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Beautiful Chestnut Hair Extensions With Copper Highlights

Beautiful Hair is Made Easy With Hair Extensions

ManeMaxx® makes it easy to achieve either (or both) fuller or longer hair, at home, with hair extensions. ManeMaxx® Hair Extension Starter Kits come with everything you need to accomplish salon-style, strand-by-strand hair extensions in the comfort of your home.

Can I Apply My Own Hair Extensions?

Do-it-yourself salon processes are not new. The years past have seen home perming and home hair coloring rise to all time highs as customers decide to take this "hairy" matter into their own hands. But, these do-it-yourself processes involving your hair shouldn't be rushed into or taken lightly. When working with something as delicate as your hair, caution, research and learning will be your best friends.


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ManeMaxx Makes Hair Extensions Easy?

ManeMaxx® Hair Extension Starter Kits take gentleness on the hair to an extreme. The products are natural and non-toxic, easy to apply, comfortable to wear and remove in seconds without harsh chemicals or complicated tools. It is a simple "fondue" type of application which involves dipping small bundles of extension hairs into the warmed bond and then setting that dipped bundle on a section of your natural hair in about the same size as your dipped bundle.

The product is allowed to seep into the hairs and, as it dries, creates a releasable fusing without the use of any glue or adhesive waxes, such as keratin. It is a revolutionary product to the hair extension industry.

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