolate TemBond® by adding an amount of Smoke TemBond® or redden the Caramel TemBond® by adding a small amount or Red TemBond®.)
  • What can the TemBond® handle?

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    A lot! You will find that correctly applied bonds will withstand most standard activities as well as some extreme ones, too! Running, biking, motorcycles, boating, skiing, diving are just a handful of them!
  • When can I wash and style my hair?

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    Wash after 24-48 hours has passed to allow bonds to cure. Then 1-3 times a week, or daily if you need to. You can style the extensions just like your own hair right after applying them, just be careful with too high of heat right on your bonds.
  • Why are my bonds mushy?

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    It may be you need to stir the TemBond® more thoroughly while applying. Or, it may be your scalp's natural oils or products you use causing this. You will want to wash and rinse your hair thoroughly for crisp, clean, strong bonds.
  • Why are my bonds sticky?

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    Make sure you are cleansing your hair and bonds extremely well 1-3 times per week. Then, rinse very, very thoroughly. Are you feeling the bonds sticky just after washing? Once they dry, that stickiness will go away.
  • Help! Why am I losing bonds?

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    You will only lose bonds which aren't applied correctly. Re-watch the DVD, go through the instructions again. Practice your technique and reapply. You will find yourself getting better and losing less bonds as you become accustomed to doing this yourself.
  • Can I swim or go tanning with my ManeMaxx® Hair Extensions?

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    Yes. Wash and rinse your extensions well after swimming. The ManeMaxx® Extension Hair is recommended if you are planning to be in chlorine or salt water. Your bonds should not be wet beyond 3 hours for best wear. (Longer wet-time may cause extensions to shed during wear.)

    Wait 24-48 hours after applying before swimming.
  • How do I take my ManeMaxx® Hair Extensions out?

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    Just bend up the TemBond® bonds to crack and break them up. Gently tug the extension from your hair. Remove the extension hair and comb out the residue. Loosen tangles of shed hairs and tangles from wearing the strand-by-strand extensions. Comb through your hair and wash thoroughly to prepare for reinstalling the hair extensions.
  • Can I take the extensions out in the shower to just wash them out?

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    No. Removing from wet hair is a difficult task. Remove from dry hair. Using a little olive oil will dissolve bond and help you carefully remove shed hairs.
  • I've removed my extensions and have bond in my hair, can I leave it there?

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    You can and it will eventually come out, but carefully removing shed hairs and tangles from those shed hairs is the best way to take care of your hair when removing the extensions.
  • I have so many hairs coming out! Am I removing these wrong?

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    Probably not. When you remove the bonds after many months you will see the shed hairs which were held in each of your bonds. You naturally shed 50 to 100 hairs per day. In just 10 days that is 500-1000 hairs! You are seeing them at once.
  • I've removed my extensions, can I put new ones in right away or should I let my hair rest?

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    The TemBond® is gentle. You can wash and dry your hair, it will be ready for a new installation right away if you like.
  • I've removed my extensions, how do I fix them to be put back in?

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    Just clean as much of the old TemBond® off the strand as you can, trim the hairs so the tip is blunt/flat and re-dip into the new wet TemBond®. Super easy!
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