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May 2016

Would you like $50 to spend in the ManeMaxx® store?


I'm not sure if you realize this but your stories, testimonials, and even your quick comments are magical and uplifting to me (and also sometimes help me learn what changes I need to make - which improves my company and service to you!)

Your social proof is the lifeblood for my business and why I am so happy when you share what my product does and what sort of company I am to work with. What you say about ManeMaxx® and what you say about me is important and matters!

Please consider sharing your experiences today!

If you need a bit of inspiration, you can see what other ManeMaxx® users are saying, or go to the form to begin and blaze your own trail.

Don't worry about editing and formatting, we've got that!

OPTIONAL: Just snap a few pics with your hair extensions in and email one that shows us "before" and I can do the rest!  

I don't care about grammar or spelling, either! Just send me your thoughts as quickly as you'd like...

(Or send your pics from Facebook.. we can blur pics, too, if you'd like to remain anonymous - just let me know!)