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Hair Extension Lengths - ManeMaxx® Has Five to Choose From

How Long Hair Extension Do I Want?

How long hair extensions should you get? If you are looking for straight hair extensions to include in your ManeMaxx® Starter Kit, you now have 5 to choose from!

Here you can see how long 12 inches or 14 inches of extension hair is, 18 inches, 22 inches and how long 26 inches of hair extensions is! (Lengths are approximate and depend on how tall you are.)

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Selecting the Best Extension Hair Length for Me

When asking how long your hair extensions should be, there are a few things you will want to consider.

It's a good idea to add 4-5 inches to your natural hair for best blending the extension hair. Adding very long extension hair to very short natural hair will be more difficult to blend. However, if it's a look you really want and you are able and willing to work with blending the extension hair into your own shorter hair then it's definitely possible to add many, many inches to your natural hair length using hair extensions. You can get very long extension hair even if your hair is very short.

ManeMaxx® Hair Extension Starter Kits make it super easy to add salon-style, strand-by-strand hair extensions to your hair yourself, or with the help of a friend, at home! Extension hair is sold separately. You can find ManeMaxx® Hair Extension Kits and other ManeMaxx® products here.

Longer Lengths Need More Care

When wearing very long hair extension lengths, 16 inches, 18 inches, 22 and especially 26 inches, you will want to take special steps to ensure the extension hair stay nice and tangle free. Wearing a sleeping cap, loosely braiding the extension hair, using a satin or silk pillow case for sleeping are all steps you can take to help your extension hair stay silky and free of tangles for the amount of time you want to wear it.

When your 22 or 26 inch extension hair is wet, it will be heavy. While in the shower, set the wet hair on your shoulder to eliminate stress at the attachment area. Only brush dry extension hair and be sure to hold the extension hair, along with your natural hair, in the area of your attachments to help eliminate any stress at your root area.

Brush your extension 2 times per day to keep it tangle-free. (Remember to hold at the attachments to eliminate pulling or removing attachments via an unexpected tangle.)

How Long Does My Hair Need to Be to Wear Hair Extensions?

You should have around 4-5 inches of your own hair to start with and to achieve a natural extended hair result. You can attach to just an inch or so of your own hair but you will have visible bonds if you don't have some longer hair to cover the attachments. They are very discreet, however, and a scarf or hat will give additional coverage if you would like to try it.

Experimenting With Extension Hair Lengths Can Be Lots of Fun

I have tried lengths ranging from 14 inches now to 22 inches and each and every installation of my ManeMaxx® hair extensions has been unique. Changing my hair color and lengths all at home has been a great way to be able to "play" hair as a grown up :) Hair extensions have allowed me to experiment with colors and styles that would otherwise be more permanent had I done them in the salon.

Speaking of the salon! Do remember, some things MUST be left to the professionals, so if you aren't confident with experimenting on your own I am positive you can find a great stylist near you! If you need professional help with your hair extensions and you really want this safe, natural, damage-free hair extension product, be sure to visit the list here to find a West Coast Hair Natural Soft Bond Hair Extension specialist near you!

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