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Does Wearing Fake Hair Make You Fake?

Am I Fake Because I Wear Hair Extensions?

Umm. No. Never.

Wearing hair extensions is just a way to get some enhancement to your own look on the "outside", help you feel better and more confident and says nothing about who you are as a person.

Far away is the thought hair extensions are just for celebrities and entertainers. As fashion conscious people who just want to look better each day, we are all looking for ways to accomplish this. Hair extensions do that for those of us with thinner, flatter, broken, maybe over processed hair of our own. Hair extensions make it possible to have better-looking hair, period. There is no fake involved. Just like using lotion to nourish and moisturize skin to help it look better, more youthful and healthy, hair extensions allow us to over-all look better, more youthful and healthy.


Incredible Hair Extension Results Can Be Achieved at Home

ManeMaxx® makes it possible to get incredible results with hair extensions at home. Tiffany Twist has put together the first home hair extension kit which makes it easy to learn and achieve results with hair extensions which were impossible without spending thousands of dollars at the salon. There is a learning curve but once you've gone beyond it, you are golden, wearing your fuller, better looking hair month after month for so much less than the costs to keep up the hair extension treatments at the salon.

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