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The Safest Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

Do You Hate Your Thin Hair?

Are you searching for the safest hair extension method for your thin hair? Many hair extension methods and products are simply just not safe for the very hair type that could benefit the most. Thin hair, limp hair, damaged and broken hair all cry out for some volume and hair extensions are the fastest, easiest, best way to get fuller, thicker hair. The problem is, there are hair extension products which may only exasperate the problems thin, limp or broken hair have.

weft hair extension

Hair Extension Options for Thin Hair

For the do-it-yourselfer, the options are few. Clip-in hair extensions which amount to heavy weft of hair held on small metal clips are attached where they can remain unseen, typically in the very back of the head, underneath as much hair as possible so the clips don't show through the hair and the hair extensions become embarrassingly visible.

The beauty supply store offers a few options, links and rings and pre-bonded  extension hair, a child of the parent "fusion" hair extension technique which involves manipulating a hot press gun to melt the glue into the hair or, in the case of the link hair extensions, a small metal plier to crimp the small metal tube around the hairs, creating a pressed, flat metal attachment. But, you don't really want glues and metals in your hair, do you?

glue hair extension

The Best Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

There is another option. This is a hair extension product and technique much gentler, easier to handle for the do-it-yourselfer with thin, limp hair or chemically processed, damaged and broken hair. It is called soft bonds and it's the product you get when using the ManeMaxx® hair extension kit to apply your hair extensions yourself.

The hair extension product, TemBond®, is a natural and non-toxic hair extension product which is warmed in a pot. Small bundles of loose extension hairs are dipped, fondue style, into the warmed TemBond®. The bundle is then placed on the hairs and the attachment is created as the bond secures the extension hairs to the natural hairs.

diy bond hair extension

Hair Extensions: Help for Thin Hair

ManeMaxx® hair extension kits are sold online at and include all the items you need for many, many hair extension applications. Each application lasts 4 to 6 months and the extensions are removed simply, by hand, without any chemicals whatsoever.

Easy, peasy, beautiful, fuller hair, safely handled by you using a product you can trust. The safest hair extension method and product for your thin, fine or limp hair in a matter of hours! Enjoy!

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