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Vintage ManeMaxx Hair Extension Removal Video

Going Back in Time

I came across this old l video and it brought me back to times so long ago! It reminds me of the days back when I was introducing my "invention" to the world. I was pretty impressed that a product I created could just stay securely in the hair like that and then remove just by breaking the attachment up like that. The residue from the bond never pulled on a single natural hair.

Creating a Hair Extension Method

In my eyes, I had created the safest hair extension product out there! And I love it. I've been applying my own hair extensions for over 5 years now. I've saved tens of thousands of dollars on my hair extension wear and the confidence I get from wearing the hair extensions makes every minute and every bit of hard work worth it!

About the Video

So, I was excited to share my "vintage" vid. The hair extension removal is the same. My extension hair remains secure with my special hair extension bond which contains no glues or fusion. Watch and you will see how I can simply remove the extension without and chemicals, acetone or other oily removers, I use no pliers or other special tools to remove my extensions. I simply bend it back and forth with my fingers to break up the attachment and then the whole extension strand just slips from my hair! There is no pulling or tearing at my hair. All that's left is to comb out the residue and any shed hairs in my strand with a little comb. I wash and dry my hair and I'm all ready to replace my extensions and.. using the same hair! Since no oils were used to remove the hair extension and no chemicals were sopped into my extension hair, I can easily clean up the tip of the extension bundle, re-dip it into the hair extension TemBond and replace it in my natural hair. I'll have my long hair back in no time!

These Hair Extensions ROCK!

I am really happy at how safe and easy it is to wear hair extensions like this. I don't struggle to remove my ManeMaxx Hair Extensions and between the time I apply and the time I remove, about 4 months, I have little maintenance and my hair always looks really great!

One of my customers just said, "Tiffany, Hi! I just wanted to write and tell you how great I think [the] extensions are!  I absolutely love them so far - very easy to work with and style...I feel like I have hair again!  It doesn't tangle, I haven't shed much - absolute perfection!"

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