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From Brunette to Blonde With Hair Extensions

Blonde or Brunette? Oh, how I love thee both!

Recently, while I was handling a set of beautiful platinum extension hair, my little guys says, "Mom, I think you should have hair like that again."

This started me thinking.

I had been blonde (and had long blonde hair extensions) when he was born 8 years prior so I imagined his little dependent baby self was used to seeing those blonde tresses fall all around his milk station. And then later as he grew and went off to school, he was accustomed to identifying his mother at pick up time as the bright blonde haired lady in the sea of people.


Now I had brunette hair and brunette hair extensions. A deep, dark brunette color which gave me a completely different look and I wondered, now, about changing it back to blonde. I wondered how hard it would be and if it were even possible. 

Is a Color Change a Good Idea For Me?

I recall stories of others who try extreme changes like this and ending up with green hair! This was not a result I wanted and, it came to be, if I just waited out this urge, I wouldn't make a drastic mistake by trying to bleach out my already processed and colored hair.

Can I Change My Hair Color Without Using Chemicals?

Were there other options for my color change other than chemicals? What about the hair extensions? Could I change my hair just using the extensions and not bleaching or processing it?

There have been so many daring new looks with hair color these days. You have the ombré which begins with a deeper, darker color at the root and finishes with a lighter shade at the ends. This can be anywhere from 2 to 7 shades lighter and looks really great when it's done correctly.


My own hair would need to jump 9 whole shades to make it from the dark root color to the lightest blonde on the ends of my hair. I would need a couple in-between shades to make the transition from dark at the root to light on the ends. To decide on this look, I googled to see what pictures I can come up with.

Nothing gets me really excited to do this so I think I'll wait it out a bit and if it keeps coming to mind, I know it's a change I am supposed to make. If I forget about it, then I probably saved myself from making a huge costly mistake with my hair and my hair extensions.

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