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Get FREE TemBond® Video Promotion

Get FREE TemBond® Video Promotion

Would you like to get a FREE TemBond® so that up to 2 installs of your hair extensions cost you nothing? Then this is a great opportunity for you!

Grab your smartphone or video camera and send us a 10-30 second video telling us what you love about ManeMaxx®!


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Make sure your video is uploaded in MP4 or QuickTime (.mov) format and include a written statement when you email it to us which authorizes ManeMaxx to use the video on our website and/or in other promotions :) You can copy the following line: 
I, ___________, authorize ManeMaxx to use this video on their website and/or in other promotions. Signed, ___________________ (the person in the video) and _____________ (the person who filmed the video).
Thank you so much for taking part in this great promotion! We look forward to hearing your thoughts on ManeMaxx® Hair Extensions!

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