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January 2013

Why I Apply My Own Hair Extensions At Home

So, I Just Hated My Hair

The day I stood in the mirror, lifted a lock of my fried-out, broken blonde mess on my head and the thought, I need to do something with this hair, first entered my mind, I had no idea the winding, crazy path this thought would send me on. There wasn't an inkling in my mind I would become an expert in an industry seemingly confined to the celebrity and/or wealthy.

Looking for Hair Extensions

My research for the safest, best hair extension method would begin at home. A local hair extension salon at the time (closed now) came recommended as a favorite among the local entertaining girls. This is where they went to get their bottle-damaged bleach blonde hair lengthened to look youthful, sexy and healthy again. I made my appointment and my hair extension adventure had begun.

The day of my appointment, I met my hair extension stylist at the local hair store. I paid for the products she picked out, a package of light blonde extension hair and a package of dark blonde extension hair for lowlights. The cost for this was around $120. (It was cheap hair and tangled quickly for a 3 month hair extension installation. You learn you get what you pay for when it comes to extension hair quality compared to price.)

My hair extensions were put in strand by strand. It was a six hour process as each small bundle of extension hair was first braided and then tied off with a thin string. (Total cost about $850.) This was called pinch-braiding and I liked it since it didn't use chemicals or glues in my hair. My only issue was the attachments were a little larger and showed quite quickly. As my hair grew out the little ball of hair would grow and show through my hair, not a huge deal but, a less-noticeable attachment would be nice, I always thought while wearing them.

Later, it would get to the point where I couldn't keep up with the cost of the hair extensions so I began searching for a way to put them in myself.

The pinch braiding was impossible to do ones self since it required both hands throughout the process and eyes on the strands, the tying off of the string was just too hard to do by yourself.

Hair Extensions With Glue


My daughter was glueing in wefts of extension hair, (these are similar to weaves, using a whole track of extensions) and wearing them for about 4 weeks but then tearing her hair out with the removal. This just wasn't for me either.

From that point on, my research just gave me a worse and worse impression of hair extensions. A search online gave me the impression we were tearing our hair out with hair extensions. I just couldn't find a product I felt was safe enough it would not damage my hair. I mean what's the point of lengthening my hair with a product which was going to make it shorter and crappier than what I was starting with!

My Hair Extension Invention

This sent me on a mission to create my very own hair extension product. I had a couple requirements and qualities I was after.

1.) First, the hair extension process was going to contain no glues.

2.) Next, it would be strand-by-strand since this was the longest wearing, most natural looking way to wear hair extensions.

One year later, I'd created TemBond®, a natural and non-toxic hair extension bond which was easy enough to manage myself that I was putting in thousands dollar hair extension installs into my own hair. I was ecstatic and successful with accomplishing my mission for a safe, non-fusion hair extension product and method I could manage on my own!


I know self applying hair extensions isn't for everyone! If you want my product and just want to sit and magically have long, beautiful hair in a matter of hours, visit me here: (to come to my Minneapolis studio for your hair extensions) or (to inquire for mobile services in your area or to meet us in Los Angeles every other month for hair extension marathons! You get only top-of-the-line products and a safe, gentle, comfortable and long-lasting hair extension method you will love!)

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